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  1. Also forgot to say at mission start units will embark on the first non conditioned route they have. After that first waypoint the next route needs a condition to proceed except for march type. So they will set a defensive position until one routes or route next has a condition. This can be time passing, taking fire, a random number generation etc. When I am making advances I usually tell them to proceed as long as they are not under fire and cannot see at least 1 enemy force. This means they will continue until contact and then proceed no further than the next waypoint.
  2. You cant make them start in a building but ai on certain tactics will automatically occupy structures. It alters how they fill the building, units on guard tactics will stay at the perimeter of buildings. It can be a little confusing because you have routes and waypoints that both have their own seperate behavior types. Usually what I do is give the infantry an engage waypoint on the structure and then give them a retreat waypoint or waypoints for them to fall back to if they start taking casulties or encounter a substantial threat.
  3. Just had a stupid lucky shot while playtesting my newest mission. I took some pot shots through some bushes at a T62 with SAPHEI to try and keep their heads down or distract them while my spike team crept up, I noticed a bit later that the tank was dead and thought it was weird I didnt hear it. Well turns out a mostly blind potshot from the VECs 25mm hit in such a way to punch through and cause spalling inside and take out the crew, considering these SAPHEI have trouble penetrating a BTR from the side this is pretty ridiculous haha, I saved the AAR if anyone wants to see it for themselves.
  4. I made a post about this a few days ago but you can try a 14 day free trial (the actual program is quite cheap) of a program called rewasd. This program lets you bind different gamepad/joystick/keyboard commands etc to other keyboard commands, macros, turbo functions etc and switch bindings on the fly using a keyboard combo. Im not sure if you could get analogue control working but it can be easier to setup different binds to try or different setups for different vehicles or bind things in a way the game doesn't like by default.
  5. The shorter videos are great but I also enjoy the long form videos as sometimes it can be cool to sit down and see someones experience in detail and hear them talk but in some sims i You do have long moments of just moving around and such that may be better edited out. I guess it depends on the video but for bringing new people in I imagine short videos are much better.
  6. I wish I had used my 3d modelling skills since 2005 or so and I wasnt lousy at it because id love to help out.
  7. Hello, here is the pre-release test version of my next mission. Looking to get a bit of feedback before I fully release it. Set in 1989 (during cold war went hot X), The mission involves a downed pilot being located in East German territory. A Luchs on a nearby recon assignment is tasked with extracting him. The pilot can spawn in one of 10 places and the various enemy patrols are randomized in unit type, starting location, and the patrol routes have many variables. Also if any infantry get stranded any patrolling vehicles with room that come across them will scoop them up. If I could do the mission again I think I would have made less heavier vehicles on patrol routes and made a group that would hunt you based on your location but I think it is still a fun mission that can be quite intense because you never really know exactly what youre going to run into next and where and is quite replayable. Maybe in the next version I will change it around a bit. ArmedRecon.sce
  8. If you are having trouble finding the angle there is a mod in the t72 skin section that puts a line on the gun you align to make it easier to learn where you need it exactly.
  9. Ok thanks! It makes sense with it not really intended to be a pure combat vehicle.
  10. Oh for sure! It just can be an awful lot of work to set all that up, but to be fair a lot of sims have issues with this.
  11. That map looks great! Also just a suggestion from me after looking at a bunch of maps when trying to build a scenario, if you can include a decent sized area of rural area with dirt and secondary roads and some scattered buildings please do. These big cities and towns are super cool but to have an urban area that's completely empty feels kind of silly and in a smaller scenario its basically impossible to not feel like a ghost town and it kind of ruins immersion. Just something I noticed that most maps are either incredible dense urban areas with tons of roads that would take hours to setup patrol routes and require tons of units with open areas in between but not big enough to make into a combat area or completely empty places devoid of anything. Of course if you already have a plan you're following and dont want to change it or if the map is for a specific scenario dont worry about me.
  12. Ah ok I thought I read it somewhere else too but maybe I was just crazy when I thought the ai was staying on target with stabilization.
  13. Hi been playing the Luchs a fair bit as I'm working on a mission based around it. I've noticed the wiki page mentions the gun is stabilized and when the ai is gunning I've seen the ai keep the gun on target while moving but I cant seem to find how it works. I've tried both keys that seem related that came up when searching the binds. Is it something I need to hold like the commander peri in the t55?
  14. I seem to remember a trend around the mid 2000s of designs using the hulls of old mbts to make into ifvs. I remember being a teenager and downloading a mod of a BTR-T for operation flashpoint which I think was a t55 or t72 hull ifv with either a dual barreled or 30mm cannon or a remote turret with a 30mm and 2 atgms. That introduced me to the idea and I seem to remember quite a few proposals around that time to make old mbts into troop carriers. A far cry from the days of the btr60 when having an open top roof was considered acceptable haha.
  15. Yes especially on soft vehicles. An armed truck seems pretty cool until you see the path 200 pieces of shrapnel took though the crew cabinet and windshield. Or earlier in tbat same mission jumping a btr50 from the side and taking out half the discounts with 20mm pads. Or hitting a weak spot where the lower front meets the bottom and having 4 or 5 pieces of shrapnel come up through the floor maiming the driver and commander. You start to see why apcs have gotten so much stronger as capable man portable at weapons become more common.
  16. When you put it that way it almost sounds like a vacation haha. And yeah nerding out in this games aar has probably made me fear spalling and fragments inside an armored vehicle more than almost anything on the battlefield.
  17. 9I see the tc with his head out a lot when im in the scimitar and the luchs but they are only in the very first position where they just poke out a little. Heres some guys who had a very bad day while playtesting a new mission im working on.
  18. Oh thanks! I was going to mention that and ask if that would make a difference ill give it a try.
  19. No problem I figured there wasnt. I will just settle for having all the potential firing positions marked and then an event telling which 3 are occupied once you secure the outpost with the command vehicle.
  20. Ok guys, as for my mission above I think I might make some changes. Im going to move the date of the setting up to around 1980 and replace the t55 with a bmp2. Its not super accurate but maybe its some sort of embedded secret Russian unit serving in the allied DPRK. This will give players a heavier piece of armor to play it they like, while giving a bit of heavier firepower withour requiring adding a lot of enemy units that can threaten an mbt and make things very risky for the brdm2 and btrs unescorted except for their atgm and rpgs. This will also mean the whole force is amphibious which may or may not make the mission a bit less interesting having to work around the most powerful unit being more restricted around the snaking river that splits the map but I think it will be easier to make a mission that is still beatable and fun if you lose a couple units. Also maybe I will remove the pt76 but it is mostly just a support vehicle with decent firepower that can bounce 50cal with it not being essential to being able to beat the mission so maybe people would prefer not commanding it. Also I had a question, im pretty sure you cant do this, but is there a way to move or create a graphic? Like say I have a unit spawn at one of 4 places having a mark automatically appear at whichever spawn it ends up or is the only way having a message to the player with the grid square and have them make their own mark if wanted?
  21. Hello friends, I had some questions I wanted to run by people. I am still working on the mission above although I am taking a bit of a break from it to work on something a little more compact, a remake of my very first mission using the Luchs as the mission can take around an hour a half if not longer to do around a full playthrough with lots of commanding units etc but I wanted to get peoples opinion as I am at bit of a head. The mission originally started as one to mess around with in BTRs and BRDMs, vehicles that dont often get used in an active combat role but I thought it would be fun to have little skirmishes with soft skin and light armored vehicles as the 14.5 can be quite fun to use. They also have a PT76 for fire support. However I also wanted to include a main battle tank as I imagine thats what most people are here so I added a t55 that becomes available after it is unpinned by an air strike that happens after the first part of the mission is done fairly early on, but I also didn't want the tank to just take over the whole mission so to speak so it is on the other side of the river from the rest of the units meaning it has to cross a defended bridge and/or have the main force do a river crossing to it depending on what random objective locations are active. Im in a bit of a tricky spot though because it has made balancing the mission a little bit difficult. I have to keep the enemy force strong enough that an MBT is threatened on some level but also not so much so that the BRDM2 carrying an ATGM gunner and the BTRs with their infantry don't get wiped out without being able to put up a fight at least but the issue is when the T55 does die the mission can be extremely difficult to finish. So I am asking what people would prefer. Are there enough people interested in messing around with light armor and an AI PT76 that a mission envolving just commanding those vehicles, an ATGM gunner, and maybe something like an AI ATGM vehicle or something that a mission built around those as a balanced fun but challenging experience would be enjoyed. Or would people rather have access to a main battle tank at the expense of the mission becoming a potential meat grinder if just one unit dies? I also wanted to get opinions on an idea I had for a mission today that would be more of an arcadey score attack focused mission but still grounded in reality. It would work like this: You would be a unit cut off, spawning at a random location, and you would have to make it to one of the roads or whatever at the edges of the map that are exits out of the area. At the start of the mission you would use a trigger to pick which vehicle or vehicles you would use for the mission, Weaker vehicles would be handicapped by having more than one etc and also giving a bonus to score. So say it would be something like 2x BTRs carrying special forces, 2x BRDM2s each carrying an infantryman with a Spike ATGM. A single bradley with no dismounts, a single MBT etc there would be some sort of system in place maybe to repair the vehicle if your mobility or something was damaged to not make it an instant loss if a wheeled vehicle got an unlucky shot. You would have to try to make your way passed various enemy patrols probably mostly things like technicals and light armor that most vehicles can disable but can also disable or damage most vehicles but also probably some heavy armor cruising around. There may even be some secondary objectives but I think mainly it would be about the escape. If you managed to make it to the end in a BRDM-2 your base score would be boosted more than say an IFV, and way more than someone in an MBT. I think this could be a very fun mission and I used to have a lot of fun in multiplayer doing a similar mission in Operation Flashpoint where you had no map and the enemy would zero in on your position if you sat around and fought for awhile. Would people be interested in playing that? It would be fun to compare scores and multicrew in multiplayer and try to escape or at least survive as long as possible and take as many enemies with you as you can. I would try to make the enemy forces as variable and as randomized as possible while still being fair and fun so you couldnt just simple memorize the best route to win the exact same way every time.
  22. Thank you very much! Please keep it up and anymore brdm2 and btr variants would make my day. I was wondering if there has ever been any discussion of JGSDF units, I wonder if they would be interested in tbe simulator or have their own domestic product? Theyre one of the few countries to operate completely original domestic equipment.
  23. I find where the game chugs for me is vehicles kicking up lots of dust or sometimes using nvgs. Im guessing thats all shader/gpu memory stuff.
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