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  1. Great ! I was hoping you would comment Thanks.
  2. Ok Thanks. Solid green would be nice to have but I don't want to put you to al ot of work. Will use the decal.
  3. I did these some time ago but I had trouble. Something to do with not being able to break down the Gustav/mg teams. I figured a way around it but the call signs seem messed up. If anyone wants to fix please go ahead. Not going to attempt a more modern one as I'm not confident of the info. I think there may have been some recent OOB changes. Canadian Cold War Mech Inf Company.template Canadian Cold war Tank Comp.template
  4. Skin looks great ! Now I'm asking a lot. Don't suppose you have one for a Canadian Centurion -Sho't Kal ?
  5. Looks great, I don't believe it's in the download section. Would be nice to see it there
  6. Nice ! Love to get some modern PLA AI equipment in game someday.
  7. Are there any Canadian Leo 1A5 skins out there ? All the ones I can find are for the 1A5DK.
  8. Be nice to have the sound of rain when outside of the turret on a rainy day, and the slight sound of snow hitting metal in a storm. It would have no gameplay value but would be great for immersion. I should add : There is the sound of Thunder in game now.
  9. Canadian Armored Regt cic 1978 Platoon 4 Centurions or Leopard A3 (Use 1A5DK 1978 or Leopard 1A5or Leopard 4 in game 1999 onwards) Squadron - 3 platoons HQ on 2 Lynx, 5 M113 , and 4 more Centurions Regiment - 3 Squadrons HQ on3 M113, 10 Lmg with 2 man crew 3 Carl Gustav with crews Plus Recon troop 10 Lynx Armored defense group 8 M113 with 19 Lmg & 16 Gustav -all with crew. 16 M-113 with SS-11 - later Tow? HQ on 5 Lynx, 6 M113 2 Centurion or Leopard.
  10. Canadian Mech Battalion cic 1978 Squad (10 men) 1 Gustav , 1 M113 Platoon - 3 Squads HQ on additional M113 1 60mm mortar 1 Gustav team (2 Men) 1 LMG Company 3 platoons HQ on 4 M113 1 LMG 1 60mm Mortar 2 Gustav teams Battalion 4 Companies Recon Platoon of 14 Lynx (Similar to M113) with 7 Gustav teams Support Company 1 At Detachment 4 Entac with 4 man crew (Entac not in game) 12 106mm RR on jeeps - 8 M125's 2 Observation Helicopters - kiowa 1 Assault
  11. I do have some info for Canadian Cold war TO&E which may or may not be accurate if anyone is interested. Circa 1978
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