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  1. Oh thanks for this! This is very useful especially the circle that shows where you are going to be back at the GPS.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this is my first released mission for Steel Beasts, I am someone who prefers light armor and wanted to make a fun mission around it. This mission was designed in single player but I see no reason why it wouldnt work in co-op. This mission is set in the late 90s during a fictional African conflict, 2 Scimitars and an SF team must secure intel from and destroy a disabled enemy command vehicle before the enemy can recover it themself. The mission is designed to be challenging but with lots of random events for maximum replayability. The objective can spawn at one of 4 locations, the main enemy force is made up of 2 parts each have 4 different configurations and multiple routes into the objective and there are many patrols, ambushes, ieds etc that can spawn at certain places. The scenario does not have a password so feel free to edit it if you wish to play it with a different vehicle or modify it but please just credit me if you use any part of it below I will paste the full mission briefing: Jackrabbit team, 1st Recon Battalion 1) SITUATION: ATTN: This mission uses random scripting to place the objective and setup the enemy forces. You will be given the objective location at mission start once the script runs so please start the mission when ready and setup your plan then if needed. a) Enemy: RED is an African nation mostly equipped with Soviet bloc era light armor and PCs, BMP1 and BTR60s are used in large numbers but they also have some scattered vehicles from other western sources. They also operate various technicals in both the government and insurgent forces. We have also had reports of what are suspected to be Russian backed mercenaries operating with them. These mercenaries are much better equipped and trained. They have been seen operating from their own BMP-2s, BTR-80s, and even Mi-8s. b) Own: BLU is an African nation equipped with mostly older European equipment. 2 Scimitar recon vehicles will take the lead, a special forces team is being carried by a Unimog truck armed with an MG3. A second Unimog is on standby if the first is to be disabled. The special forces team is armed with Panzerfaust 3s as well as a Dragon III. c) Attachments and detachments: Repair, supply, and medical vehicles are on standby at the checkpoint should they be needed. d) Overview We have recieved information that during an ambush and skirmish last night with allied militias an enemy command vehicle (MTLB) was disabled and abandoned until recovery could be made in the morning. This vehicle could be a source of very valuable intel and also may hold evidence we can use to prove the activity of Eastern European mercenaries active in REDs ranks. The Ose river has formed a natural border for the conflict in this area. The 2 bridge crossing areas are flimsy and only very lightly armored vehicles are able to cross. The steep marshy banks make crossing with amphibious vehicles or laying a bridge very difficult. The checkpoint was established to help cut down on the number of insurgent vehicles crossing here to make their way to support the conflict in the North. Our Scimitars are among the heaviest vehicles that can safely cross the bridges. Even an M113 is too heavy to cross so if you need repairs you will have to try to tow the damaged vehicles back across the river. Now that the sun is up RED will be launching an effort to secure the vehicle themselves so that one of their American M60 based recovery vehicles can safely enter in a second convoy to retrieve the vehicle. If they should beat you to the vehicle you are welcome to interdict and frustrate their attempt to recover the vehicle if it is safe to do so. The recovery vehicle is one of the only heavily armored vehicles in the region as most have been relocated to the main front. The bulk of the enemy forces are organized far in the south and it will take some time to arrive, but expect to run into lookouts and patrols along the river. You should also be wary of possible patrols and enemy insurgent activity and ambushes in the disputed area south of the river however the odds of running into any hostiles north of the river is very low. Be ready for combat once you approach the river and anywhere south of the river. BRDMs, BTRs, and Technicals are a common sight near the river. 2) MISSION: Your mission is to secure the area around the disabled enemy vehicle ASAP. Your Scimitars are very fast and have excellent cross country performance so use this to your advantage. Once the area is secure get the SF team within 50 meters of the objective and give them a few minutes to gather any intelligence and place an explosive charge at this point your orders are to pull out and escort the SF teams truck back to safe territory to the North of the Ose river. When the mission starts you will be given a grid reference of the rough area of the objective, this is a limitation of the system to randomly place the objective so please pause the mission after entering if you desire to make a plan. 3) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: Jackrabbit team: 2 Scimitar recon vehicles Hare team: 1 Unimog truck armed with MG3, a 12 man Special Forces squad, and a second armed Unimog on standby.
  3. Ive taken to occupying the gunners seat with the gun at 12 o'clock to stop the ai from scanning and yeah lining up the vehicle and adjusting the rest. its pretty awkward in a close up knife fight though but thats not really the intent of the vehicle haha. But yeah hopping in the gun and finding out the ai was scanning the skyline of a ridge at 3 o'clock is not fun haha.
  4. I think I may have actually remade the team at one point, I originally had a Pinzguaer doing transport but it swapped it out for something that could carry more people and still retain its weapon once the infantry dismounted. I just got done watching the video thanks again for doing that, maybe I will release two versions of the mission with a different vehicle for people who really dont like using the Scimitar, as much as I like the vehicle my next mission is going to have something with a powered turret after driving that thing non stop for days and days now. The Mi8s are just unarmed transport choppers, they are what actually dropped the BMDs, I know thats not the most realistic thing haha but I wanted to have a way some quick reinforcements could come in that were a viable threat, they show up once the main forces are getting battered there was supposed to be a chat saying the choppers were inbound on radar and also notifying you that the second truck was available not sure if those came through. At that objective point spawn the BMDs come in from the flank but on the other 3 they come in from the same general direction as the other forces, I will also make the starting checkpoint into a deployment zone. The M88 is pretty tough I'm surprised it shrugged off that direct dragon hit, I might have to upgrade it to a not so accurate for the time period dragon III.
  5. Thank you so much for the feedback! That was my first time ever writing up a briefing so I will try to adjust it a little bit I will look into changing the uniforms for the SF guys and I thought I set them to elite but actually maybe I didn't change them after I adjusted the team. And actually that is a good idea having the second truck available, I will make these changes before uploading it to the missions section.
  6. Oh really? Awesome! Thanks so much I hope everything works well and you dont encounter some bug or bad combination of random events I didnt account for haha
  7. Hi guys im happy to announce the first "public" release of the mission. It now has a full briefing and summary as well as countless changes to make it much more fun to play and the enemy forces more intelligent and challenging like what was discussed above. Granted I am far from an expert at SB but I feel like this mission will be quite challenging without being unfair but I cant say for sure until I get some feedback from blind playthroughs. Of course difficulty will vary somewhat depending on the luck of the draw with the random generation but my goal was to make a challenging mission where failing can still be fun as the mission will be different the next time you play, ive had some really intense fun playthroughs that ended in failure. I will upload it to the site once I make up an image for it and will start a new thread which will be the home of everything related to my missions from now on. Roadside_assistance_RC1.sce
  8. Awesome! Thank you so much I was trying to get them to attach to the unimogs group and not having any luck, ill tty that thanks!
  9. Hi guys im thinking the mission is ready for a final public release today or tomorrow once I write a briefing up. Ive improved the ai waypoints a lot since the last post and made them a much mre effective and believable force and am pretty happy with it now. Im sure there will be improvements to make and change once people play more and give feedback. I am probabaly going to write a small aar in the new thread so people can get a more detailed idea of what the mission is like, well one of the possible objective spawn areas anyways. The main things ive added: When the main force is taking heavy losses they will call in some heliborne reindorcements from a mercenary group. This prevents the mission from getting a little boring if the main enemy force is wiped out and can put some pressure on to get the objective done and pull out if not done already. I added some semi random patrols along the river in brdm2s, btrs, ans technicals along with the random lookouts that can spawn. This makes crossing into enemy territory more fun and interesting it also adds a degree of variance in how long it will take to get to the objective area. It also means you cant just send the truck with the sf team back on its own and know it will probably make it out of enemy territory ok. Earlier today I had a playthrough where everyone ended up dying, the enemy got the drop with some lucky 14.5 hits but it was very intense and fun. It ended with one scimitar staying back on a himl to delay the enemy bmp1s, amx13, and other vehickes assaulted generating smoke cover as the unimog and the second scimitar headed for the bridge after finishing their job at the command vehicle. The first scimitar getting taken out by at3 shot and a patrolling btr damaging the second scims suspension slowing as down as mi8s flew over and dropped some bmds nearby and while retreating in reverse laying smoke blundered into a second patrolling btr who lit up the unimog and got a very lucky turret ring shot on the damaged scimitar who was than scared off by a surviving dragon gunner taking a pot shot. But the question I have, I have a second unimog spawn in at basr if the first is disabled as a backup way to extract the infantry however even tbough its part of the same platoon as the first unimog I cant attach the infantry to it so they can board, is there something im missing? This is pretty much the last thing I wanna do.
  10. As far as I know the ai wont use any on map artillery only off map. Im not sure if there is a way to script ai arty to fire at a certain time though
  11. Im sure you could find an audience of some kind but i doubt enough to make a steady living out of it. Your best bet would to already be an established personality then start streaming. Sub brief does streams of the sub sim cold waters and he is a former submariner and they seem to be quite popular, im sure there are people who would like to watch someone with actual tank experience play tank sims and share their insight but it could take months or years to establish some kind of audience. That or be someone who is funny or entertaining and can make even failing horribly entertaining to watch. I tried to do streams of my custom campaigns in strike fighters 2 and even getting people to sit down and watch gameplay involving ai pilots that were named after them or even just getting someone anyone to see my stream on twitch was very difficult. Playing a popular multiplayer game like war thunder is much easier because people are already online looking up videos of gameplay tips, new unit reviews etc. Your best bet would be to try to get a following as a general tank youtuber and once you have a following advertise scheduled stream times where you play sims.
  12. I havent commanded the infantry too much beyond in my own scenarios so I cant comment too much but I have noticed their behavior with at weapons can be a bit odd. In my mission I created a little scripted sequence where a bridge could be blown as you were crossing it but still with enough time to stop. Then an rpg gunner would spawn in (you could stop the ambush by spotting the other two men and killing them) and you would have a moment to pop smoke and throw the tank in reverse The first time I tested it everything went perfect with the rpg gunner popping off a shot a few seconds later hitting the vehicle and also collapsing the bridge where they were for a very dramatic and fun death. However after that first time I could never get it to proceed so smoothly again and usually the soldier would just hide in the bushes and maybe pop off a shot after retreating for a bit. So it would be nice to get more feedback about stuff like that. Also im pretty sure we can control the infantry who have light mgs cant we? I swear I remember controlling one in first person during an mp scenario.
  13. As someone who is new to the game I would just like to say this is the first time ive ever seen a forum where the the devs are so active and doing things like answering questions on how to build scenarios etc, so I appreciate that a lot. As for the infantry I cant comment much, personally I would rather see advancements made in ai and behavior, programmable abilities in the scenario editor etc over being able to play them. Also if it came down to having more playable infantry abilities or more playable vehicles like the other atgm vehicles or other models of ifv/armor or improved 3d interiors for the vehicles like the scimitar that have very basic ones I would personally choose the vehicles anyday. There are countless games with detailed infantry combat but very very few that model armored vehicles in detail.
  14. When testing this morning I realized I messed up the waypoints on the red side for the far west objective in the valley. The red convoy will stop their march in if they spot an enemy or take fire but wont switch over to their assault route in, mistake on my part, you can avoid this by opening fire on them as soon as they come into visual range at the exreme end of the valley, assuming you have setup on the ridgeline to watch the road in. That or simply restart the mission if you get that objective spawn and dont fancy a relatively easy engagement. This has already been fixed and will be in the next release which will be a final public release and uploaded to the missions section once I toy with a few more ideas. Mainly just a few more possible little encounters to make the area feel more like a combat area with active insurgent activity and deciding what exactly I want the enemy forces to do when they are basically decimated. Im thinking have them pull out with a chance to either leave completely or an uncommon chance for heliborne reinforcements to arrive and start a second push to remove the player and maybe make pulling out a little more interesting.
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