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  1. I got my unit ..2/8 inf 4th ID....humm im a tanker ....in a infantry unit...sounds fun
  2. im coming to 4th ID soon......so be in the suck soon....see ya there
  3. sry i missed u man.....im still here till the 9th.
  4. Still 4th ID, 1st 2nd and 3rd BCTs, 4th is still at Hood.
  5. I graduate on the 8th of May....still no orders though....see yall in the fight.
  6. Im going through C-2/81 as an insert, i may stay for the MGS Stryker school. depends on where i FIGMO so i may still be here when u get here.
  7. for now...looks like its gona move to benning soon though
  8. Been a few years. but im back at knox getting a refresher, and will soon be back in a unit...be here for 9 weeks see yall on the battlefield!
  9. open-ended straight-flush draw>all in!
  10. fuck naw bitch>can i come home with you?(normal answer)
  11. Glazed>eyes "ill never smoke weed with Willie again" :3starSK:
  12. AWSOME<RACK BTW MOPAR you may use my avatar....may it fly forever!!!
  13. Version 1.0


    Nice sne, with a lot of manuver and action
  14. chearleaders>PomPoms Yes, those things that they jiggle
  15. Star Wars> Wookie( if you dont let him win, he pulls your arms off)
  16. MOAB>Poof (all gone bye bye)
  17. Did I get the last word here? .....I didnt mean ceasefire the thread..... .....ok ill start it again Ceasefire<Reengage
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