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  1. I looked at that one early on. Seemed pretty basic at the time I'll take a 2nd look. Thanks
  2. Too bad there isn't something up to date thats steel beasts like for WW2. Something that lets you command from the turret. Think I've looked at them all Combat mission gives just 3rd person view which is what held me back from getting it. Maybe someday.
  3. The other possibility (and less work) , would be to be able to spawn troops in the air in parachutes over the target area in a random box. They could then complete their landing normally. This would eliminate to need to model the aircraft and their flight paths and escorts with A-A engagements. Be nice if we had offboard ASM strikes though. I would rather have the aircraft but there are so many other important vehicles missing right now.
  4. Yup, that's the way I do it. Will try (H)(F) as soon as I get a chance Thanks
  5. Ok, I thought H told the whole platoon to stop firing (which isn't a good thing in a firefight), instead of just my gunner. Perhaps I can just do a quick toggle to break the gunners fixation ? Will try it and see if it breaks him (I think I may have tried this before though) Have tried shift arrow keys in the past and my gunner has turned the turret and then back to his target again - perhaps it has changed. Haven't tried it in a while so will give it a go. The targets are mostly in the same arc so he finds his same target again. Will give these things a try again Thanks
  6. There needs to be a button to Cancel the gunners fire and return him to searching for targets or to the Commanders control. I've lost many tanks while in plain sight of enemy tanks firing at me and my gunner is unloading all my ammo at some unknown target and I can't stop him. Sometimes making him reload will break him but by then I'm usually dead. IMO this is the biggest bug in the game.
  7. How much work would it be to remove the morale component altogether until it could be addressed fully ?
  8. Exactly ! Would go a long ways to changing the atmosphere - literally Don't know if it would be a big or small job to have your squad make those movements randomly ? I would be happy even with a sit/kneel/casual stand stance for a squad with a few poses premade which does not involve moving around. Just switch the squad to "at ease" and the squad widens 10 ft or so and each soldier takes up one of the poses. That might be easier to do as I don't think it is something that you want the devs to spend a lot of time on as its just a visual thing.
  9. One thing I notice is that if trying to simulate a group not expecting an attack. Ie : rear area etc. the troops you place will be standing up straight or prone. It would be nice if there was a relaxed stance where troops would individually stand or wander about maybe sit, kneel - just hang about within a given area until the shooting starts. Would add little to gameplay but would add a lot to the feel of the game in my opinion. I know we can set drain areas but then troops /civ drain towards a defined region. I don't know of a way to accomplish this currently.
  10. Well, I'll give ya three and a half Lol ! Scary I've been here 13 years and I wrote that 8 years ago. Guess you must be doing something right. Or were all just too old to know any better
  11. No, a small vehicle only release to add some AI vehicles that I think are likely to be adversarial to the West.
  12. Thanks for the textures BTW , I do use some of them
  13. Yes , but they are using lookalikes or some of those nations are in game now In the case of China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equipment_of_the_People's_Liberation_Army_Ground_Force The BMP 3 would be somewhat close to a Chinese APC externally. I see nothing like their type 96 for example.
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