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  1. good stuff. my infrequent play has been even more infrequent given the whole beta thing. keep missing all the keys and typically the rest of the active community is running it. being back on one stable release exe will be good.
  2. attempted to use this last night with BG ANZAC. got authorisation failure message when i entered my name and email into the webpage. not sure why, it didnt give any specifics.
  3. hey fellas. long time without posting on these forums but floydii sent me over to check this out. signing up.
  4. totally agree about the Editor. its severely lacking at the moment. as for the abris, have u tried to 'prepare' the mission? it allows u to spawn and physically program the abris, the INU and then despawn and save the mission
  5. if anyone else plays this during aussie tz we've been trying to get MP going with some of my other squad members from another game, pm me on this forum (or floydi) for the TZ details.
  6. bro i just got my SB to run on vista finally. never figured out the video problem but i just chanced a fresh reinstall just now and its working finally. Up for some coop this week some time? Might have some extra aussies interested from another group im in.
  7. unfortunately its not working for my vista machine. ive updated my directx through the end user web download on the microsoft site. this didnt work i then downloaded the entire directx 9 SDK (latest one, 440mb) and no joy with that either is there something i need to switch somewhere to get the SBexe to run on dx9
  8. it might have to be armed assault,. i cant for the life of me get SB to work on vista keep getting a 'cant reset direct3d' error
  9. 46 views and no replies? shitehouse! I'm up for it. thursday or friday night this week could be a goer
  10. what about a weekend some time? we could make an aussie night on a sunday night soon perhaps
  11. It was really good. We played a couple of scenarios. the first was by Garyowen and involved a clearance operation of 3 bridges in a valley. Blue Forces comprised 2 troops of M1A1 and 1 troop of Bradleys in the US setup (4 vehicles per) I OIC'd that one and we moved in fairly good order although altogether too slowly. Enemy forces were removed from the township by the overwatch troop from the south flank while the bradleys scouted towards the first bridge Contacts at the first defile crossing involved first tanks to the north of the valley that were succesfully engaged by overwatch and then infantry well concealed in the reeds near the first bridge. Losses were all from the first bridge area (lost all 4 bradleys; 2 to the initial tank contacts nth and then 2 to the concealed infantry force) As OC i had instructed the M2 players on a quick defile crossing drill however neglected to mention the value of dismounts in clearing the defile so it was mainly my fault and probably would have saved 2 if not all 4 bradleys (dismounts may have seen the defilade tanks on the north flank) Once we had lost all 4 bradleys i instructed my second troop of m1s to cross using defile drill and did so succesfully with the use of suppression from overwatch and smoke dispensers. (under floydii's command) The built up area was the next challenge and i gave a quick 20sec instruction on MOUT formation for the armour before the first troop entered the UAO and succesfully cleared it. In the end we finished the mission, timed out, about 200m short of the third and final bridge. Learning points were: -SOPs/DRILLS - they are vital and they make cmd and control easier, make movement more efficient and fluid, and minimise risk and losses. ( In particular, defile crossing, counter ambush and formations and movement in UO) - Value of suppression, It CAN keep troops heads down and prevent them from firing ATGM - Dismounts are a vital part of a cav/recon element i'll let floydii AAR the mission he OC'd if he wants
  12. if i get a chance im gonna make a new co-op over the next 2 days (a prisoner snatch) we can try that one too or otherwise just do the 'Accidentally deliberate' scenario (now with t80s and less effective m1a1 ammo)
  13. stewy its about time you got into the online game Make sure u have the latest patch (via the front page) and Teamspeak (goteamspeak.com). The TS server info is also on the front page of this website I'll be on thursday night guys 90% certainty Oh and all aussies are members of the SCLH by default
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