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  1. Its just the phrase "waiting for some good scenarios" can imply you havent got any yet and therefore anything posted before that point is bad.
  2. Would like to add, while I wait for some general feedback before posting to the dl section and uploading the map I have starter a remake of my previously unreleased Luchs mission I was not happy with. It will be a complete restart in the game general area and same objective but should hopefully be much better with what ive learned.
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    Ukranian T72B

    Thanks for your work!
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    I would hate to uhh bring up the soviet stereotype/joke about retreat haha.
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    For a tank designed in the late 60s the fact that even being a threat on the modern battlefield is an option is still impressive. Also keep in mind that when the t72 entered service it was mainly up against tanks like the m60 and sacrificed some things in order to get more tanks and more shots out there, that was the theory anyways. Also it was never meant to be the king of tank versus tank warfare and really in that era (i believe) the idea of directly engaging tanks with tanks is something done more out of necessity when air strikes, gunships, ambush with dug in tank destroyers and atgm teams etc isnt an option. But also as we know things usually dont go the way you want. Im a little hesitant to go forward as years ago in my operation flashpoint group saying that a t72 could penetrate an m1 and therefore could defeat one given the right situation and was still a probable threat even though it is at a disadvantage caused a massive shitstorm and I dont want to offend anyone. Its a shame my personal favorite the t64 wasnt exported more widely as the team having access to model the 64/80 family would be cool. Hopefully we will get a t55 am2 with atgms someday as I have a thing for both retrofitted old equipment and atgms. Also playing this has taught me the insane ridiculous advantage thermal imaging equipment gives. Being able to spot a tiny bit of a vehicle through foilage or a rocket motor light up on a hillside 2km away against an enemy who does not have the same capability is almost trivial. In a tgif game a single challenger 2 stuck in a treeline that was disabled put an entire hault to a t72 column as we continued feeling that our extreme numbers would win out.
  6. Hey guys, here is a pre-release test version of the new mission. It still needs some garnishing and the scoring setup but I would say its pretty much a final version apart from both objectives spawning. I am primarily concerned with general feedback and feedback about difficulty. Here is the briefing and file below. SITUATION: PRE RELEASE TEST VERSION, BOTH OBJECTIVES WILL SPAWN FOR PLAYTESTING PURPOSES, SELECT WHICHEVER YOU WANT TO STRIKE. Overview Somewhere in Central Europe A country split in two, sections of the government and military loyal to Eastern European influences have broken off to form Eastern Alliance forces (Represented by Ukraine & rebels). The original government who has continued to seek closer ties to Western Europe and NATO as well as supporting PMCs makes up the Western Coalition. (Represented by Czech Republic) Some western military aid had been delivered shortly before the split. Currently the situation is tense with small skirmishes along the declared border mainly in the north but recently forces even approaching the border in even the less tense areas have been fired upon. The global political situation is very tense. A defector has revealed of a BM21 that has been stashed near the border in a previously somewhat tactical unimportant area but within coverage of a local S300 complex making an air strike risky. This position is contrary to previous agreements. This has created fears of a planned strike on Coalition cities within range. Concerned with deniability, no matter how tenuous, a small strike force of experienced PMCs has been prepared to strike passed the declared border, destroy the BM21, and escape in preperation for a full attack. a. Enemy. Eastern Alliance forces have setup several checkpoints just passed the declared border along the main highway and also two somewhat dug in encampments. We have marked the location of the BM21 at one of these camps. Forces consist mostly of rear line militias equipped with legacy Soviet equipment but are supported by groups of EA government forces, active duty and volunteer troops who remained in military units that swore allegiance to the separatist government. They are equipped with newer Eastern European equipment as well as some older Western vehicles supplied as aid before the split. A small number of YPR-765s equipped with thermal imagers are suspected to be operating in the area. b. Friendly. A small recon/strike team of PMCs equipped with cavalry scout vehicles, a PC, MRAP, and organic support and technical assets stationed at a FOB in the town of Grach just before the declared border and disputed zone. Infantry are carrying anti tank weapons as well as observation equipment. Local government forces are avoiding direct support but have setup a small mortar fire base a safe distance from the border which can support the area near the border guard post. MISSION Find and destroy the BM21 and extract from the area engaging any hostiles or potential hostiles. EXECUTION Primary task Find and destroy the BM21 and extract with minimal damage to civillian infrastructure. Secondary tasks Destroy the communications vehicle at the Mogarim Highway checkpoint if the situation allows it. Neutralize ememy forces in the region. Fire support 3x 60 long barreled mortars with a range of 3900m. FORCE BUILDUP A PMC unit assisting friendly government forces equipped with, UZI Team 1x VEC-M1 w/ 2 man scout team with SPIKE-SR and JIM-LR/Micro UAV (elite) 1x Pirahna FUS w/ Arrows RWS & 10 man rifle platoon equipped with G36/AG36 & Pzf III (regular) Colt Team 1x VEC-M1 w/ 2 man scout team with SPIKE-SR and JIM-LR/Micro UAV (elite) Enfield team (Secondary/Emergency transport and support vehicle escort) 1x RG-31E MRAP with thermals and M2 RWS Local government forces supporting with 3x mortar team Full compliment of support vehicles on standby. POINTS OF INTEREST Militia observation point A position that has significant sightlines across the declared border and into all major points of advance. Previous recon has shown the position is not obviously well armed but it is suspected long range weapons are nearby to be brought into action if needed. Mogarim Highway Checkpoint A military checkpoint setup along the main route across the border. This is a major route for commerce and civillian traffic and the prescence here has created issues. It is mainly staffed by militia forces but a small group of activy duty EA military are stationed there as support but we suspect they will respond to any percieved incursion at the border. With them gone we do not imagine resistance at this position will be strong when presented with AFVs. Possible routes of reinforcement We believe these are likely routes nearby forces will take to reinforce after you punch through the defending forces. We suspect local militia and insurgent forces may try to close off likely routes back across the border once defending forces are broken. Gradhunt.zip
  7. I had something similar happen in a mp game where my scimitar got disabled and i had t72 rounds punching through my hull like a bb gun through paper
  8. I wasnt loading or unloading troops. Infact I hadnt loaded or unloaded for s little while. I just used alt+b I think it id to have the rear man fire from the hatch. Once the guy got shot the vehicle opened the rear loading door and left it open where I could see the second passenger sitting. No one occupied the firing position and eventually he literally just got stuck hovering in place several hundred meters away but the game still considered him mounted. Ill try to post the screenshots I took later today to help people understand. 😄
  9. Oh that sounds like my kind of mission. Ive been meaning to explore the Ulan a little it looks like a neat vehicle.
  10. Hey guys when testing my scenario nearing completion (i think I am probably one of the most experiened VEC crewmen on the forum now lol) I discovered a bug with the infantry hatch at the rear. I discovered the vecs rear hatch is openable it just doesnt do it automatically when loading and I often like to have the extra pair of eyes and close in defense when needed. I took some fire and noticed the rear door open and wasnt sure why but I ended up repairing the vehicle as I was testing out new enemy positions. A little why later my infantry in the back got shot and killed. This caused the door to open and the second infantryman did not take up position in the open hatch. I drove like this for awhile and after encountering some infantry up close the second passenger popped out of the vehicle and began hovering in the air in a sitting position. I assume he went to engage and this caused something to completely break. If someone cant recreate it I will do my best to try to get it to happen again. I took some screenshots but was running late to leave for work so didnt have time to post from my desktop.
  11. Ive learned recently that cats like to do a thing called "mirroring". Thats why they are always trying to climb on your keyboard and stuff they are trying to imitate you I learned this from a post online where a muslim person got their cat a mini prayer rug after their cat kept trying to get on theirs.
  12. Thats what I figured. I try to make missions that are fun to replay so having a general rank at the end can be nice to compare playthroughs. It would be cool to see the actual breakdown though
  13. Hi guys. Im nearing a pre release testing version of my next scenario that will basically be finished and just looking for final feedback about difficulty etc i will probably have it posted in the next day or two barring me having got way too good at my own mission haha. You can do a full playthrough of the mission with proper events etc, a proper ending, and there is an effort to reinforce the area and cordon off the area to stop your extraction. I had a question though on my first mission I pretty much just winged the scoring section but im wondering if there is a general standardization among scoring in terms of total score etc, how much things are worth or do people usually just leave it up to the scenario creator?
  14. Ok good to know! I will try to do as much as I can before hand just so im not driving people crazy with uploads. I also someday might make some updates to the north korea map. Its a cool map but it has some problems where bridges dont align right etc and dprk units doing amphibious river crossings and stuff is a cool scenario.
  15. That isnt a t14 its clearly an Arjun disguised as one. Im guessing the tanks offensive capability was knocked out and all it could do was drive? Ive been looking at using waypoints and crew damage to simulate bailouts of disabled vehicles but sadly we cant specify in enough detail. Ive had similar issues where an m113 rcl platform got peppered with 14.5 or 25mm or something and literally the entire crew is dead except maybe one, its immobilized, gun is shot off but the engine is still running so the ai identifies it as a threat and continues to engage. It would be nice if we could have more damage options in the triggers so that we could set an anothewise completely disabled or overan vehicle to destroyed and even maybe spawn a crew guy or two if in a fixed location to simulate a bail out or crew surrender. Its also a problem with say technicals where we only specify "crew" damage and cant say if the gunner gets shot off flee.or kill.the driver and instead end up with some poor guy in a toyota driving around lost. Or if the gunner gets shot off an m113 rcl we cant say "kill" the commander and then repair it to simulate him taking over the gun or tell the vehicle to flee only tell it to act on crew damage and you risk a vehicle with a wounded commander just deciding to run off in the middle of the gunner engaging when you dont want that. Obviously not exactly the same problem here but a similar issue in that we dont really have an easy way to specify targets as disabled or to tell a unit to gjve up if the fight is so obviosly out of their favor tbat cant be easily gamed once someone realizes how the trigger works. E.g telling the tank to die if more than x amount of afvs are within x distance would work but you could just rush the vehicle if you figured it out.
  16. Hello! I had a question about publishing maps and updating them. This scenario uses an edited delta map of a default map. I added lots of dirt roads to make some areas of the map that would be neat areas to fight easier to navigate and to make the map more connected. I also added some additonal watch towers and walls and tents and stuff to make up camps to have the enemy located at and also checkpoints on the major roads. Right now the scenario has two possible locations for the objective to spawn that will randomly be chosen but my end goal is to come back and update the scenario in the future and update it with more possible areas for more replayability and fun. Originally this scenario was absolutely massive in terms of possible objective locations but it just felt like lots of mediocre battles and it was shaping up to be tons of work. My question is, im assuming once the map is posted here and then compiled for the map server its not really an easy task for it to be updated? So I should probably do my best to future proof the map for the later updates to the scenario. As for the scenario ive been playtesting the last section of the mission that involves trying to get back to friendly territory and the reinforcents trying to stop that but once I am happy with that, add the end conditions, and setup the 50/50 random spawn for the objective I will post it to hopefully get some feedback in regard to difficulty from people and then post it on the missions section after any tweaks.
  17. Ah! Thats what I was thinking of then. I guess if you could script some ieds to go off during a heavy barrage if you wanted to have the effect of craters being left in an area you advance through.
  18. This reminds me of back in the shacktactical days in OFP. I made a large adv mission of Russia and US fighting over a city to extract two pilots from a crashed cobra who were both player controlled. We have 50ish people, get setup, brief, start the mission and find out that when I locked the doors of the crashed Cobra this all prevented the crew from getting out of it......
  19. I often see people getting quick games together in the discord apoc posted and im sure a lot of us scenario creators wouldnt mind having more people around to help with running test runs in mp. Apoc has been a beast with the scenarios recently so im sure there are probably people who would like to run those in mp when time allows. I dont play as much as I like as my work schedule and some health issues make it a bit tough for me to have the time to sit down and be present for a whole mp scenario.
  20. Im not sure if artillery does but large explosions make craters in the ground that are actual deforned terrain not just a 3d object that spawns on top. Ive seen it with vbieds and I think some larger artillery does it but not sure
  21. Yeah I imagine unless the engine is purpose built with it in mind it would be hard on a large scale. I have been very impressed with the craters from explosions and the functioning bulldozers though. When playing apocs Baghlan mission the massive craters left from the vbieds were really cool to see.
  22. Im talking about the other discussion going on right above your post.
  23. I think maybe what the poster wanted wasnt so much incredibly detailed stuck vehicle simulatiom but to have vehicle tracks tearing up terrain and digging themselves in on wet terrain but I imagine to calculate that in a way that it wouldnt look awful in a sim that has tons of ballistic calculations going in would be challenging. Games like spintires and mudrunner are only processing driving leaving a lot of power for detailed ground physics. But even just having vehicles leaving little tracks would be very cool and it could actually serve a tactical use where you could potentially see where that wheeled pc just tore through that soft ground to get to cover.
  24. If mudrunner is anything like spintires which i played a few years ago it has a big mod community with addon vehicles. Im not sure if tracks are modelled but im sure if not someone has made some wheeled AFVs to mess around in.
  25. Omg please. When fighting with pretty close sightlines and or certain terrain stay is essential lest your ifv or recon vehicle decides to advance to its focus point or get aggressive and drive rignt up to some hiding infantry. I will try the engage here option from the unit box. Also a playable wiesel with the 20mm and tow would be amazing. I could have a lot of fun in something that tiny if how fun the scimitar can be is any indication.
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