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  1. SB Pro PE 4.0 Hardware Discussion

    And the link is ?
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    +1 to both.
  3. Highly detailed turrets or not.

    Personally I like things the way they are
  4. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Fantastic ! Looks Great - Thanks !!!!
  5. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Would appreciate a Canadian skin for the Leo 2A6m if anyone has the time. A few pics below. Mark
  6. Interesting

  7. Squad Leader question

    When looking through Binoculars the view will snap back to a particular direction after a few seconds. Is this a "Flinch" due to incoming fire ? Is there a way to disable it ? Its a bit of a distraction when trying to designate targets and your view keeps snapping away from your intended target. Thanks Mark
  8. Squad Leader question

    I have two Squads in a building being assaulted by enemy infantry. Farther behind in fairly open terrain I have a sniper team. I am in the squad leader position of the sniper team and am looking through binoculars identifying targets using "shoot at unit". You cannot move your "shoot at unit" arrow outside your current view so I move the crosshairs to the direction I want to designate, click "shoot at unit" but sometimes before I can click on the unit I want to identify/engage the crosshair snaps back to another direction and I can no longer see the unit I wanted to designate. Hope that makes sense. I've seen a similar happen with regular squads as well when under fire. Actually doesn't happen when firing dies down so has to be the unit reacting to incoming fire. In fact if you forget about the target designation part and simply move your binocular crosshairs in a direction other than where you are facing it will snap back in seconds when there is any firing going on. Smallunitwinter.sce
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Be nice to have Slat armor for Canadian 2A6m
  10. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    When I go to peri view I cannot right click to search for targets independent of the gunner - sometimes/ most times. Wondering if I have a bad install ? My gunner cannot find targets but I believe that is a known issue.
  11. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    Turns out if you have control handle selected instead of Joystick in the controls menu you won't be able to designate targets Will try the gunner scan command. Don't use it often.
  12. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    I'll give it a try. I have a joystick plugged in. I tried disabling the joystick but that did not help.
  13. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    No tried it in various terrains in various scenarios, even in instant action .Tried it with 2a5 and 2a6. No other issues other than " the gunner won't find targets on his own" issue. That being said there was one instance where he actually did call out a target and when I told him to fire he would not. Would be nice to fix it without re-install but I might have to bite the bullet. Was hoping I was just missing some new step.
  14. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    Here is the defaults control setup for Leo 2 Control handle Dynamic lead =p - Joy 3 - MMouse Palm switch Gunner = blank except- Joystick 5 Toggle mag = N KH mode =up - Joy 10 - joy hat up Kw mode = shift+num* - Joy 7 Zu mode = down - Joy 11 - Joy hat down Peri cancel = P - joy 3 - MMouse TC palm switch = blank except - Joy 5
  15. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    Tried that a number of times. Move reticule to target, hit p, up arrow - nothing happens at all. Gunner just keeps swinging turret as if searching for targets on his own. Move reticule to target hit up arrow then p - nothing happens then either. Odd. Thanks for the help though. Will re-install when I get more time .
  16. Leopard 2a5/6 Peri view

    Leopard 2 - Sorry, I meant in the past in TC peri mode I could Left (Not right click) to search for targets then up arrow to designate. Gunner would identify then p to uncouple then space for him to fire. Now up arrow does nothing so I cannot designate nor will my gunner find targets on his own. I've gone into the control menu and clicked default with no effect. I did notice that the TC Palm switch has no keyboard command and KH mode has the up arrow. Maybe I have a scrambled install ?
  17. Templates

    Been playing with the template feature and have a couple questions/ requests. When a Mech platoon is deployed we cannot set the size of the infantry team being carried. Only option I can find is to unload the squad, delete it and add a new one as a 1 squad infantry platoon and re-attach it but that messes up the call signs. Be nice if Infantry "Squad" could be added to the infantry types so we could just unload and change the unit type and number of men. Also for Medic teams and RPG teams - when trying to setup a template if we could choose medic and RPG under infantry types to match the Nation being made. (for RPG team I had to deploy a whole squad then reduce its size to 2 and edit the weapons - not a biggie but having an RPG team would be easier When saving a template it seems to create a new template with no option that I can see to overwrite the initial template. You can rename your new template to the original but then you lose everything in the description and there seems to be no way to copy/paste it. Is there an easier way ? Sorry if I'm being Dumb and missing something. I made a Canadian Cold war tank company and a Mech inf Company and found it a bit tricky to set the force structures etc.
  18. Templates

    Ya, That's how I did it
  19. Templates

    I think most of the troubles I was having was creating the Mech Inf company. Since I wanted to delete a 4 man squad to make a smaller 2 man RPG Team/squad in it's place. The only option to add for RPG's is "infantry platoon" or "Engineer team"- if you want RPG's as a weapon. I didn't want to use Engineers although in hindsight it would have been easier as I could have simply "changed unit type". There is no "Infantry squad" option. (Basically the inf squad had to be attached as a separate 1 squad(2 man) platoon into the platoon already created),Then the unit Id's were messed up. When I went to deploy the company the first time all was ok, but if I tried to deploy a second one I got an error - something to the effect of "You must delete the previous units first" Turns out the problem was having multiple platoon Id's within the same platoon. So I had to change the Id's to be able to deploy more than 1 company. Now that its fixed I can deploy as many companys as I wish and the game assigns Company 1,2,3 etc. Took me a while to figure out where the problem was. Tank Company was easy as there was no deleting and attaching inf platoons within platoons. As to the Template saves. When you save a new template it saves to the name you give it. I haven't been able to create a company, give it a name "CompanyX" - save it. Then deploy it, make a change to it and then overwrite "CompanyX" without losing everything you had in the unit description of the original. Maybe I'm using it wrong. I can understand you having trouble following my meaning, I'm having trouble describing it Simple reply, I think I know what I gotta do now Thanks
  20. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Been using that one as well
  21. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Would like to see it as an option for the Leo2A6 as well. And a last one, for the "dismount if damaged xxx" option could there be a "dismount if damaged anywhere" option ?
  22. Infantry - set look

    When we deploy infantry we now have the option to set the look of the squad. The options seem to be restricted to civilian, rebel and crewmembers. Is there a way to copy the Nation schemes into the same directory so we can display multiple uniform types on the same side ? And also can anyone tell me what the abbreviation for the French uniform is ? Thanks I think I should have posted this in mods - if someone could move it for me
  23. Infantry - set look

    That's perfect Thanks
  24. Question for Sean

    Was wondering the same thing
  25. 4.0 Bug reports

    Ok - Thanks