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  1. 1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

    Not in the sense that electromagnetic radiation has a specific range limit; you can see the Andromeda galaxy with the naked eye, and it's 2 million light years away. My FLIR camera can make out the moon, still 360,000 to 400,000km away.

    Export-restriction for thermal imagers begin where the framerate exceeds 10fps (so most commercial thermal cameras are capped at 9, except the ones from China, it seems); the higher end TIs have higher sensor resolution (which extends the range at which you can identify a target) and are often liquid nitrogen-cooled for higher sensitivity.

    Faster imaging speed,higher resolution , higher sensitivity.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

    Not in this update; 4.3 continues to use the (heavily modified, lighting-improved, high-res terrain-enabled) Viper Engine that we adapted with version 3.0. So all this talk here is about version 5.0 and beyond. It's quite likely that there will be a Version 4.5 and/or 4.8 release before 5.0 is in a shape and form that it's suitable to replace the existing SB Pro PE.

    Oh,5.0 will be in the distant future.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

    Denmark's desire for a land war in East Asia are, as far as I'm informed, limited. A comparable aspiration level can be assumed for Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain - all of which constitute our main military customers. Australia seems to be happy with what fits their Opfor manual.

    Also, if you remember the news, on February 24th 2022 the European perspective shifted towards Russia. So, I suspect that it will not shift as rapidly towards East Asia as you might hope for.

    Aren't Britain, France and Germany main military customers?

  4. 24 minutes ago, IrishHussar said:

    So just to clarify a few points for you.
    SB Pro PE models the Challenger 2 tank, Operation Granby units used Challenger (1). The FCS are drastically different between the two vehicles.

    I can't give much informed input about CR2 FCS as I only used it for a short time over 20 years ago however on Challenger 1 I know the facts inside out.

    Challenger 1 when firing Hesh would give you a full balistic calculation out to 9999 metres. Further out you could use the Quadrant Fire Control (QFC) out to 14500ish.


    So you were a tank crew. That's awesome!

  5. 6 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Last chance to buy version 4.1 licenses today ;), the web shop will switch to 4.3 within the next 24 hours. Also, today's video will probably not inspire hype at all (the audience for it are people not familiar with SB Pro), but then again, three videos a week for four weeks isn't such a bad thing either. Share them on Discord, or the Great Satan (Facebook) or Twitter if that's more to your liking, so I don't have to touch these. ;) 

    What new features will 4.3 have?

  6. 12 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    The next best explanation for all three cases is that there's a discrepancy between network session host and client, so if you were the client and took your local AAR pictures, then mabe the same events on the host's machine look differently. Depending on who's shooting, the host or the shooter's AAR tell "the truth" (as far as Steel Beasts is concerned; if there's positioning error due to lag or saturated bandwidth, who can say with authority which of the different positions is the right one; in cases of players firing with direct fire it's the shooter's machine to decide if it's a hit (and what are the conseuences), otherwise it's the host's machine which, ideally, passes on the result to all other clients (but since these are sent with UDP, they can get lost).

    These are all in the AAR of single player scenarios. 

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