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    A crewable T-72/T-80 tank and or BMP2/3
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    former military..

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  1. DonG


    Nice skins,i just hope that i never see them in combat...
  2. I understand that with the triggers you can accompish a lot,but too work out everything you would like is really time consuming,and time is what a lot of people dont have...
  3. video card is clean of dust,no problems there. I ran SB for a few hours in window mode an experienced no new crashes.. i also removed a few skins.. so far so good.. and i installed a new driver for my video card..tomorow i'll do some more test in full screen mode..
  4. DonG


    Ah vieledank fur die hilfe..thanks mate
  5. DonG


    I dont know the correct answer to their register page.. the question is :Was fahren wir in SB Pro (Tipp: Es hat 2 Ketten) without registration no download... i filled in leopard,but it's not the right answer..
  6. nope,cant see anything,i decided to run SB in windowd mode,maybe then i can find out more..
  7. DonG


    on the site form panzerbatiallon 911 i found this skin,any chance someone can upload it to this site??
  8. good,wich list,the list for the patch over 10 days or the wish list for december even better can we see whats more on the list?..
  9. it would be a nice feature to have the possibility to ad a neutral side in the mission editor with this would make civilian traffic realisic,any change of this being implemented,.. iam building a .sce where my blue has a roadblock setup and through wich civ vehicles are crossing. it would be nice if you could not see these unit on the map..
  10. DonG

    skins version 2.546?

    In the skin download section there are several skins emphasize that they are from/for SB version 2.546,.. Why is that,does it mean that skins from older versions dont work anymore,or has it to do with something else...
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