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  1. Now if only the British Army would wake up to what SB Pro can give them, we could have an interior to go with with that Chally 2 model......!!! (Sorry... Just dreaming out loud) :biggrin:
  2. Like Rump I also only play offline. I haven't had chance to test it (read play!) with 2.546, but with 2.538 I've encountered it on a regular basis in various Leo2 models (2A5DK, STRV 122, and the 2E). I can't swear I've seen it everytime I've reloaded, but I've certainly come across it on a regular basis. Not sure if this bit of info helps at all, but I alway use the menu bar options to initiate reloading.
  3. I'm guessing Rump means when (as TC) you give the order to reload, the gunner reports "Roger" and the turret swings to the correct position to move rounds from the stowage to the ready rack...... But then nothing happens except the gun barrel flicking up and down. Like he says jumping into the gunner's seat and back to the TC position fixes it and reloading continues as normal.
  4. All you need to go with that is a bumper sticker that says "Clamp this you *******!!" :biggrin:
  5. What happened in 1990? I was in Africa at that time and only got back to the UK in 2000. I thought that reperations for WW2 weren't considered for inclusion in the peace treaty in 1945 due to the damage those from WW1 had caused?
  6. So would this be a good time to submit the bill for WW2 then.........? :diable:
  7. How about the fact they've given us the best armoured warfare sim ever made available to the public, and supported it for over four years even though the profit it entailed is probably far outweighed by the extra work involved? Or the fact that they have been consistantly open and honest with the community about what is and isn't possible/ feasable, which is a refreshing change compared to most other software companies?
  8. Jester_UK

    DCS A-10C

    It does look good. Funny thing is I have DCS-Black Shark (the Ka-50 sim), but for some reason, as much as I enjoy the fidelity of the Ka-50..... And can guess how good this will be (seeing that it's like the SB ProPE of flight sims insofar as Eagle Dynamics originally produced this sim as a training tool for the National Guard) I can't work up any excitement for it at all.
  9. Many thanks. Going to download them now.
  10. I just ran the tutorial again (the basic arty tutorial) and this time managed to get the infra red sight to function..... Not quite sure how... first time around none of the function keys made a difference. This time once I got the IR sight, I was also able to access the Commander's eye view (but everything outside the viewports was pitch black. That might well be it, Ssnake. Next time I fire SB up I'll check the map info for that tutorial and post it here for you if that's any help? EDIT: Just opened the basic arty tutorial in the mission editor and sure enough the time of day is off. The tutorial is based on the NTC map with a start time of 12:00, but beneath that UCT is set to +8 making the actual start time 22:00. I left the UCT setting as it was and shifted start time back to 01:00 and sure enough I could see more than a black screen.
  11. Yeah I've got the same with Blue vehicles in the tutorials. Also has anyone else got problems with the Artillery tutorials (in the support section). The first tutorial loads up fine and the briefing is fine, but as soon as I try to go to the action phase I get nothing but a black screen with the usual control bar at the bottom (where the messages/ direction and speed controls etc are). Not too sure if this is a fault with the tutorial or me doing something wrong.
  12. Jester_UK


    ..... So a burst from the Co-ax would definitely be frowned upon then.......? :diable:
  13. Thanks for the responses gents. So the consensus is that it could be better to split a mission with multiple tactical goals (such as the example I mentioned in the OP) over a couple of scenarios then (so keeping each "phase" of the overall scenario plan to about an hour).
  14. Well if every other word doesn't start with an "F" it's not proper military terminology!! :biggrin:
  15. Thanks for the explanation Volcano. I tried a test on the flat.ter map yesterday by setting up a single STRV 122 and a few OPFOR tanks, PC's and troops all set to blind. and sure enough the AI engaged all effectively. Another gunner voice cue (and/or TC's voice cue) would be an excellent addition....... Also, would an automated routine that causes an AI vehicle to resume it's route after x ammount of time if unable to engage a target be feasible?
  16. There were trees nearby in both cases, but could that alone explain why a fully AI vehicle stopped and the gunner went into this weird "on the way" loop? If I get a scenario that causes this again on a consistant basis, I'll send you a copy.
  17. I've seen it when in the TC's seat of an STRV 122. ordered the AI gunner to fire on a bunker after he had reported troops and changed ammo type to HEAT (the default ammo type for the STRV 122). Gunner reported "On the way" but never fired. Whether the AI gunner would have engaged another vehicle at a later stage I don't know since I never got a chance to find out in that case. I saw it tonight with a fully AI (owner = computer) M1A1(HA).... Again, the ammo loadout/munition types were not changed from default loadout. I added a platoon of M1A1's to a scenario I'm working on to test it to date. I was just following the lead vehicle in observer mode. The vehicle enged a couple of T-72's successfully with SABOT, then the TC spotted an infantry team. It swapped to the co-ax )ammo type at the top of the screen changed to 7.62). Gunner reported "Identified" followed by "on the way" but never fired. Just kept repeating "on the way." The tank was stationary at the time and stayed that way. I ran that test three times. Second time showed the same issue (which was why I posted the question), but the third time seemed to run fine. I'm not aware of changing anything in the mission that would change the AI's behaviour in regard to this (only adjusted some obsticles and minefield borders..... The tanks were nowhere near the minefield when the problem showed up BTW). Seems like a strange one as it doesn't appear to be consistant. Hope the info is of some use.
  18. I've noticed that once ammo type has been changed (either by selecting HEAT or changing to the co-ax), the AI gunner will no longer fire (sometimes repeatedly reporting "On the way" but never firing even on a target well within range). Whilst this can be worked around by swapping to the gunners seat in a human controlled vehicle, I can't find a way to get around it with an fully AI controlled vehicle. Is this a known issue? And is there a way to fix it? Edit: Running 2.538. Clean install (no older version of SB ProPE has ever even been installed on this PC).
  19. Thanks for the link Gary. I missed that thread, I'll give it a read through. Retro, yeah I know.... Irealised immediately after hitting the submit button. That's why I added the edit at the bottom of my post. :redface:
  20. I'm getting back into using the mission editor and have a basic general mission plan in mind...... All the normal stuff... Minefield breach etc and on testing the initial stages of the mission I found it ran about 45 minutes on average to get all the units through the minefield (after dealing with the OPFOR overwatch). This started me wondering whether it may be better to split the operation into smaller segments (minefield breach as one mission. Beating off the counterattack as a seperate mission and so on). I have no idea whether or not this will ever get made available for download, but thought I'd askfor people's thoughts on this. Is it better to have a single mission that could eventually take a few hours to complete, or a series of missions where each takes about an hour? Edit: Sorry, somehow posted this in the wrong forum section. Could one of the moderators move it to the scenario design sub forum please?
  21. My girlfriend's cat did something similar a while ago. Now I have a small fluffy hearth rug..........:diable:
  22. Hi Homer. Long time no see. That was the problem..... ONce I tried to set it to full screen mode I couldn't click on the OK to confirm it (since the OK "hotspot" had moved behind the resolution selection box and wasn't accessible. I had tried restarting the sim and even restarting my PC but neither worked. Weird thing is after leaving it for a couple of hours the problem has resolved itself without any further action on my part. So I'm a happy camper from that point of view but it bugs me when problems disappear like that (years of being a technician mean I want to know what causes an issue like this!). One other very basic question though: The Y-axis on my X-52 is reversed..... I know that there is a key input to reverse it (CTRL-J) but I'm sure there used to be a way to permanently sort the issue out. If my memory's not playing tricks on me, can you remind me what I need to do?
  23. Been away a long.... LONG time..... In fact the last version of SB I had installed was 2.328 Beta, but decided it was time to get back in the saddle again. I had a word with Ssnake and he suggested skipping the intervening versions and just getting the latest version (ie: 2.538) which I have done. Since this PC hasn't had SB installed on it, and I'd read that you should uninstall earlier version prior to installing 2.538, I didn't bother installing the older version but just installed the downloaded files. The install and upgrading the licence went fine but I can't run the sim. In the menu my mouse pointer is about an inch above and to the left of the options and on checking the tank range no vehicles are listed. I'm sure I've done something stupid. Anyone tell me what I've missed?
  24. Blimey Sean... That was fast. Thanks. One question: Wasn't there a problem with infantry units mounting and dismounting IFV's in the beta? I distinctly remember something like that (which was the reason I went back to the release version at the time). Did it ever get resolved?
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