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  1. Wish the ability to click on a unit to see it's ammo state could be moved to the personal edition. It's pretty important to know when deciding whether a unit should retreat. Actually jumping to the unit takes you out of the loop a bit.
  2. One last request .... for a while I find the movement arrows, fwd/back/left/right very small. Sometimes I have to click on them 2-3 times to find the hit box. By that time I'm past my objective. If there is room in the lower right , it would be nice if those boxes were larger.
  3. I know but I love brilliant 10x10's to supplement the big maps.
  4. You should be on Esim's official map making team
  5. Another couple, Infantry ride on tanks/ APC's and infantry advance behind tanks (for cover)
    Great Job ! Love the map !!!! Nice detail. Hope you can do more maps Maybe some Southern Ukraine ones that cover new areas... Also love the ease of installation.
  6. Few more wishes. AI armed drones. Gepard and other point air defense. KA-52 More recent version of AH-64 Counter battery stuff - alot of work I know Chinese armor (I always ask for that Lol )
  7. Nice ! I forgot that was added Thanks
  8. Be nice if there was a "follow leader" command. You designate the formation leader and other assigned units follow, maintaining the current formation/ spacing as they are sitting on the map. You could even click and drag a box to assign units to the leader in one go. Could have "follow leader in line" option as well, so units follow the exact path of the designated leader. (For road travel). This would allow the player to quickly move large numbers of units.
  9. I've done the same. Works fine for picking forces. It kinda falls apart when placing the opposing forces. You can set branching routes but you still know the possible axis of advance. Nothing that you are totally unprepared for. No surprises or need to do much in the way of recon. Place a squad on the 3 or so possible routes you designed for the enemy and there they are. Problem is it would be a lot of work to do something like this. Plus the devs didn't really design the software as a game, they designed it for training, with a game master/ instructor. Guess we can't have everything.
  10. I do move, but the gunner keeps throwing rounds until LOS is blocked so you may waste rounds while repositioning. It's even worse if you are immobilized and the enemy keeps throwing rounds at you while you're trying to get the gunner to change target. Actually switching to the gunner position seems a bit gamey to me so I don't like to do it unless the gunner is hurt. I've always used arrow up (Gun to peri) to designate targets, thinking it does the same thing as T. I'll try T. Thanks
  11. I believe "hold fire" instructs the gunner to stop firing. I don't want him to stop firing altogether. I would like him to find another target and stop firing countless rounds into the ground or building etc., which is preventing him from hitting his current target. Instead, I would like him to find a new target that he "can" hit. I've tried finding another target for him but he keeps shooting at the initial one. I've tried telling him to scan in another direction, which he does then locks back on his original. By this time I'm usually dead from all the other enemy coming at me. I've even tried using reload, but then it's back to the same target. Only thing that sometimes works is to retreat completely out of sight then move forward again. (By this time my tank has usually expended most or all of it's ammunition) Only other thing that works is if someone else happens to destroy the target for me.
  12. Now if we had a "disregard target" option so the commander could over ride the gunner when he is pumping the entire ammo load at a target he can't hit. That would be great.
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