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  1. Actually, I think I answered my own question. Spawn end if this unit is in drain region 2 etc. (I assume this means any.) It appears that destroyed units do not respawn? Which works nicely. Be nice if the Spawned units could carry troops though. If they could, along with the "unload if" command you could literally create a simple scenario in minutes. In fact, you could combine this with routes to create a detailed one as well.
  2. Is there a way to set the zones to only drain once? Ie: once the unit reaches its objective it does not disappear and respawn at the source. It just stays where it is. Or disappears but just does not respawn again. Thanks
  3. Hi: Is there a way to move along a route, have troops disembark and then follow close Behind their APC bunched (somewhat) up for protection during the advance? Having them advance in front is no problem but then they are more exposed. Thanks
  4. Actually, the 2A6M2 does and the 2A4. The 2A6 does not- odd . Haven't checked any of the A5's
  5. I'm happy to see all the crew members in the Leopard 2's
    Awesome - looks great !
  6. Exactly, that was just my long winded way of saying the same sort of thing Hey, maybe the people at work are right ! I'll never admit it to them though Lol !
  7. I would like to be able to place a group of APC's . Highlight them and "set quality" without having to dismount all the troops and set their quality individually and then mount them again. Even though vehicles cannot be set a quality level themselves, it would be nice if we could set quality of the units inside them. The only way we can set quality as a group is to select "just infantry units". It would be nice to be able to set quality for tanks as well for that matter. You can lower the difficulty but then if you have more than two sides all the other sides will have their skills lowered or raised to the same level. Thanks
  8. So after seeing all the trouble people are having I think I'll skip the new maps for now . I get the same error as everyone else. Maybe someday there will be an update/fix.
  9. Strange we haven't heard of any large-ish tank battles in this War. I'm sure there must have been some.
  10. That's how I roll Lol ! At least I didn't suggest a ZT-99 -again - Unless a NATO country buys some
  11. Sooo, since Poland is buying South Korean equipment ...
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