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  1. Thanks Gibsonm , I think I'll do the 7.0 upgrade after SB 4.162 .
  2. Hi Guys , Just spotted codemeter v7.0 on wibu website , is it worth upgrading my v6.8 before I upgrade SB to v4.162 from 161 ?
  3. Hi Jartsev , no modded textures present , and yes , I did have default camo selected , which is why I get 3-colour on the M113 , DOH !!! my mistake !!! Thanks for the info .
  4. I dont know if this has been reported , but the M113A2 has the incorrect current euro tri-colour scheme and not the 80's vintage Merdc like the matching IPM1 Abrams. I love creating mid 1980's themed single player scenarios and a vehicle with the wrong camo just stick out like a sore thumb !?!!
  5. Even if the Microprose story comes to nothing , what harm is done by discussing it on this foum ? I would love to see a new Gunship , European Air War , M1TP . Some people are so negative and bitter .
  6. Yep , just discovered DK Leo2a5a2 , and having great fun on central Salibury Plain map against entrenched Ru T90's and Armata's , almost looks like a russian steppe / kursk map in places ! Happy as a pig in sh1t !!
  7. Yes , the 4.157 bug was related to the TC unbuttoned view in the Leo2 ,you could not look around using j/stick control .
  8. Yes , same problem here , I have to press palm switch and pov hat to select one of the modes , ( joystick mode selected in controls )
  9. I had a related Leo2a5 / joystick control problem after 4.159 this morning ...for some reason the dynamic lead button ( button 4 on CH products joystick ) would not induce lead , it acted as if dumping lead like M1's. So I check control assignments and found I had Dynamic Lead ( P ) and Leo Gunner Palm Switch assigned to joystick button 4 . I cleared the Leo Palm switch assignment and problem was solved , holding button 4 now induces lead on Leo2 as intended . I will try TC's mode control later and report back .
  10. Thanks Loving 4.1 , damn those T15's are tough !!
  11. Thanks for the reply Ssnake , but is there anyway of removing that framerate cap ?
  12. Hi Fellow tankers , I have a acer xb271 144hrz 1440p monitor and although 4.1 runs fine , the fps seems limited to 60 - 62 fps even with vsync disabled . So my question is ... does SBPro limit the fps itself ( around 60 ) and therefore fail to take advantage of 144hrz monitors ? I run the game with default gfx draw distances at 2560 x 1440 . My system specs arr ; Win10 , Intel 9700K @ 4.5GHZ , 16 GB DDR4 ram , 2 x M2 SSD , RTX 2080 . Thanks
  13. +1 SB needs all the help it can get , dont let them put you off Matsimus !
  14. For me its a split between ... Verdun 14-18 ( great hardcore WW1 fps , which I am currently obcessed with !! ) AC pCars BF4 SB 4 of course.
  15. Hi Thadwb , Try using Internet Exporer in Win 10 to activate your new license , it worked for me on the second attempt .
  16. No problems with SB and Win 10 v1607 for me . this is what I did .. Uninstalled SBp3028 ( including manual deletion of Esim folder from Documents ) and Codemeter 6.10 DOwnloaded VC++ 2015 32 and 64bit and installed ( none where installed previously ) Installed Codemeter 6.30 from separate download plugged Usb stick in , Installed SBp 40 Licensed stick with Internet Exlorer ( only time I'll use IE ) Ran Sbp40 , everything worked Ok Win 10 users should not be put off upgrading ! Hope this helps you guys with problems.
  17. Doh !!! I forgot about the 2 products currently available , but I still think we need a more consumer friendly , graphically more advanced product , nearer to the old M1 Tank Platoon titles.
  18. Yes , it would also have a dynamic campaign option , crew management etc ...
  19. It strikes me after reading this thread that Steal Beasts is coming to a dev crossroads in the near future , and that is a demand for 2 differing products , 1 ... the pro military training option with basic graphics , and 2 ... the consumer option , designed for DX 11 and above . This I realise would mean massive dev costs but it would be the only way of satisfying both requirements . ..... go easy on me Ssnake , its just me 2 cents opinion
  20. My main wish for SB graphics in the future would be improved shadows ..... the obvious omission from the current model is the lack of true deep shadows under tanks and vehicles and maybe trees , we need true HDR lighting . This is the area that makes the otherwise great sim look dated . Cant wait for 4.0 Sabot up !!
  21. great smoke and flame effects ... cant wait for 4.0
  22. http://defence-blog.com/army/ukrainian-tank-crew-showcases-their-rusty-t-64-in-this-awesome-video-set-to-the-stones.html
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