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  1. Doubt that the server can take a screenshot showing your reshade effect? If you change textures sure, but reshade? Can that really be done...
  2. I am not stating that one should make the other disappear. Most of the time, especially when travelling or fighting in more open terrain I would neither ever feel the need to micromanage AI positions. But at certain Battle Positions the AI will pose a greater threat if they can by guided, there is where this feature would come in handy. Also in smaller missions with fewer vehicles involved I see a greater need for the micromanagement, and there it is also not an insane task.... well at least if the mentioned features were in. As you mentioned you regularly script Brigade l
  3. Thanks for the replies. As I solve this at the moment is using single vehicles from the start. One does loose a bit of that formation AI though, but it works. Where it gets messy though is syncing everything up. Just to sync. the movement with 3 vehicles one has to setup a few conditions, as if a vehicle gets unable to move or is destroyed it should be ignored. Then one has to account for the behaviour of the formation if one of the three vehicles goes missing. And after all that work, at least to my knowledge there is no way I can really say to the AI that "disregard veh
  4. Hello. Does anyone have a solution for the following: I want to have a platoon start all attached, moving from point A to point B in formation via a route. Then at B I want to be able to split up the platoon, guiding each separate vehicle to their assigned battle position via their personal routes Then later I want the platoon to form up again at C and move out, as one attached unit again, in formation to D. The issue is that I can do this with the dismounts by just using "embark if this unit is X" but as the vehicles start as one unit, they can not b
  5. Thanks for the great explanation. I just asked for this under the basis of how reality is depicted from within the sim, that the gunner can infact drive blindly from his gunsight using the wasdx. So i thought this was simulating him requesting movement from the commander or something, thus the refinement i wished for. All is well doable as is anyway. Scratch that wish hehe
  6. Of course that is why I state that I am a lay man, BUT it does give that feeling of really interacting that is impossible for me to get otherwise. So yes, for me the detail fidelity is important like that. I would not mind to play less detailed vehicles but if I could choose I do go for the more detailes over more vehicles. For me it feels like quality over quantity.
  7. I like to use as much of the interiors as possible, for example I try to only bind what I deem (as a layman) like things the gunner for example could reach and do without exiting his sight to hotkeys, the rest I do as much as possible with interacting with the 3D buttons etc. I do always go out to eye view from one sight and click the other etc. For me this is a way to learn and somewhat feel something I can not do otherwise, I can somewhat interact with the "real" vehicle. This for me is what sims are all about. So I do prefer more detailed and fewer vehicles than more with less details
  8. Yes the CTRL is a good subtitute... not sure it works from the gunner does it? Anyway if it does you have to rotate away from what you are looking at, look at the point - that might just be 10m ahead bcause you can not look directly at the spot behind that bump in the terrain, then turn back to scan where you were, while all you wanted was to advance in the direction the tank chassis/body is pointing for a while until you can fully have scanned what you wanted. quality of life thing for sure but I wish for it as it is within what the game already supports and would make quite a big differen
  9. Yes that I do, I plot a route. But one could "drive" with AI assistance doing it as I pointed out. Another use would be to shift+w fast route. then jump to the map and plot your more detailed route, when you are given the order to move up in formation with you platoon leader for example. Would feel more realistic (as you tell the driver to start driving in his postion in the formation) and much more fluid. EDIT: The whole thing is about utilizing what is in the game to give the best of the two things of driving from your prefered postion without for having to leave your view
  10. In response to my own last wish here, I will add this request that might be a good remedy. Not sure how it would work with how the simulation is intended. Could a "Quick route straight ahead" command be added? With this I mean the following: By pressing W you take the control away from the driver and go straight ahead without any AI interfering. This is really good in many situations but works less good in others. The other option often used is to fastplot a route on the map to move with your formation, under AI driver "protection" as he drives smartly on his own, all while you
  11. +1 on the driver AI needing improvement. As I see it if you are in the gunner or the TC position and give the order to drive straight ahead - by pushing the direct vehicle controls, doesnt that simulate the driver getting the order to do so? If a tree then shows up straight ahead one should expect that the vehicle, by the action of the driver, would at least stop or? Not head straight ahead into a tree, house or a huge lake. One could state that yes, you should be looking around, but if you "drive" from the gunners position isnt it so that then the driver AND the TC is looking around
  12. I ran into a key binding issue today. I have rebound my keys for selecting ammo1-ammo4 to the keys 1-4 (normal not numpad). This works great while I am controlling the luchs or marder vehicles, but when I get into a leopard type tank this stops working. I have removed the keys 1-4 from any other control visible in the screen where you change your controls, still this does not work. If I bind the ammo1-ammo4 back to their default keys again it works. What am I doing wrong here?
  13. Thanks for the information. Got the keys, now I just need to get used to them.
  14. Hi, just recently got back into SBproPE after a few years of a pause. No big issues with getting up to speed on most of the vehicles I used to control etc but yesterday I tried out the Marder and the Luch..... and I hit a wall. Does anyone here have a guide for these two vehicles? What controls are used etc would be great to know. For example: I found the Range dial in the commanders eye view, following the video "mechanized infantry" on the official youtube channel. But is there a way to adjust this from the gunner OR the commander while "in sight" view?
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