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  1. I just downloaded it and it was pretty slick . only took seconds. Maybe try it again now guys ?
  2. Ya, don't know if it would be a lot of work or not , If not too much work it would be nice to have, mostly upgraded armor. Not sure if the 360 vehicles being ordered now are LAV 6 or upgraded again ?
  3. Be nice to have a Canadian LAV 6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAV_III.
  4. I've noticed that we can place active protection systems on most/all vehicles. Is there an easy resource that can tell which vehicles are typically equipped with it ? I appears that that normally would have this are not equipped by default ? Thanks
  5. New maps are beautiful ! Still getting a handle on all the new features
  6. Ok, with this new snow I find myself wanting a civilian snowmobile to drive in it
  7. But it doesn't allow us to move forward without supplying a second e-mail which I do not have other than my work one which I don't want to use. I will have to make something up as well - maybe I will use Ssnakes
  8. Now there is a vehicle they could add - AA7V
  9. Just 5 Km would do. Beach landings would be interesting. I threw it in as a joke really. Unlikely they will do one though.
  10. Type 99, 96 and 92 Ai Leo IV playable Puma Playable M 48 AI M 3 AI Leclerc Playable VBCI Playable M 51 AI AMX 30 AI P'okp'ung-ho AI Challenger 1 AI Merkava IV AI Namer APC AI LCAC AI More ATGM and Manpads ASMs for airstrikes
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