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  1. That dude he met him tought those skills.
  2. Just get on a boat. You'll get a passport, job and prob a house that lucky tax payers like me have to foot the bill for.
  3. In terms of hitting the target?
  4. How do the Leo1's gun and t72 compare in terms of ballistics/penetration ect. Im just thinking back to the imagine harders days and wondering for all those scenarios where u could swap out the leo1 for the t72 how much difference it would make to the sceanrio?
  5. TY to the guys on the dev team that pushed to make this happen. Eagerly look foward to playing red and hearing blue cry about how overpowered the t72 is. Time to reinstall SB.
  6. There were gory photos of Saddams bullet ridden sons taken after the autopsy all over the internet but this is all too much for us to handle I guess.
  7. Ahh good to hear that your getting with the times Jeff. If they let us own a M4 overhere I would . I hope u realise though that once u have a 223 that u must get 308 to keep it company and well lets face the facts.... it should be against the law not to own a shotgun.
  8. Red leopard II needs WAY more grease. Kinda picture it as a kinda Friday the 13th sequal except its Saddam Husseins cock bursting out the sand tied in chains with a T72 about to run over it.
  9. Look on the home page count down and minus 3 hrs as im not even going to attempt work work out timezones ect as in the past it turns into a clusterfuck... no offense intended.
  10. Just wondering if any1 is up for a few HTH games 4v4 before the TGIF main game this friday? Was thinking prob 3hrs before normal start time. I have revised the old VIP scenario with a dif theme and M1(old skool) v 2a4s with a 45 min time limit. Would be to good to play it through then switch sides and do it again. All new players welcome.
  11. "This time the parties on" General Browning before the launch of Market Garden.
  12. Some people password their Scenarios as they dont like there hard work being raped or Dukerized.
  13. [panzer]

    CM upgrade

    Found it in junkmail cheers Gibbo
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