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  1. History of US Tanks.

    Not having any knowledge, I'd pitch my .02.....Iraqi troops are likely trained to low levels, and subsequent low discipline, so old habits from previous tanks would likely carry on....Hotloading rounds, keeping the ammo door locked open between shots and other seemingly harmless practices will produce catastrophic kills with rear turret hits...
  2. any chance of seeing masses of cultists calling the great old one back to consume us all?
  3. TS server down?

    Im getting that error too.....
  4. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    Just ran it on my new i5 6600K system, asus z170a mb, 16gig of ddr4, r7 360 get framerate of 52 Reran two weeks later (May 10) with v-sync off and get 56.3
  5. SB Pro PE 4.0 Hardware Recommendations

    Just did the benchmark, running 4.010 on Intel i5 6600K on asus z170a mb with 16gig of 2666 ddr4 and samsung 850 evo 256gig ssd with gigabyte r7 360 video card (the weak point of this rig, havent had budget to improve it yet) Numbers as follows: Daylight woods: 30 Thermal woods: 60 Weather woods: 60 Weather Thermal woods: 44 Open Rural: 60 City Observation of Traffic: 30 City Observation of Arty: 27 Coy vs BTL battle midpoint: 40 Coy vs BTL endpoint: 25 According to the guidelines its low performance, but doesnt seem slow at all.....the dips really arent evident unless there is a ton of stuff on map. Very very playable..
  6. GPU or CPU

    I have been playing with the upgraded machine --i5 6600K, with the R7 360 vid card. Slowest ive seen in single player has been the korean nightmare scenario after several dozen dead northies are burning on the field in the small town....It drops to high 20's briefly. I can definatly tolerate that! SSnake, thanks for guiding me the correct way.
  7. CNC Type 99

    from the feed rates in that video that is aluminum, not steel
  8. CNC Type 99

    when i was a child i took a tour of BMY (Now BAE) in york Pennsylvania. I remember them having a model of an M110 produced by the apprentices as part of their training, each class would produce something else. Everything except the motor worked, all the cranks elevation, individual track links etc. That was an impressive model!