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  1. Umm not to sound vain or anything.... but can we call them Warda's army? lol
  2. LOL... I love it we are creating an army of super squirrels and other small fuzzies.
  3. yes, you have to watch out forthem. They get you because they are cute but boy watch out for those fangs... lol
  4. Here is one of the little pesties now. lol
  5. Oh and lots and lots of golf courses... got to protect the golf courses.... "FOUR"
  6. yup heard the bangs as I drove by today. If you have ever been here you would know we have alot of squirals, and marmont, crows, and other pesties Warda
  7. A bit , but thats o.k. we all suffer from that from time to time.
  8. O.K. am I crazy or what? ( um don't answer that) I see a dolphin in that dust cloud. Warda
  9. My Question is... Who would be in the right mind to think to take a picture when there is a bear biting at your heals?
  10. Warda

    Ground Zero

    my favorite weapon was the Asteroid Impact.
  11. Warda

    Ground Zero

    lol thats why I never touch steak.... o.k. my "R" key stuck...
  12. Warda

    Ground Zero

    o.k. thats dangerous...had to much fun... I would never make a good ruler of the world.. I would nuke everyone.... I have a evil steak some times. Warda
  13. I did not have a very Lucky St. Patty's day. My car died for no reason and won't start. Tried getting it jumped but no luck.. had to have it towed to the machanic hopefully its not to spendy to fix. I love my car. Warda
  14. Lol I love the tank birds and bees one. Warda
  15. Don't worry guys, that's a good job! > " Stay on target. Stay on Target"
  16. O.k. two more and thats it... These things are not addictive.... not at all.....lol
  17. O.k. the last one dose not really fit, but I love it...lol
  18. When a close friend of mine was little, she grew up on A.F. bases and use to pretend to be lost so that the M.P.'s would give her a ride in their cars. They were pretty nice to her but then again she was a kid, and kind of well know by the M.p.'s as she was always into trouble. I should see what she thinks of them now a days.
  19. Oh I can sooo see my niece doing this. She is not dumb just blond!
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