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  1. Yes, any sort of terrain manipulation would be great. Mud adds atmosphere. I'm just glad it's even being considered. Don't think we will see it any time soon. Although I believe artillery fire destruction is in the works ?
  2. Nope, none that I can think of, unless trying to teach drivers what to avoid etc.. Beyond the scope for sure. Not asking for it. Just like the video.
  3. I am way out I looked at that one, but it doesn't have tanks.
  4. No. I remember getting a van stuck so bad mud was coming in the side door. We had to jack up each tire and throw rocks under them and lay logs to get out, way back in the woods. Took hours. I remember it fondly now, not so much when it was happening Lol !
  5. It is but digging yourself down into the mud isn't in visually. It's there game wise. This .
  6. As a follow up , I wonder what MBT would do best in that situation ?
  7. Was watching a video of some T-90's trying to negotiate some muddy terrain and 1 getting stuck. I know you are working on new terrain features and I don't expect this level of realism, but man it would be fun to try to negotiate mud holes. I'm not so sure it would even be practical from a game standpoint, but it sure was fun to watch. Made me want to get down in the Mud Lol ! Been stuck many times in my various 4x4's , was fun to look back on .... once you get out
  8. Merry Christmas from Canada ! Cold enough here for sure.
  9. Or even just 1 tank. The BMP isn't too far off for an APC
  10. I'd be happy with 1 tank, 1 APC and maybe 1 ATGM vehicle .
  11. I would like to see mid-smallish, nation specific scenario packs. Ie: If you want to play with equipment and formations for say Germany you buy a German scenario pack etc.
  12. Great ! I was hoping you would comment Thanks.
  13. Ok Thanks. Solid green would be nice to have but I don't want to put you to al ot of work. Will use the decal.
  14. I did these some time ago but I had trouble. Something to do with not being able to break down the Gustav/mg teams. I figured a way around it but the call signs seem messed up. If anyone wants to fix please go ahead. Not going to attempt a more modern one as I'm not confident of the info. I think there may have been some recent OOB changes. Canadian Cold War Mech Inf Company.template Canadian Cold war Tank Comp.template
  15. Skin looks great ! Now I'm asking a lot. Don't suppose you have one for a Canadian Centurion -Sho't Kal ?
  16. Looks great, I don't believe it's in the download section. Would be nice to see it there
  17. Nice ! Love to get some modern PLA AI equipment in game someday.
  18. Are there any Canadian Leo 1A5 skins out there ? All the ones I can find are for the 1A5DK.
  19. Be nice to have the sound of rain when outside of the turret on a rainy day, and the slight sound of snow hitting metal in a storm. It would have no gameplay value but would be great for immersion. I should add : There is the sound of Thunder in game now.
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