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    The Leopard 2's FCS

    I'm sorry, I didn't notice anyone mention that before.
  2. When the target is stationary and your tank is moving, using shells other than apfsds, the FCS does not calculate the Lead.
  3. You need to restart the map package transfer service for the configuration file to take effect. Finally, thank you all for your help.
  4. User can use the configuration file to change the download path of the temporary file. Finally, the map file can be successfully downloaded.
  5. Thank you, my problem is solved.
  6. I found that in the temp folder, the map compressed file was deleted as soon as it was downloaded. I think maybe that's the problem. The compressed file was deleted before it could be extracted.
  7. I wish this tool had the ability to set the download path for the temporary map file. It downloads to the system disk by default and then it cannot move files to the destination folder in my computer. Finally download failed and I couldn't get the map file from the server.
  8. F.T

    Uppland Defence

    Can you provide the map file? I can't download the map .
  9. I mean unit, but I said platoon, which is a misnomer
  10. Sometimes I just want one platoon to mount, but the other platoon will mount the same vehicle.
  11. thanks. I know how to set the mount conditions, but I only want one unit to mount, not all nearby units to mount.
  12. As long as the conditions are met, units around the vehicle will mount until capacity is insufficient.
  13. thank you But I didn't find the option in the "mount if ...".
  14. Once the mount condition is met, all units around the vehicle will mount. What do I do in the mission editor, if I only want a specific unit to mount while the scenario is running?
  15. This decision is reasonable. Although I'm just curious about the manual calculation.
  16. Can you provide this calculation model? I'm interested in it.
  17. You are so lucky. If the explosion had happened under the chassis, it would have been very bad.
  18. Where was the detonated IED placed relative to the tank?
  19. This article talks about the effectiveness of artillery against armoured targets. Including but not limited to fragments increases the kill range. But it's still not directly related to what I'm talking about.
  20. I want to make it clear again. I'm talking about induced overpressure.
  21. What I'm trying to say is that the physics of the shockwave won't make a fundamental difference, whether it's produced by HESH or HE. The impedance of air is very small. In contrast, explosives have a higher impedance. The shock wave from the explosive to the armor will have more energy allocated to the armor. The shock wave from the air to the armor allocates much less energy to the armor. This is why HESH shells should stick to the surface of the armor as much as possible before exploding. What I disagree with is that induced overpressure has a high lethal rate. Note: The induced overpressure is generated by the transmitted shock wave.
  22. If possible, can you give a link to the test report
  23. The same can be done with HE shell. It's just that the shock wave from the HE shell is largely reflected off the armor. It needs more explosives to replenish the reflected energy.
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