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  1. Thanks Scorp,

    How are things down in the land of typhoons. My better half and i kust spent a week out on the Carolina Coast and it was friggin splendtastic. Could not get enough shrimp and beer.

    Hahahahaha! The Carolinas are good for beer and shimp, hehe. It's nice here today, it's hot but dry instead of humid and muggy for once! We've been getting hammered with thunderstorms lately, but such is life in the south during summer.

    Independance day-check

    Shuttle launch in about an hour-check

    Gas grill cleaned and ready to go-check


  2. Man can't you just feel the warm cowshit oozing between your toes,smell the hay in the loft. Brings back memories of summers and winter on my Grandparents farm.

    LMAO! :D

  3. Great a brother museum worker what kind of museum is it Scorp.

    I used to work at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. Now I'm at the South Florida Science Museum. It's an old (40 year old), cramped place. I took the job though because we are trying to build a new state of the art Science Center starting next year.

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