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  1. Thanks Gibsonm , I think I'll do the 7.0 upgrade after SB 4.162 .
  2. Hi Guys , Just spotted codemeter v7.0 on wibu website , is it worth upgrading my v6.8 before I upgrade SB to v4.162 from 161 ?
  3. Hi Jartsev , no modded textures present , and yes , I did have default camo selected , which is why I get 3-colour on the M113 , DOH !!! my mistake !!! Thanks for the info .
  4. I dont know if this has been reported , but the M113A2 has the incorrect current euro tri-colour scheme and not the 80's vintage Merdc like the matching IPM1 Abrams. I love creating mid 1980's themed single player scenarios and a vehicle with the wrong camo just stick out like a sore thumb !?!!
  5. Even if the Microprose story comes to nothing , what harm is done by discussing it on this foum ? I would love to see a new Gunship , European Air War , M1TP . Some people are so negative and bitter .
  6. Yep , just discovered DK Leo2a5a2 , and having great fun on central Salibury Plain map against entrenched Ru T90's and Armata's , almost looks like a russian steppe / kursk map in places ! Happy as a pig in sh1t !!
  7. Yes , the 4.157 bug was related to the TC unbuttoned view in the Leo2 ,you could not look around using j/stick control .
  8. Yes , same problem here , I have to press palm switch and pov hat to select one of the modes , ( joystick mode selected in controls )
  9. I had a related Leo2a5 / joystick control problem after 4.159 this morning ...for some reason the dynamic lead button ( button 4 on CH products joystick ) would not induce lead , it acted as if dumping lead like M1's. So I check control assignments and found I had Dynamic Lead ( P ) and Leo Gunner Palm Switch assigned to joystick button 4 . I cleared the Leo Palm switch assignment and problem was solved , holding button 4 now induces lead on Leo2 as intended . I will try TC's mode control later and report back .
  10. Thanks Loving 4.1 , damn those T15's are tough !!
  11. Thanks for the reply Ssnake , but is there anyway of removing that framerate cap ?
  12. Hi Fellow tankers , I have a acer xb271 144hrz 1440p monitor and although 4.1 runs fine , the fps seems limited to 60 - 62 fps even with vsync disabled . So my question is ... does SBPro limit the fps itself ( around 60 ) and therefore fail to take advantage of 144hrz monitors ? I run the game with default gfx draw distances at 2560 x 1440 . My system specs arr ; Win10 , Intel 9700K @ 4.5GHZ , 16 GB DDR4 ram , 2 x M2 SSD , RTX 2080 . Thanks
  13. +1 SB needs all the help it can get , dont let them put you off Matsimus !
  14. For me its a split between ... Verdun 14-18 ( great hardcore WW1 fps , which I am currently obcessed with !! ) AC pCars BF4 SB 4 of course.
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