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  1. I will like a lot to play with those Scorpius! btw I use your "Leopard 2A4 skin pack v 2.460+ " is from other world! thanks for them! anything close in quality for the Leo 2 A5DK? still didnĀ“t found one with such detail and I play more with the A5 cos it has the cockpit

    ps: I see that at downloads all the others units were added to the skin list of the left , good work! thanks

    Hey thanks! Skinning time these days isn't what it used to be, I have very little free time, but I would like to eventually do this bad boy. Files uploaded btw and awaiting approval.

    Naaah, who in their right mind would want to use those? Might end up scratching the finish on those pieces of art. :smile:

    Haha! :sonic: :biggrin:



  2. Of the "Capacitor Plague"!!!!!

    My PC has been down for a month, and thats how long it took me to figure this one out. Only after testing every individual part, and RMA'n one, did I discover these damaged capacitors on my motherboard. Using a frankenstein PC that I scaped together now.

    Anyway, I'm going to attempt to repair with this guide. Really got nothing to lose, so its worth a shot. Roll the die, and maybe save $100 on an old used mobo on ebay. That some chinese dude had overpriced becuse he knows they are now very rare.

    Any other time of the year I would just rebuild. But I'm poor. Which some members of this board most likely previously concluded based on my poor grammer skills. And linked this to a lack of education. Which would imply a high likelihood of a low income.

    Here is a wiki page on the plague. Yeah, thats a bad sign lol


    And the guide to repair that I found.


    And before I forget. Its Sean's fault.

    I had a G5 imac at work about 3 years ago that had the same problem. They had to replace the mobo as it was still under warranty.

    Don't feel bad dude, my C drive just died. Fortunately it gave me just enough warning signs of it's impending doom. I backed everything up on a 1TB external, and now the D drive is the new C drive. I've got firefox and word on here right now, and not much else. Have to reinstall all my software and games this weekend.

    Careful when soldering... :sonic:

    I rebuilt my whole machine back in May, and I love my new Gigabyte motherboard. I had originally ordered an Asus but had to send it back because it was inop.

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