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  1. No, a small vehicle only release to add some AI vehicles that I think are likely to be adversarial to the West.
  2. Thanks for the textures BTW , I do use some of them
  3. Yes , but they are using lookalikes or some of those nations are in game now In the case of China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equipment_of_the_People's_Liberation_Army_Ground_Force The BMP 3 would be somewhat close to a Chinese APC externally. I see nothing like their type 96 for example.
  4. In retrospect , yes What I am wishing for is a small AI vehicle patch (Not requiring game improvements ) For China, North Korea and Iran. Maybe 8 or so vehicles total.
  5. True enough but most tend to think of Blue as Nato/west and Red as a possible/most likely adversarial nation. China, North Korea, Iran etc. I doubt there are many United Kingdom vs Australia scenarios made for example. To a Russian player the U.S. would be OPFOR. Perhaps I should say likely opposing nations to Western countries such as U.S. UK, France etc. The only one really represented is Russia. Just seems awkward to explain.
  6. I would like a little AI only OPFOR patch. Right now we just have Russian equipment.
  7. I find the text hard to read period. Where it says map zoom in above I find it blends into the background. Especially with the smaller font sizes. Be nice if the text was bolder in the menus .
  8. Guess the Devs have their work cut out for them
  9. So now I have three new wish list additions. LAV 6, TUA and TAPV.
  10. I do now and shall defer to your knowledge
  11. Nice, thanks. Wonder why Canada does not have an ATGM added to these ?
  12. I just downloaded it and it was pretty slick . only took seconds. I used copy and paste for the UID. Maybe try it again now guys ?
  13. Ya, don't know if it would be a lot of work or not , If not too much work it would be nice to have, mostly upgraded armor. Not sure if the 360 vehicles being ordered now are LAV 6 or upgraded again ?
  14. Be nice to have a Canadian LAV 6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAV_III.
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