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  1. The only FCS mod worth mentioning for the CV9040B/C since their introduction around 2000 is which laser-return is displayed first, furthest or closest. I don’t remember when that changed but SB is wrong there also, but it’s no biggie. It’s nostalgia for me. Right now the Bs are being modified to become Ds with more changes. But nothing in regards to actual gun-laying as I understand it. They will be capable to salvo APFSDS though. However the stab of the A/B/C has never been like the implementation in SB. I know it being a user of all versions since 2002.
  2. As I understand your post above Ssnake this is being looked into? It is true that the sight is only stabilized in "pitch" and "yaw". The FCS handles "roll" through a magnetic sensor that measures the earth's magnetic field. The behavior of the CV9040 in SB right now is very far from reality. "Yaw"-stabilization works just fine and "pitch" is fine straight ahead but gets worse as you approach 3 and 9 o'clock as has been pointed out in this thread. This is not correct. What you seem to have gotten wrong is that when the turret is at 3 or 9 o'clock the "pitch" stabilization handles the "roll" of the vehicle. Think of it as you are looking through the barrel. Up and down and sideways-motion of the vehicle is always handled by the gyros. It does not matter where the turret or gun is pointed. (Actually, the sight is stabilized and the gun just tries to keep up!) Rotation, "roll" or "cant" as in tilting your head right or left is handled by the magnetic sensor.
  3. I’m still working on it. I understand 1GTA and 8GA received its first T-80s in the spring of ’83 and I have set my scenario that autumn. I will have to do some testing to balance the scenario to find RED should have T-62s or T-80s. Which of the available tanks would be the best T-80B stand in? I guess the T-80U would be a little too tough.
  4. All of a sudden I could hide the routes! Please disregard!
  5. Hello, I'm working on a scenario where there are friendly forces owned by the computer and of course they have their own routes. Some routes can be hidden by right-click-"Set display": ON/OFF. Some cannot be hidden beacause "Set display" is not an option after the right click. Is there a logic to this? /Mats
  6. Guys, I'm making some progress on my scenario mentioned in another thread, though there is a lot more to be done. As I understand it Mirzayev states above that the callsign of D Troop/Air Cav Squadron was Deathrider and Blackhorse states that D Troop/1 Squadron was Deathrider. I can't imagine that they were called Deathrider. Who is correct? I would appreciate it if I could get the correct callsigns for both troops as they feature in my scenario. /Mats
  7. I have begun Reading US Army Field Manual 17-95 dated 1977. I doesn't even mention T-64 or T-72. Why is that? Were they not known? Or not numerous enough to be judged a threat? EDIT: However it mentions the T-62 a lot.
  8. The official US Army history claims that M60A3s were used 1980-1982. I am not sure about the TTS. Did all M60A3s have the TTS? https://history.army.mil/documents/BorderOps/content.htm
  9. What would a typical callsign for an aeroscout or aeroweapons team have been?
  10. Hello, A long time since I last wrote here. I have had a long layoff from SB. However I am working on another Hünfeld scenario. There can never be too many, can there? It is set in the autumn of 1982 with an armored cavalry troop delaying an MRR advance guard. I am looking to confirm a few things with all the knowledgeable people here! I want it to be reasonably historically accurate! I chose 1982 because I understand that the 11th used M60A3 TTS at that time, rearming with M1s the next year. Correct? What about M113s and M901s, would they still be the vehicle for the scouts or would they have been replaced with M3s? It is hard to find sources on the 8th Guards Army at that exact point in time. However what I do find is that the 8th Guards used T-62s rearming with T-80s in the late 80's. Correct? At the moment my scenario starts just west of Rasdorf with the Red Army advancing along highway 84 towards Hünfeld. Is that reasonable? I am thankful for any help! /Mats
  11. There´s a lot to see in Slovenia, for being such a small country. We made an official trip when I was at the military academy to the border with Italy and followed in Rommel's footsteps from WWI, reading Infantry Attacks as we went. We also went to see the Slovenian army and armour museums, can't remember the name of the location right now but it was a neat museum. There´s also a good museum on the battles of Isonzo in Karfreit/Capporetto, can't remember the Slovenian name of the town.
  12. Thanks a lot Ssnake! Now they have all grown into-normal-sized vehicles.
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