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  1. I'm messing around learning the Scenario Editor so here is a little something exploring that magical time between the end of the Cold War and the start of the GWOT. What a time it was...
  2. Thanks, that's some good advice, the turret is a bit more touchy than the tank's plus I think I got in the UCOFT mindset. Working on it though.
  3. Yeah, I'm still a rookie, I didn't know the key command to to to emergency and didn't know if the aux pump an needing 1500PSI was simulated so i just jumped to the GAS. I did not know about the moving BP command, that is very helpful. I was treating it like UCOFT. Going to practice a bit more now
  4. Wow, thanks for the quick analysis! I keep forgetting to dump my lead half the time because I'm using a joystick with a button to 'press' instead of releasing the GPCH for a split second to dump it, it is definitely user error on my part. Still trying to get the rhythm of gunnery procedures within the sim. I'm impressed with both the A1 and SEP variants, The AI SEP TC never designated for me, is this typical or just how the cookie crumbled on those engagements?
  5. Hi! I bought the boxed version of Steel Beasts at the Fort Stewart PX maybe 20 years ago. Here I am old and crusty finally getting serious with it. Here is my embarrassing first few attempts:
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