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  1. No joy. I am going to also try on my desktop, same resolution, to see if it's specific to my laptop only. More to follow.
  2. Ssnake, Sent you my info but also tried the following: Font scaling: 100% 200% (my default) 250% (windows recommended) None worked Started alternatively in debug and safe mode. Each time I changed the resolution to 3840x2160, instant freeze and had to conduct a windows restart. All instances it freezes up. Cannot use task manager to close out. Windows restart. Matt PS, forgot to add it does work in windowed mode, but everything's very cluttered, including options menu. I'll wait for recommendations to make the 4k work.
  3. I don't think this is fixed in the latest build. I had no issues in the last few updates, but tonight, this describes me exactly. It will run in windowed mode, but not 3840x2160. Is no one else experiencing this?
  4. It works, thanks again!
  5. Thank you good sir. Buying now. Looking forward to the changes.
  6. Hi Ssnake. My dongle has 11111, so an obvious upgrade required for me. Do I just need to purchase the "Upgrade from 4.1" Codemeter license? It's says it's pre-order only, so I am not certain if it means that option is not available just yet. Clarification needed please. Thanks in advance to any that reply.
  7. Thanks Nils! It worked like a champ! Now time to dig in and re-acquaint myself with the sim. Without a doubt, the additional torque from the uprated C9 Caterpillar is simply phenomenal! It does indeed climb like a billy goat and tows other Stryker's with ease. We field A1s to 1-2 SBCT next year, hopefully, so will get some time back on ground to enjoy the new house, bike and family.
  8. Thank you Mirzayev. I have indeed downloaded his file and will give her a shot. You know, before the US Army actually chose the LAV III platform and we were an Interim Brigade Combat Team in testing still, we actually had Centauro's thrown into the testing fray of vehicles, along with Fuchs, Spahpanzer Luchs, Canadian LAVs w/25mm and some Malaysian design. It was a pretty interesting time for a few years. I will indeed give them a try. Thank you. Roger that Sir! Give me a few weeks to get back into the saddle. You should really come out to Carson to see how our beloved Stryker has grown up. New engine, bigger/beefier suspension and just better all the way around than our flat hulls and DVH. We are hoping to get a piece of the action with the forthcoming IM-SHORAD, CROWS-J and the finalized Dragoon, with whichever turret gets finalized. Exciting times for the vehicle. Roger that Ssnake. I will give her a shake down the next few weeks. Also, I will send you the screen shot of the Codemeter window I was speaking of earlier. Thanks for all you do in making this series even greater.
  9. Hey all! I am a long time owner of this great series and although I have always updated and paid for the newest upgrades, I admittedly have not used this much at all in the last 6 or 7 years. It's not that I wasn't interested, but when I retired in 2016, I took up a job at Camp Casey, Korea, employing the mobile Close Combat Tactical Trainer (M-CCTT) for the rotational Abrams and Bradley crews. Now that I am stateside working with GDLS/NET selling all things Stryker related, I am interested in getting back into this sim again. So, having installed the latest update, I was reviewing the mods in the downloads section and noticed quite a few mods that speak of compatibility with the older versions of the sim, but not necessarily the latest version. What do you guys recommend for best immersion and visual realism for terrain, maps and, well, anything that brings one fully into the best experience possible? On a side note, I have installed the latest Codemeter software, but now have a persistent window pop up every time I start up my system that gets annoying. How do I disable it and can I now download my dongle info onto that program to enable not installing the dongle each time? Thanks for your replies and taking the time to read my post. Looking forward to seeing this sim get even better and hoping some day, we see an M1 SEP v2 and M2A3, not to mention the Stryker line up that continues to grow and mature as any other successful battlefield platform does. Matt
  10. Ssnake, So, today Windows10 performed an update. When I inserted the dongle, it asked me what I wanted to do with the USB storage device. When asked before the update, I selected the option to have Windows do nothing with the dongle, and I suspect, it was having Windows choosing what to do with that dongle, is what messed it up. So, today, I ignored the Windows pop-up and the game now works again. So, my recommendation to those receiving the pop-up, is to not do anything with that pop-up, to include NOT selecting the option to DO NOTHING with the dongle....it borked my ability to play and suspect it was my culprit.
  11. I can't seem to find a logs folder. Is this created after running in debug mode?
  12. Apologies, this is what you needed. SBProPE64cm.exe.1704.dmp
  13. Gents, Thank you for this latest release and new vehicles. I downloaded and installed the 4.0 package yesterday, along with the newest version of the Codemeter software. I then started, played with the Marder and Luchs at the range.....quite cool additions I might add. I then tried to run a few scenarios today and the only thing differently I did today was when I inserted the dongle, Windows 10 asks what do I want to do with this USB item, so I chose nothing, since the other options were storage and/or backup. When I selected M2A2, the screen showed starting planning as Lt. Default..then it locked up. I used CTL-ALT-DEL to exit out, showing a window that Steel Beasts Pro had stopped working. I then tried accessing the M60A3, Marder and Luchs, all with the same result. So, after uninstalling, reinstalling not once, but twice, I am perplexed about why it will not start and play now. I even reinstalled the Codemeter software from their site, selecting the Windows 64bit option, to no avail. Any idea's greatly appreciated. My specs are: Laptop: Alienware M17 R3 i7-6820MQ 32 GB DDR3 1600Mhz memory, Win10 Pro 64 bit, DX11, 24GB GTX 980M video Alienware Graphics Amplifier w GTX 970 6GB A-10 Warthog HOTAS Joystick w/ Pedals
  14. PVT Kramer, you are the man! Thanks for being my wingman.
  15. Thanks. That link works. Now, if only to find some M1A2 single player scenarios......really digging the CITV and GPS magnification while in thermal.
  16. There's nothing there when I click on it. Bad link perhaps?
  17. PVTKramer, Thanks a bunch for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me resolve this. I have been running SBPro in a windowed mode and it seems to work great. Perhaps when the next set of drivers come out, I will try desktop resolution and see if it still crashes. I will do the same when the next patch here is released too. I am grateful for your diligence in helping me with this. Cheers.
  18. Interesting....I do not use multiple monitors. I did check my screen resolution and was surprised to see 2 monitors represented within my setup. I deleted the alternate, as I have no idea how it came about. I started SB Pro and tried to take it off of windowed mode and again, it crashed. So, I think you're onto something with the multiple monitor thing messing with my entire setup. I think for now, I will just maintain in a windowed mode. Thanks all for your ideas and assistance. It's what I've most admired about the SB community is there's never a shortage of ideas, good, bad or indifferent.
  19. It indeed works updated, though as soon as I de-select windowed mode and use my desktop resolution, I get the earlier error messages. Any idea's why it would happen now and not before? sort of odd, but as stated earlier, I can live with a windowed mode unless someone has a fix for that as well. Thanks again.
  20. Very interesting indeed! It got SB Pro to go into windowed mode and then I could tweak the options. However, when I tried to take it out of windowed mode, it crashes. Seems to work in a stretched window, though will re-try it once I update my Nvidia driver back t it's current state. However, I'm am not beyond playing in windowed mode if that's what it takes. More to follow.... Rotar, thank you for posting that find. I am more curious as to the "why" of it now.....
  21. Attached are copies of my Alien Autopsy report. Everything seems to be running excellent but SB Pro.
  22. OK, deleted Codemeter software, Steel Beast Pro 3.011 and re-booted my machine. I installed 3.02, Codemeter software and DirectX9.0c and re-booted. Same error message. I checked my Nvidia control panel, selected Nvidia processor only to run SB Pro and still got the 3 error messages. What is it that I'm not doing right? Isn't there any SB Pro tech guys that have seen and resolved this before? Not that I don't admire the regular users from helping too, but this can't be a freak issue specific to me. The only difference now would be video drivers... Trying to stay humble........thanks for all suggestions. Keep them coming please and if this has happened to you, please don't hesitate to throw what fixed your dilemma.
  23. Yes. This one worked before the patch as well. I am going to try and install 3.002 first, then the update patch versus the full install. It's possible something in my system doesn't like the full install. Also, when deleting the Codemeter file, is there anything I need to do with the dongle? I would expect that to be a different error code, but trying everything at this point.
  24. I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear...I did install into the SB pro folder and opened the executable from within that folder afterwards. Still no joy.....
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