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  1. Don't know your usecase but you could just use APP-6 (C) NATO JOINT MILITARY SYMBOLOGY as reference. Even so quite new myself to SB but the symbols I seen so far are all standard. https://www.map.army/ provides an easy navigatable and searchable reference of army symbology
  2. Can't confirm. Everything kept over deinstallation of 4.265 and rinstallation of 4.267
  3. Having been a TC, PL, XO on the Leo2A4 and A5 for 15 years - after comming to SB - even so keyboard and mouse are completely fine I still miss the rotation and tilt when it comes to gunners input. Beeing a Software Dev by profession now and a tinkerer by passion I started to play around with different input methods and devices. After the obvious mouse keyboard, started to setup my xbox360 controller with shifted layer so using one ministick as X and Y axis and remapping everything else through JoystickGremlin with a shifted layer so all in all 36 keyboard commands. The downside the Ministicks even with response curves need some severe practice to get used to. Same went with my second try my flight sim joystick which is a X65F (ForceSensing) so the stick doesn't move but reacts to pressure. Perfect for my FlyByWire flightsim but nothing for handling a tank turret. Next a convetional (moving) joystick closer but not yet. Racing steering wheel I had laying around perfet for rotation but elevation felt akward with either mapped the pedal axis. Already started to prototype to convert the Racing wheel into a gunner handle. I remembered having used to play a racing game on my phone where steering was done by rotating the phone and acceleration deceleration by tilting the phone. That said started with a POC to convert a phone,tablet into a input device for SB using Opentrack with FreePie as input receiver for the gyro and magnetometer sensor data from the phone and Joystick emulation as output. Even without having done any tuning on the input output axis mapping it feels completely natural to me and works pretty well. Combining that with using the phone as a secondary monitor and Helios to build button/keyboard touch inputs that might become my goto in the future. So instead of designing a full gunners handle I might go for only a self centering 3d printed gimbal system that would take the phone and can be attached to my desk
  4. Any Tank #2 or #4. Even so beeing a retired Maj German Armored forces would be my first online session in SB.
  5. Didn't know that the mil version has it as I only worked with the German AGPT / ASPT. But still a basic API for the PE would be on my personal whishlist
  6. Coming over from flight simming where Hardware inputs or virtual pits on touch screens are a usual thing a basic SB API ie. Shared memory page that exposes basic Data structure such as current manned vehicle, selected view, button states would be a great feature to allow to hook to with 3rd party tools such as Helios which would allow to build interactive touch profiles as replacement of keyboard inputs.
  7. Coming over from flight sim will go for a similar approach but using Helios with a 15" touchscreen as profile building software which could be technically used with a tablet as well if a tablet to monitor app such as Spacedesk or Duettdisplay is used
  8. I personally go for a route of building my own inputs. As I dealt 15 years with the real ones in a Leopard 2 there is just to much muscle memory to get myself used to something else. Gladly I own a 3d printer. Secondly became a software developer after my military career and already build game input devices for my flight simulation setup. As for vehicle related interface I will eventually use Helios (software for building virtual cockpits) to rebuild interior interfaces used on a 15" touchscreen. For a gunners handle already started to prototype and using an old racing steering wheel for the left right mechanism. So in the end apart of the map view getting mouse and keyboard out of the way. Last but not least adding VoiceAttack for voice control to the setup
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