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  1. Now there is a vehicle they could add - AA7V
  2. Just 5 Km would do. Beach landings would be interesting. I threw it in as a joke really. Unlikely they will do one though.
  3. Type 99, 96 and 92 Ai Leo IV playable Puma Playable M 48 AI M 3 AI Leclerc Playable VBCI Playable M 51 AI AMX 30 AI P'okp'ung-ho AI Challenger 1 AI Merkava IV AI Namer APC AI LCAC AI More ATGM and Manpads ASMs for airstrikes
  4. I would like to see a "dismount if" _ "immobilized". Right now you can choose track or engine but I would like the vehicle to dismount it's troops if it cannot move forward in any way. Even if it is stuck or the driver is killed would be nice but that may be too much work. Also are there any plans to show infantry raise their weapons when they fire ? In the squad leader position looking around to see all of your squad being picked off and not being able to tell if they are returning fire is a bit of a liability. I know you can sometimes see a small muzzle flash from the guy next to you but sometimes I cannot tell. Oh and a "creep" speed for armor and vehicles, about half of setting 1 speed. ( I think this one has been discussed before though)
  5. Could you not have both ? Set the universal setting and then still make changes as well ?
  6. Ya, better than having to click each one I guess. There are a few things that would make things easier but I'm just anxious for the next update
  7. Figured it out. select all units then set quality
  8. Is there a way to set the quality for an entire side as opposed to setting each infantry unit individually ? Thanks Mark
  9. Really hoping for some modern Chinese equipment as AI .
  10. I find the Editor Menu & task bars (Light grey) even harder to read. Guess I'm getting old
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