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  1. Bought the game just yesterday on Steam and I must say the game is quite good. It feels like you're playing an online battle with say 30-40 people, but it's actually just you on single-player. The AI really is that good. It certainly ain't no tripple-A game, but considering the price (it's 25% off right now) it's pretty decent. Plus the graphics are kind like funny, which I like and which makes you feel not too seriously towards the actual gameplay.
  2. Hi gents! How about this one?
  3. New WW2 naval game in the making:
  4. New WW2 tank sim in the making: More info here: https://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Home/Home
  5. How about a historical single-player FPS game? Or as Steam describes it: Rise of Liberty is a FPS single-player massive Revolutionary War battle simulator. Fire deafening cannons into the thick of the battle, stand in line formation and fire devastating volleys into the enemy. Gather your men for these monumental battles and defeat the enemy!
  6. Yeah, Gunship on the C64! Or Silent Service. Those were the days... As far as I can remember, most Microprose games were really good.
  7. More space exploration stuff in VR.
  8. Just came out earlier this month.
  9. Ah, Microprose, a name that truly brings back found memories. I also would love to see a remake of some of their classics. But sadly their new webside kind of looks odd indeed. Well, I for once wouldn't hold my breath.
  10. Yep, IL-2 BOS is a MUST in VR. It's a fantastic experience. Now, how about this one? http://vira.design/index.php/portfolio/82-interactive-spaces/181-steel-beasts
  11. Thanks, Red. Reentry looks very interesting indeed. Unfortunaterly it doesn't seems to be supporting VR. That's the trouble with VR - once you got used to it, you don't wanna go back to flat 2D screen.
  12. Not really a game at all, but if you got a vr headset and a love for outer space, you'll be in for an amazing ride. It costs around 10 bucks on Steam and though it's quite short and rather limited (only a few interactive moments for the player) , the overall experience is breath-taking.
  13. Well, there are two ways. 1) Buy directly from the developer: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-bodenplatte/ In the menu to the right, you'll also find a link to Tank Crew, which is still early access. 2) Buy from Steam. However, presently you can only buy Battles of Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban. Plus, in case you're going to buy from Steam, you'll have to buy Battle of Stalingrad first because Steam treads all the other titles as DLC's. Tank Crew should become available on Steam once it becomes finalized (at least that's what I heard).
  14. You're welcome, Red. I recently started playing IL-2 Great Battles in VR and it's a blast - highly recommended! I'm curious how Tank Crew will turn out.
  15. Here is something for anyone who want to experience tank warfare in vr (virtual reality):
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