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  1. Thanks gents!

    Tac, I started the skinning primer, but I haven't finished it by any means. I could post what I have so far, but I would like to finish it. What I have so far is the first 3 pages, pretty much the basic stuff, but it is "in depth" so to speak. I have to clone myself to get everything done.

  2. I have returned from the dead and am currently sequestered in an undisclosed paint bunker deep underground.

    I have a few secret and not-so secret projects I am working...

    Uber-res Bradley


    And some fun with the Chinook...



    I am also working a bit on an uber-res Jaguar and another project that I refuse to disclose, even under threat of water-boarding.

  3. OK I didnt know who made it. Nice job, I like this skin the best of all my downloads. I added the dots as I was trying to figure out how to make a skin of my own using the gimp.(free software) All I figured out was that I have no idea how to make a skin, and it took me a full day to put these transparent dots and streaks on that skin. :(


    No prob Mog, and thanks!

    Skinning just requires patience and perserverance. Stick with it and you'll be suprised with what you can do. :)

  4. Scorp what year was the photo from mid to late sixties I take it. SE Asia

    Yeah, probably. I was surfing for pics of choppers with the shark mouth, graphics, "canned heat". Vietnam type stuff....

    This Marine bird is interesting....


    Macedonian civil police force, lol Pretty blue and white.


    I think this one is Iranian.


  5. Thx - I've downloaded it, and it looks really nice... But because of the green patterns it doesnt really fit the desert :(

    Daskal, standby for custom Leo2A5 desert job just for you, how copy over???

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