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  1. Sorry I've been off the net for a couple weeks - life around the holidays gets hectic for my family. That said I am a strong maybe for the 12th and would request a slot in Company C, please. R/S, -Rico sends
  2. I am a maybe, if I attend I request a mech inf. slot, please - will advise as the situation develops Rico sends
  3. Rico the newest new guy will be in attendance; looking to give infantry another go if that is an option. If not, will go as directed. Rico sends.
  4. Tracking all, gentlemen, will practice up in both the 113 and M60. Arrive H-1 for prep - wilco. Thank you, -Rico sends
  5. I'm new to SB and brand new to Multiplayer and would like to join, if possible, gentlemen. I am a retired military man and am in the USA. Preferably in a billet that is NOT mission essential...
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