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  1. Tactical FPS

    The devs really toned down the AI - much better now imho. Sorry, but I haven't found the time to go online yet. Making things "worse", I now also, finally, got me a copy of Arma III since it was on sales on Steam last week. That'll keep me busy for some time, I guess. Love the look of that new UBOAT game. I just wish someone would make a similar game, but for WW2 tanks instead. That would be a blast.
  2. Tactical FPS

    At what time do you guys normally play? I'm in Japan, so it might be difficult for me to join. Plus I don't have much time in the first place, which is one of the main reasons I'm focusing on single player. If I can make it, I'll be using the same nick I'm using here, so you should recognize me if I show up.
  3. Tactical FPS

    Thanks for the invitation, Red! Is that Ground Branch Discord channel showing up inside the GB server brower? Or do I have to access the channel through a different link? Right now I'm playing with the God mode ON. I know it's cheating - but so does the AI. Anyway, even with the God mode enabled, I still try my best to get the first shot in. If not, I'll take mental notice. I found for me the frustration level is much lower now.
  4. Tactical FPS

    Well, I got my copy of Ground Branch. Overall I really like the feel of the game, but I think the devs should tone down the AI a bit. The reaction time and accuracy of the AI appears to be somewhat over the top imho. But I'm really looking forward to the finished version.
  5. Tactical FPS

    Thanks guys for your input regarding single player games. I might give Arma a try one of these days. Regarding Ground Branch, yeah I saw that on steam, too, but thanks for the heads-up. I think I'll first wait to see some reviews on Youtube. Btw, I wonder when (if) Arma 4 will see the light of day. Has anyone heard anything about that? Arma 3 was released in 2013, if I remember correctly. That's almost 5 years ago, which is a long time when it comes to PC games.
  6. Tactical FPS

    Ground Branch looks promising in as much as it seems to also have a single player mode, something that IMHO has been lacking (to put it mildly) in recent tactical FPS games. Especially some of the latest WW2 games like Post Scriptum I'd love to play if only a single player mode would be available. And by single player mode I don't mean fancy story lines accompanied by fancy cut scenes ala COD or Battlefield. If some developer could just come up with a game that generates an ongoing AI driven battle like in F16 Falcon were the player can just jump in as one individual to join the fray on either side. Btw, I was thinking about getting Arma 3 but almost ALL the reviews on the internet I've seen are saying that the AI in Arma 3 is just horrible. Any thoughts by anyone regarding single player game in Arma 3? Are there any other recent tactical FPS games besides Ground Branch that include single player mode?
  7. Wargames

    This one could be interesting: https://www.wargamer.com/articles/team-of-international-scholars-open-a-new-wargames-studio-play-of-battle/
  8. We love videos

    It says all 100 M1's were lost without achieving any kills. 60 of them were killed by arty.
  9. We love videos

    LOL - what a setup! The M1 did very well. That guy claims they made 99 kills out of 100, while only suffering 17 losses, including 3 friendly fire kills. Those poor French really got slaughtered.
  10. New WW2 Armour simulation.

    LOL - I second that. And too bad that it's only going to be multiplayer. Unfortunately more and more games are going down that road.
  11. Best music for PRE-combat ?

    How about this one? Ride of the Valkyries I love the smell of diesel fume in the morning...
  12. DCS 2.5 Released

    Talking about VBS, is anyone here playing it and how much does it cost? Just curious.
  13. Spintires Tank mods.

    The curse of modern PC gaming! But seriously, IMHO there's a lot to like about present SB - not to mention the upcoming new terrain engine. I also agree with Ssnake that when it comes to the question of which feature to emphasize, eye candy or realism (rendering of entire battle groups, large maps etc.), I would go for realism any time. Just my two cent.
  14. Tanker Books/Novels

    Here are two recommendations from my side about WW2 tank warfare on the Eastern Front: Book 1 Book 2
  15. Almost 10 years since...

    Thanks guys!