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  1. Might have to request a skin for Canada - what a pest I am
  2. Although I don't see an M60A3 in my install , Just the TTS
  3. So basically "I suck " Ha Ha I can handle it
  4. Will a 2A6 skin work with a 2A6MA2 ?
  5. So I noticed a few new things that haven't been in videos - I think. M60 A3 - Maybe m-48 someday Leo 2A6MA2 - Curious how this differs from the Leo 2A6M ? Komet D1 Anti-tank BM-27 PBV 90 Brem 1M ARV M109 cp - Under command post -can't find anything on this one - maybe I have it wrong. Technical ATGM Technical Police Sure I've missed some stuff
  6. I'm off til july 6th so fingers crossed
  7. I believe you just made a revolutionary revelation
  8. I may have asked this one before but a "dismount if immobilized " option would be nice. Right now I believe you only have "dismount if damaged engine or dismount if damaged track, " etc. I would think you would want to unload if the vehicle was stopped for any reason ?
  9. Thanks ! Actually I guess there will have to be a new manual update. Must be a download.
  10. Thanks ! Got to spend some more time with the manual - ugh !
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