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  1. I don't know which skin, but what's interesting to me is that it has MILES belts and one CIP panel on the turret. I don't see bumper numbers or other tactical markings.
  2. Damn that's some good shooting. You might be a Dino tanker yet!
  3. Thanks Red2112, I checked out Sim Dash but the free version allowed only three custom buttons (from my first look), I'll take a closer look at it latter. I'm trying out Matric and an app called Game Glass which is similar to Matric but has 8 free buttons instead of Matric's 6, but is not as easy to configure.
  4. Thanks. This looked cool so I installed it on PC and downloaded the app on my phone (as the second screen), they connected right away. Then I setup a quick test for Steel Beasts but get a "you need the Premium version" message on the phone app. Do I need to pay for premium to get it to work? edit to add: got it work, Free version can use only 6 buttons.
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