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  1. T-55 / t-62

    I saw pics of them modeled ages ago for the game methinks - maybe someone has a link. Esim has alot of models made weve been told - just not the time to add them into the game.
  2. I Received the Upgrade

    Perhaps Esim could do an Easter sympathy download for we poor Canucks
  3. Thanks, got my order in Mark
  4. I have another question : Since my pre-order e-mail would have gone to my old address, do I need to contact someone at Esim to re-send it ? I've already updated my profile Mark
  5. Thanks for the info : Nice & easy Mark
  6. Can't believe I've been around here long enough that they had my old e-mail address. Just updated it so I hope to get a pre-order e-mail soon Glad I checked it. I have both versions installed now, which will have to be removed. I backed up my old scenarios & will re-install any old skins I want. What about the height & terrain maps that are available on this site though ? Will the new game have them all? Mark
  7. Which tank would you like to play in SB?

    Challenger or Merkava, wouldn't mind a Centurian for an older scenario.
  8. Development news

    Great news !
  9. Ideas list

    Also - is there any way that at the end of a mission, the game could be saved, then imported back into the mission editor in its current state ? That would give us the ability design the next mission around the situation left by the previous one. Ie: like a continuous user made campaign - I don't think this can be done now. Mark
  10. Ideas list

    I have any easy one - I think - I would like to be able to change skins/sky in the mission editor. A slightly harder one - when a vehicle is knocked out I would like to see whats left of the crew placed on the map. And the one we all want - weather/night effects added. Last - since the AI is not quite there yet as far as avoiding rivers/boulders etc. I personally would rather see all units just slowed down by these obstacles instead of getting stuck. Mark
  11. PRO PE & ATI Cat 8.1

    Installed 8.1 & now I get a General Application Error when I start SB PRO PE. Says switching to reference rasterizer but the game will not render. Anyone else have a problem with 8.1? Mark
  12. PRO PE & ATI Cat 8.1

    Card is an older 9500 pro - other 3d apps work fine. I rolled back the driver & everything works ok. I normally do the uninstall myself through control panel but this time I was lazy & let the ati software do it. I'm off tomorrow so I'll try doing the unistall myself. Thanks for the replys Mark
  13. Lav Iii ?

    Is the LAV III closer to the LAV-25 in game or an ASLAV ? Mark
  14. Newb comments on SB

    On or off line, a campaign (even linear campaigns) tell an ongoing story that, if it's a good campaign, keeps you coming back for more. A dynamic campaign similar to what Paul Lowengren has made for Il-2 would be amazing, however also would be alot of work. Would really make you feel like you're part of a larger battle though - having remaining forces reinforced for the next push or have to hold the line , the need to recover damaged vehicles or lose them - instead of indiviual battles just one long continuing scrap that can last days. Wish I had some programming skills. Would require a programmer with a military background to do well. And a huge effort. Mark