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  1. cute. BTW the greys took over the reds in Washington state too.
  2. Warda


    It took Psychiatry Research to figure that out? I thought it was a bit obvious! ;-)
  3. you can also look up that last number that called your phone but did not leave a message.
  4. o.k. not (de)motivational but close enough.
  5. Warda


    my mothers best friend was from Norway! im in new jersey,thats kinda like being in another land.> I have been to NJ and you are sooo right about it being a differnt land. lol ;-)
  6. My Traveller DM exposed us to this last night. So I pass it on.. Its a WTF thing. Enjoy! Warda
  7. May you all have a Happy Holiday. I got the best present ever. I became a grandma an my son was able to come home from Afganastan to see his son born. Warda
  8. I love the way the guy in the vid. says Camoflague! lol
  9. I just shake my head at these. http://thereifixedit.com/
  10. Have you tried Mysterygoogle.com or googlegooglegooglegoogle.com?
  11. Frank the Tank!> likes to get spanked
  12. Crystal Meth> Dead Man Walking
  13. I saw this a little while back. My daughter-in-law has reaquested one for my grandbaby which is not due until Dec. I think I have a little time. lol Yes my family are nerd/geeks Warda
  14. I agree the sun would be an interesting target espcially if the rock had some sort of chemical make up that would cause either the sun to lose some of its power or gain even more... I see either an ice age story or a appocoliptic story.... ( sorry for the spelling but hay I never admitted to be a writer.) Warda
  15. Warda


    Thats Brown chicken Brown cow. Say it out loud. LOL Warda
  16. Warda


    Um... I wear skirts from time to time. Warda
  17. Warda


    I am on it . Also addicted to it... Hello, my name is Warda and I am a Facebookaholic. :-)
  18. Um I am not an expert on Navy Seals, but why are they wearing BDU's instead of wet suites?
  19. In the one with the paratroopers, I saw a face on the closer guys back side. I am not sure if thats what its supposed to be, but that is what I saw. Warda
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