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  1. Works still on mobile but not desktop browsers
  2. Question as 4.268 has been announced to be available withing the next few hours, do we stick to 4.267 or run on 4.268?
  3. Same on the Leopard. But for sleep rest turret would either have been fixed in 11:40 position to allow gunners legs to be spread to the drivers hull compartment. More likely to be at 6 o clock with the gunner TC resting on the motor with the gun and a tarp as tent. In both positions turret would have been locked In the end in terms of safety while operating the tank counting the incidents / injuries encountered In any of the units I served I would rather say the driver is the safest place.
  4. apart of some of these basically nothing on the Leopard 2 Spend 12 years on that thing and can't remember a single driver-turret incident
  5. If the Waypoint is set to something other than "none" the AI will remain on that waypoint with the given tactic. If you want them to procees onto a route attached from that waypoint you set a Embark if and tell them under which condition they should move on. All the concepts are IMHO very well explained on the wiki https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes
  6. Even on a real simulator depending on the mission I had occasions to call out to my gunner: Kick him, cause the driver felt asleep 😃
  7. As requested by some users after last kanium session I recorded the process of setting up a Autohotkey Script that set's up 3 keybinds in order to activate push the CITV buttons in M1A2 TC F3 view. It got a bit lenghty as I just recorded the full process and trying to explain the whole process instead of just providing the script as I tried to keep the script as simple as possible and there fore it need some prework, mainly identifying the position of the buttons on screen in F3 view. This position can differ due to screen resolution or multi monitor setup. But just for the sake for those already using AHK or ant to see the script ;Press ALT e mouse will move to given screen location and perfom a Left mouse click !e:: KeyWait Alt ;Position of the CITV Man Auto Button in F3 view Click, 349,123,Left, 1 ,D Sleep 100 Click, 349,123,Left, 1 ,U return ;Press ALT f mouse will move to given screen location and perfom a Left mouse click !f:: KeyWait Alt ;Position of the CITV GLOS in F3 view Click, 349,272,Left, 1 ,D Sleep 100 Click, 349,272,Left, 1 ,U return ;Press ALT i mouse will move to given screen location and perfom a Left mouse click !i:: KeyWait Alt ;Position of the GPS GLOS in F3 view Click, 349,389,Left, 1 ,D Sleep 100 Click, 349,389,Left, 1 ,U return
  8. They would automatically dismount and the APCwould even retreat back to a hull down position. But the issue is that the dismounted have tactics none set once dismounted and no way to change that as far as I can say, therefore they would not engage any enemy they are facing. As I personally currently get into how to best implement scripting into OPFOR I'm now more into do it in a more micromanaging way with very short legs for the APC/IFV and then conditional dismount and embark if for the infantry
  9. Made some progress with Marders in my test by setting the route action to Scout and a Dismount if under direct fire condition to get a more reasonable behaviour than to let them run into death
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