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  1. You know if I didn't know any better I'd say sSnake was a snake-bot... hasn't aged a day. (although his english is now totally flawless!!!! where as mine is totally fubar'd )
  2. I can recall my life's worst moments. Mom dying. My painful seperation from my wife and near divorce. Sitting alone in my hole of a "seperation" apartment... where I had nothing at all. All those times coincided with one another... one feeding off the other. It was a horrible predicament... I was truly in the worst place of my life. I had a complete and total melt down at the time. The term 'sanity' could only marginally be applied to what I was then. As anybody who see's this post (and knows me) can attest to... for a long period of time I become a whole 'nother person. And it was NOT pretty. During that time I had very few friends. I had none (zero, zip, NONE) that were willing to help me and want basically nothing in return. And then came Lonestar. At the time Lonestar was a standing member of The_Gunn, and had been for about 6 monthes... a good all around guy, in good standing with the group. But honestly I didn't know him. And then some really nasty, bad things, began happening in my life. Don't get me wrong... I was getting moral support from my whole group, Juan and Sean most notable other than Lonestar. But Lonestar was, essentially, my saving grace. Through long, mean, small hours of the night... when I was very very weak, Lonestar was there via a phone call. Hours long he'd talk to me. We talked about four things: Battledog (bear) The_Gunn His personal life My personal life Those things aren't exactly in order... but BattleDog is on top for a reason. Gary loved that dog. Like a child Lonestar loved him. Much time was spent discussing Bear's general disposition, his good side and his bad side. One thing I can tell you for certain... Battledog was capable of extreme's in all aspects of emotions. And never was he faithless to his owner. That's not a good animal. Not even a good pet. That's family, adopted as any human could ever be. You cannot define the worth of such relationships... you can only approximate their general parameters (usually with hand gestures) and then say something like "You know what I mean?" Battledog was (hands spread apart to arms maximum span) in nearly every area. Through those mean hard nights, I enjoyed learning of his exploits. My mind, at that time, was in California, visiting with Gary, Sheri, and Battledog (the dog, by the way, I was very much afraid of even 2400 miles away) in a distraction that was very much needed. Translated through the neutral medium of talk about a much beloved member of his family, Lonestar gave to me the most sincere and fundamentally unadulterated act of compassion I have ever recieved in my 36 years of life. I will never forget this. So... to honor Lonestar, a man I still attempt to emulate in regards to compassion... I honor Battledog who, honestly, I felt I knew. Gary, I know your loss occured in August of last year. I also know you are still feeling the effects of his passing. Remember one thing... The white horse lived before he was seen with the man and the bow. Right there, right now, is Bear the Battledog. My sincerest condolences. GsMcAmis (here in spirit if not much else) ...God's love to you and Sheri...
  3. he could...go...all...the...waaaaaaaaaay!!!> And awakes to find himself astride a gooey pillow.
  4. the day after the Trump and the Shout>The only time I will ever understand my wife
  5. where elf puts sherman's big head > Holy SHIT Batman!!!
  6. ...is pull the pin > he was before he was a king.
  7. and hell followed with him>what my wife said last time I ate her chilli!
  8. what do you do with a drunken sailor>I dont know, but i got his wallet
  9. homework>What you should do before you let her move in!
  10. Version 1.0


    This is the map used in teh first TGIF.. It features broken wooded terrain, a few creeks, and three towns of various sizes. This Map should be populated more and more as tie goes by. Have fun with it. GS
  11. Version 1.0


    This is Flash Traffic Single Player version 1.1 The only difference: m1a1s have been replaced by Leo's and m2a2s have been replaced by Marders. Unfortunately the brief is still in English... maybe I can get it translated to German in later versions.
  12. Version 1.0


    One Reinforced Armored Cav Company must react to an attack by an Understrength Motorized rifle Battaltion. 400 points possible. Likelyhood of getting 400 points is almost nill. While it will be easy to hold one objective it is very hard to hold all three objectives. Keep in mind that while you get points for gaining each objective and for destroying enemy units, you also lose points for getting friendly units zapped. A good points total to shoot for is 250 points total. Just for kicks we'll call 200 points passing. ;)
  13. Version 1.0


    Same as original Flash Traffic for the most part except... t-72's are now t-80's (H.E.A.T. eating chesire cat with white bleech coating under a black-light<--GS's Grin) Time Limit reduced from 45 minutes to 40 minutes to facillitate a better approximation of what you can expect in scenario length in Steel Beasts 2. Redfors routes have been overhauled to offer alot more replayability. 600 points are now possible instead of 400 points (more emphasis has been placed on the destruction of RedFor as well as the preservation of BlueFor units.) And one or two other nasty surprises. ;) This new version allows for some games being easy sweeps and some being downright difficult. Just for kicks passing is now 250 points but it would be best to post the averaged results of 6 games to get an accurate look at your totals.
  14. Version 1.0


    Small map, very detailed terrain. 3 companies to each side.
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