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  1. I would like to see mid-smallish, nation specific scenario packs. Ie: If you want to play with equipment and formations for say Germany you buy a German scenario pack etc.
  2. Great ! I was hoping you would comment Thanks.
  3. Ok Thanks. Solid green would be nice to have but I don't want to put you to al ot of work. Will use the decal.
  4. I did these some time ago but I had trouble. Something to do with not being able to break down the Gustav/mg teams. I figured a way around it but the call signs seem messed up. If anyone wants to fix please go ahead. Not going to attempt a more modern one as I'm not confident of the info. I think there may have been some recent OOB changes. Canadian Cold War Mech Inf Company.template Canadian Cold war Tank Comp.template
  5. Skin looks great ! Now I'm asking a lot. Don't suppose you have one for a Canadian Centurion -Sho't Kal ?
  6. Looks great, I don't believe it's in the download section. Would be nice to see it there
  7. Nice ! Love to get some modern PLA AI equipment in game someday.
  8. Are there any Canadian Leo 1A5 skins out there ? All the ones I can find are for the 1A5DK.
  9. Be nice to have the sound of rain when outside of the turret on a rainy day, and the slight sound of snow hitting metal in a storm. It would have no gameplay value but would be great for immersion. I should add : There is the sound of Thunder in game now.
  10. Canadian Armored Regt cic 1978 Platoon 4 Centurions or Leopard A3 (Use 1A5DK 1978 or Leopard 1A5or Leopard 4 in game 1999 onwards) Squadron - 3 platoons HQ on 2 Lynx, 5 M113 , and 4 more Centurions Regiment - 3 Squadrons HQ on3 M113, 10 Lmg with 2 man crew 3 Carl Gustav with crews Plus Recon troop 10 Lynx Armored defense group 8 M113 with 19 Lmg & 16 Gustav -all with crew. 16 M-113 with SS-11 - later Tow? HQ on 5 Lynx, 6 M113 2 Centurion or Leopard.
  11. Canadian Mech Battalion cic 1978 Squad (10 men) 1 Gustav , 1 M113 Platoon - 3 Squads HQ on additional M113 1 60mm mortar 1 Gustav team (2 Men) 1 LMG Company 3 platoons HQ on 4 M113 1 LMG 1 60mm Mortar 2 Gustav teams Battalion 4 Companies Recon Platoon of 14 Lynx (Similar to M113) with 7 Gustav teams Support Company 1 At Detachment 4 Entac with 4 man crew (Entac not in game) 12 106mm RR on jeeps - 8 M125's 2 Observation Helicopters - kiowa 1 Assault platoon of 4 M113 carrying 2 squads & 3 Gustav teams and 3 Flamethrowers HQ Element Note: Canada did use Blowpipe - do not know timeframe or distribution - not in game anyways
  12. I do have some info for Canadian Cold war TO&E which may or may not be accurate if anyone is interested. Circa 1978
  13. As far as Canada goes , I'm finding it difficult to get accurate info. I'll provide stuff I've pieced together. If someone (Who really knows, I won't mention names Lol !) can provide more accurate info my post can be edited or deleted by devs. This is just to get things started. Canadian Reece troop (Not sure how this is attached to larger units.) 4x2 = 8 total Bison ((Use Piranha H in game- also has RWS versions (40mm gl ) ?) - Replaced/ing ? with TAPV ? Tank Squadron - 4x4(Platoons) total 16 tanks - Leopard 4 or 6 plus 2x1 Leopards as HQ - Total 19 plus/incl 1 dozer ? Infantry Company - 4x4=16 total Lav 6 (Use NZLAV in game) + 2x1 HQ Total 19 Lavs Weapons detachment(Attached to each platoon) - 1 GPMG team, 1 Gustav /M-72 team, 1 60 mm mortar team still ? Infantry section = 11 troops (Including 3 LAV crew). 1 GPMG (possibly 2) , 1-M72, c7/8 Engineer field section (Attached to Squadron HQ ?) 2 Engineer vehicles (Kodiak AEV) (used to use Badger) A1 Echelon (Attaches to Squadron HQ ?) 1 LAV 2 Ammo trucks 2 Fuel trucks 2 general stores trucks 2 Mine rollers - tanks ? 1 MRT 1 ARV 2 Ambulance (ASLAV Medic in game ? ) 1 sig tech truck 1 FCS tech truck Dozers QTY ? Notes: Where I did not provide types of equipment - I'm just not sure. Canada also uses Tow BGM-71, AT-4 (JTF2) and Spike LR (CANSOFCOM), also uses Eryx - not in game How these are applied or attached I do not know - (Perhaps as part of an Antitank platoon or Company as far as TOW is concerned ? ) Canada does not appear to have any anti-aircraft defenses. Did use ADATS til 2011 Canada uses 81 mm mortars - Perhaps attached to the Company or Battalion HQ's ? Canada uses the M777 towed artillery piece and used to use the M109. Don't know how they would be distributed for game purposes. I think Canada still uses an 105mm Towed as well. Canada also uses or has used the RG-31. Also the BV206. Gustav Mk3 for regulars Gustav MK 2 for reserve. Canada uses the CH-146 Griffon - is in game and did lease the Mi-8 for a period, now the Chinook. 40 mm AGL teams are used, not sure how they are distributed, Various U.S. sniper rifles, TAC-50, Barrett etc. Don't know how the teams are assigned.
  14. That said if one was made I would gladly pay for it - even if it was the price of the original game.
  15. What we really need is a Random battle generator, but the editor has so many possibilities it would be a huge task. Then there is the research into the forces and structure of the various Nations. Perhaps the community could help with that but still ! I think it would be much more complex than a generator for say a flight sim. I doubt Esim would have the time nor an individual would have the time or dedication for such a tremendous task. Sadly. A more diverse scenario set would be nice to have but still takes devs away from other tasks.
  16. Actually, I shouldn't be asking about release info that you haven't mentioned yet so my new question is - do Artillery craters create the same problem as exploding trees and bushes etc ?
  17. Will artillery make craters in the new release as IED's do now ? or do Artillery craters create the same problem as exploding trees and bushes etc. ?
  18. Wondering if there are any maps of Iceland ?
  19. I looked at that one early on. Seemed pretty basic at the time I'll take a 2nd look. Thanks
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