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  1. Ok. Work has been nuts but this weekend got some time behind the turret. Frame rates are wonderful until something happens and they drop to 4 or less and the game hangs up. I can hear the sound going and things happening but the screen is essentially frozen. I am running in XP compatible mode (not sure what the heck that does) and I've lowered many of the gpu settings in order to increase performance versus quality. Something very persistent. I double checked my gpu drivers and they are up to date. I have not updated to SP1 vista out of pure fright. Running the latest SB2. 3.0 ghz dual core; 8800 gts 512 gpu; 4 gb ram; vista; 21" wide screen
  2. Ok, running 2.370, tried various machine / game settings. I set the parameters for the video card to performance instead of quality. This seems to shut off alot of AA and other smoothing features. Also set vista to not have transparancy. Running in windowed mode, I still saw noticable slowdown of the game, many times dipping to the teens in fairly unchallenging situations. It was still playable but you noticed the difference. Running the same settings in full screen 1680x1050x32, same gpu scenarios, I get vastly different results. Frame rates rarely dip out of the 50s. Even popping smoke, looking through arty / trees / etc everything was smooth. With the card values set to performance, in both modes I saw some screen re-write where you could see the screen not quite catching up with movement. Mostly saw this while rapidly scanning. Frame rates didn't dip then, though. I have not had a lock up in several sessions, either. Perhaps a fluke? Who knows. Anyone else experience the game running faster in full screen mode? Is that to be expected? Other than I really suck after taking a year + off, it seems to be running well. System specs: Vista Ultimate no sp1; 3.0 ghz; dual core; 8800 GTS 512 gpu; 4 gb ram. SB: 2.370; full and windowed mode as mentioned above.
  3. YdnarB

    Lock up

    I'll turn that off and give it another go. After playing at 50+ frame rates, I'm spoiled.
  4. YdnarB

    2.370 issues?

    Ok. I am having a difficult time finding a suitable launch point. I really causes you to go to the top of the hill to get level and then you get whacked. Plus, when setting up a shot, I can't tell if I'm over the limit on level or not. Hard to get the perspective on that when looking out the gun site. The TC doesn't say anything (or he's saying 'gunner, missle, tank') and then I click, click, click trying to get a shot off. I die shortly after that.
  5. YdnarB

    2.370 issues?

    Just out of curiosity, what are the slope tolerances for the M2? Seems I can't get it in a decent hull down position and get it to shoot.
  6. YdnarB

    Lock up

    Ok, tried a few scenarios in windowed mode. I get about half the frame rates in windowed mode as I do full screen at 1400x900x32. Settings on default. Is that to be expected, that is, is windowed mode typically give slower performance? Or is there something else going on? I have all the vista "gadgets" turned off (screen stuff) that I can find, no other apps running. Hard to say but was wondering if anyone else seeing something like that. Good news is that I never got a lock up. Even with arty falling, shooting through woods, etc etc, in full screen mode I was getting frame rates rarely dipped below 55.
  7. YdnarB

    Lock up

    I'll do that. When I alt-tabbed out of SB, I checked the task manager and SB was the only thing taking up CPU time. If there was another task, wouldn't I have seen it there?
  8. YdnarB

    Lock up

    Playing cavalry to the rescue ProPE version, (I added 2 M2A2 for practice), had the game lock up while trying to give commands to units in the map view. The M2 I was in was reloading missles so I jumped to the map view to set routes to others. Came back out and the frame rate was stuck at .61. Game sort of sputtered and I had to kill it. I could switch out and the task manager was showing SB at 50% CPU and as non-responsive. No other apps running (such as virusware). Played the scenario immediately with not even a reboot (restarted the game only). Could not replicate a slow down and the scenario finished fine. Frame rates hardly dipping below 55. I've had it slow into the teens before but then recover. This time it did not appear to be recovering. I have my video drivers up to date with the latest from Nvidia. System: Vista Ultimate, 3.0Ghz dual core, 8800GTS video Game: 1400x900x32 using a CH Products fighterstick
  9. YdnarB

    2.370 issues?

    I'll keep an eye out for the slow down and when it happens and see if I can correlate it to a more repeatable condition. For the TOW, tank was at 200m and was coming down hill towards me. So I was facing up a pretty steep hill. That must have been it.
  10. YdnarB

    2.370 issues?

    Didn't see this in the release notes. 1. Beta install automatically goes into the install for codemeter 3.2. I had 3.3 installed already so it told me the install failed. It looked like the SBPro install failed so I had it repair files, etc and it works ok. 2. The release notes stated "Fixed a bug in the map view that could reduce your frame rate to about half the normal value". I think this bug is still here. I can reproduce this, not every time I switch but perhaps one in 4 or 5. Same scene, typically a moving vehicle, pop into map and pop out, frame rates drop to 15 to 20 then rise to normal in about 5 to 10 seconds. No other activity on the PC at the time; only associated with reading the map. Not sure a bug but is there a minimum range for the M2A2 to shoot a missle? I've had a couple close encounters that I could not get a missle off. The TC is telling me to shoot but I can't get anything to shoot. Jump out of F8 and the AI won't shoot either. Thanks.
  11. It's Vista Ultimate, no service packs. Not sure that makes much of a difference...
  12. I upgraded through all the patches to 2.328 and the hotfix patch. I have not loaded the beta. (I figured with a new machine and getting everything set up I didn't want to go beta yet.) I am running base Vista, no service packs. I'll run it in various modes and see how it responds. It was quite a dramatic drop off when in the Humvee at the BMG. Especially considering that the scenes I was in and the scope of the scenario should not have been a challenge. Are there video card settings (Anti Aliasing for example) that should be on or off to improve performance?
  13. Got my pro PE running this weekend. My system is 3 ghz dual core; 8800 GTS 512 mb; 4 gig ram; vista Originally started in windowed mode. Initial runs had settings at General: 35 Ground: 25 Ground Cover: 10. Everything looked fine, good frame rates, but then I jumped into a humvee to let loose with the BMG and frame rates dropped to 4 to 6. Took several seconds to recover. Eventually the game crashed. I restarted and ran it in full screen at the largest resolution it shows (1680x1050x32) and I had the resolution values as above. I had one occasion in a short scenario where the frame rates dropped into the 20s but never did I see extreme unplayable frame rates. I even popped smoke, etc to try and work it in. The scenario (Desert Ambush) has lots of rocks, no real trees and a small town. There is a helo in some variants (random units) and when a helo showed up, seems the frame rates took a hit. Is it better from a performance perspective, to run in windowed mode or full screen mode? Which is better? What are some other settings (either in the game or the video card) that affects performance? I've got the latest Nvidea drivers, things seem to be ok there.
  14. Dusted off the Pro PE CD and got it installed. Direct x9.0c installation went perfect per the instructions above. Sequential version updates went perfect. Only glitch I have found so far is that the frame rates don't display in the tank range? Did on one of the earlier versions but not later. System: Vista, 3.0 ghz, dual core, 8800 gts, 4 gig ram. Now I have to get my CH Products Fighterstick all programmed and I'll be good to go. Work will keep me offline until the fall for the most part but I have tons of practice to do anyhow. Had to grab my old book to remember which buttons on the key board did what!
  15. Ok, thanks! I'll give it a go this weekend and see if I can get SBPro to run. I have no idea what it means to have virtualized unsigned system files, but I guess I should be glad I do.
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