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  1. Duh! my avatar is a good one and then there is the penguin one too.
  2. He may be awesome, but man is his nose big!!!!
  3. Billy Club> club scout (..lol I know its cub but what the hay)
  4. My best friend, Bill, just sent this to me. LOL
  5. Maybe not (De) motivational, but I love it. And I am a major gnerd! Warda
  6. I almost steped on a rattlesnake in S. Dakota a long time ago. I happend to look down before puting my foot down. I think either it was asleep or it may have been dead. It was coiled and never seemed to know I was there. Warda
  7. ladies' night>Oh what a night
  8. Chutes and Ladders> water parks
  9. I was shouting "What not A.C. "! This sucks!! Warda
  10. My flt. is not there. I was going to upload one from my book but my kids got to it and some of the pictures are missing. I have been looking for my dads but I am not sure what year he went. I need to get with my brother ask him if he knows. Warda
  11. http://www.bmtflightphotos.af.mil/ Here is a site where you can go and look at your old A.F. photos. It goes back pretty far. Warda
  12. maybe not a spelling mistake, but a pronouncation mistake that drives me crazy.... ax- ask
  13. jsut-Just I am the biggest offender in this one. Brain works faster than my fingers can type. Warda
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