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  1. Screens from Joust. I got a nice skewer shot on a few Hinds too...
  2. I had a G5 imac at work about 3 years ago that had the same problem. They had to replace the mobo as it was still under warranty. Don't feel bad dude, my C drive just died. Fortunately it gave me just enough warning signs of it's impending doom. I backed everything up on a 1TB external, and now the D drive is the new C drive. I've got firefox and word on here right now, and not much else. Have to reinstall all my software and games this weekend. Careful when soldering... :sonic: I rebuilt my whole machine back in May, and I love my new Gigabyte motherboard. I had originally ordered an Asus but had to send it back because it was inop.
  3. Gosh, it's been so long I can't remember! LOL I think I had it in testing phase. Over the weekend I'll dig out the dvd it's backed up on and send it your way. Maybe you can use some of it, if not that's fine too.
  4. Very fine work KT. I may send you the hi-res Lav stuff I started months ago because I have no free time for anything. ANYTHING! :biggrin:
  5. My first online SB game in 00 with GS McAmis as my guide..... During First Clash-having nothing left to fight with but troops in the woods, and watching in awe as they went blood-thirsty mad and decimated a bunch of T-72s. Awwww yeah.
  6. It's a resource hog and it's unnecessary. It bogged down my system big time. It's not that Red Orchestra was a bad game, but my experiences with Steam kept me from fully enjoying the game. If RO was installable without it, I might have enjoyed it much more. For the headaches and such, I gravitated toward Enemy Territory much more. It was easier on the processor and it was free. Hack, Big Lots can be a wonderful thing from time to time.
  7. Steam is garbage, but RO was the best the most mediocre $4.99 I ever spent on a game. It had glimmers of here and there, but in the end was forgettable to me.
  8. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 10 years. Gosh, I remember the original forum....
  9. Scorpius

    New Leo2e Skin

    Looks great man! I'll definitely have to grab this for some opfor action!
  10. Thanks Hackworth, she's uploaded and ready for download. 6 different flavors for the time being. :sonic:
  11. Version 1.0


    A set of six different container skins for version 2.460 Just drop them in your mod texture folders and play away.
  12. Thanks Buddy! :diable: Here is the Hesco Bastion given the ol' once over...... I'm going to post a package of all the variations soon.
  13. I agree. I spent the evening on a version that looks somewhat old, forgotten and neglected, like it sat at the end of a abandonded motorpool for 25 years.... I'm going to spend more time on the Hesco Bastion and whatever else I can come up with.
  14. Yeah man, that's how I did mine, modified a texture from a TTX well car from Microsoft Train Simulator. Various logos and graffiti found elsewhere.
  15. Here's a quickie.... Hesco Bastion.rar
  16. Thanks Tac! Sure, I'll see what I can dig up...
  17. Anyone need some containers? ISOcontainers.rar
  18. Scorpius

    Polish Leo2A4

    Nice work Hack. :sonic:
  19. Scorpius

    Pizarro WIP

    Nice looking ride there Wardog.
  20. This thread needs jumping tanks. :eek2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKTzkJUcjFU
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