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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Merkava would be great. Also anxious to see some Chinese stuff added. I think the Leclerc is a pretty safe bet to be included. Still like to see the Centurian playable as well.
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    But when you add that to all the stuff I asked for
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    And not hit my head ! I see what I was missing
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I used an engage waypoint with a dismount order at the end of it. The troops dismounted ok from 3 helicopters. Then I used a march waypoint directly away from the fire but they had come under fire and would not move. Tried march/scout/ assault but now that I think of it I'm not sure if I tried the obvious one - retreat.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I was meaning without taking actual control of them in first person - sorry. I used a waypoint but they wouldn't follow it. I was trying to move them away from oncoming fire. PS. Sim could use an Mi-8 as well
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Few more things I would like to see on the infantry side. Rhib for landing troops. Parachute drops would be nice. Sniper teams. Claymores/grenades(already discussed I think), Demolition charges. A few more skins available under "camoflage scheme" at scenario start. A generic Special forces skin or two. A Generic diver skin. A civilian suit scheme armed with pistol. Have the already implemented Taliban skins available under "camo scheme". Would be nice if Special forces troops received some skill bonuses. And my usual request - ability to choose individual skins when placing units And a question - When a unit is suppressed and will not move is there any way to get it moving other than to eliminate any opposing force ? I had some helicopters that had dropped off some troops and I wanted them to clear the area but they would not move and just sat there getting shot at.
  7. Trigger happy AI gunner

    I've brought this one up before as well. If there was a way we could call off the gunner and tell him to go back to searching for other targets and/or stop firing while you still have some ammo left. Also - Sometimes he will follow a target that has moved out of his LOS and will stay locked on him til some other friendly unit eventually destroys the target. Meanwhile other very visible enemy units are closing on you. You can try the scan front/side command but I don't seem to have much luck with that. Turret swings in the direction you order and then goes back to staring at the hidden unit. You can take control yourself but thats what having a gunner is for.
  8. Fury

    Well ! At least we got him thinking about doing WWII
  9. Movement orders

    Will it be or is it possible to issue orders and then have them not followed until an execute command is given ? I find half my units are at their waypoints before I have finished issuing all my orders. Also Is there a way to tell a unit to follow another ? and at "x" distance ? Might be especially useful in a hostage rescue scen where you want a civilian unit to closely follow a military unit out of an area etc. Actually, a generic SF uniform type would be nice. Perhaps some generic black uniforms/diver etc.
  10. Movement orders

    Thanks !, will give those a try.
  11. Formation Templates

    Ah ! I see.
  12. Formation Templates

    That would be huge ! Trying to make a scenario with an accurate force structure is a pain in the posterior right now I suppose thats why we don't see training scenarios ever posted.
  13. Single Player Missions...

    100 % single player here. Which is why I wish there was a random mission generator. Someone had said they could do one but needed help with some of the file structure. Don't think it went further than that.
  14. View question

    I know infantry are still being worked on but I have a question. When paning my view, the view seems to spin around a 15ft ish radius which can be a bit confusing when you want to look right or left and you are suddenly inside a bulding. Any chance the view can be made to revolve around a specific point ?
  15. View question

    Hate it when I miss the obvious Thanks !
  16. Ramdom generated Missions.

    That would be amazing ! Would massively improve SBPRO for me. Hoping someone here can help you.
  17. Ramdom generated Missions.

    Tried editing existing scenarios. Its the "spoiler" effect that gets me. Don't think anyone would want my missions - they mostly consist of me slapping down some waypoints and away I go Will have to find some time someday to dive deeper into the editor .
  18. Ramdom generated Missions.

    Been hoping for something like this myself for a very long time. Making my own missions takes time & seems to spoil the enjoyment for me. I don't utilize most of the features of the editor and am not a skilled mission designer. The user made missions are great but you have no say in the force mix/ Nationality etc. Would be nice to even have something with simple engage / defend routes and User defined force levels. Might even boost sales a bit. I know I would spend alot more time with the Sim if we had something like this. Likely gona take a Pat Wilson (ROF) or Paul Lowengrin(Il2) type person to come along though.
  19. No arty after an in-progress-save

    Thanks for looking into it
  20. No arty after an in-progress-save

    I get the same thing. Save in game Load in Editor Make some changes Save Again - Game crashes and corrupts the original saved file. Saving to a different file name doesn't help. Sometimes if I delete all the old waypoints and destroyed units it may save ok. Not always though.
  21. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Well, the Ultimate lazy simmer (Me) wishes for a random mission generator so he only had to design scenarios when he is in the mood for it. Sadly since a generator would have to be so complex, we are not likely to ever see even a simple one I suspect.
  22. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Still wishing I could talk him off a target someday so he would start searching for visible targets again. Drives me nuts when he focuses on a target thats moved behind a hill and others are moving in. You can tell him to traverse but he does a quick look and then returns to the hidden target.
  23. Getting AI to use indirect fire

    Noticed that ! Couldn't figure out what was wrong
  24. Dismount if

    The default for this is currently set at "this unit is carrying troops" Would it be easy to change this to default to "this unit is under direct fire" I assume this would be the most likely thing a unit would do unless losses weren't as important as pressing to an objective. What does everybody think about doing this ?
  25. Dismount if

    Thanks, I keep forgetting to use the copy/paste function.