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  1. Unlikely and ludicrous? The events of 1798 indicated what Frenchmen without money could do in the Alps. But the scenario does prove that armies tend to prepare for the previous war. With a long stance of preserved neutrality that last war can be a while back for some countries. Regards, Sander
  2. Even apart from the differences in tool boxes, aerials and rooftop AA MG a telltale difference of the NLD Leopard 1V compared to 1A5's is the fact that the original primary gunner sights were not faired over. The original optics were retained as development of planned new equipment suffered development problems and delays. The Leopard1V program aimed to bring vehicles up to a similar, but not identical standard as the German Leopard1A5. One of the main differences would have been the installation of night vision equipment from the national industry rather than of German origin. Due to development delays the intended equipment was long delayed and never entered service, resulting in night blind vehicles as during refurbishment of the turret searchlights and any active IR had already been removed in expectation of the new kit. Combined with problems due to economy measures (the turrets were refurbished, but not the remainder of the vehicle, leading to problems with increased wear and tear due to the heavier weight of the new turrets) the lack of a night vision capability led some to comment that the V in the designation did not stand for Verbeterd (Improved), but for Verprutst (Screwed up). Eventually the continued problems led to a decision to drop the national development and implement changes that were closer to the German standard, including the installation of the foreign make of NV equipment. Only 2 vehicles were fully brought up to the full German Leopard1A5 standards, including a three tone camo finish instead of good old RAL6014, before the fall of the Berlin Wall occurred and all gun tanks of the Leopard1 family were taken out of service in the following defence cuts. Source: Leopard1. De gepantserde vuist van de Koninklijke Landmacht (http://www.defensie.nl/nimh/publicaties/publicaties_nimh/de_leopard_1) Regards, Sander
  3. The issue has now been resolved for me. The licence was successfully activated. Regards, Sander
  4. Sander

    Purchase issue

    It might be worth considering to have it on a separate page where it is easier to verity for customers that it is indeed a properly secured page. Having the address as a https page and having the associated lock visible is a great deal more obvious than having people look at the source of the page and determining whether in fact the entry fields were a valid secured page presented in a frame. Right now it could easily be mistaken for an unsecured payment method. Regards, Sander
  5. The exact same error appears regardless of using Firefox or Internet Explorer, using the online or offline activation method, using a user ID without and with admin rights, all attempts using a stick with the firmware updated. All result in identical messages of: 'An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001' Regards, Sander
  6. That is why one can apply sound principles of computing, enforcing least privilege and minimality. Steam fails in both respects and will therefore not be the least of my worries, but none at all. Some people do read EULA's, do monitor traffic and adjust firewalls and do harden SW, just like some start building toilets instead of wearing nappies. Not everything needs to be sacrificed on the altar of convenience. With Arma 3 going Steam exclusive and SB Pro steering clear my wallet will cast the appropriate vote. Regards, Sander
  7. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep an eye on the esimgames website to see when the updated manual and disk version appear. Regards, Sander
  8. Steam is a form of bloatware introducing unnecessary risk even apart from the privacy concerns: http://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Steam_Browser_Protocol_Insecurity.pdf Regards, Sander
  9. Will it be possible to order both the upgrade, manual and disk on release with the latter delivered as they become available? Unfortunately my shiny coaster of a previous version got scratched and I do appreciate having a physical copy. Regards, Sander
  10. This might also be useful: http://www.panzerbaer.de/units/us_1999_InfBat_mech-a.htm Regards, Sander
  11. Pending delivery of the Bushmasters 5 RG-31 vehicles were loaned from the Canadian forces. Conversely Dutch armoured transport trucks were loaned to the Canucks. As the command of RC South alternated between the leading nations, the commander's reserve (a company from the same nation) would be deployed to support operations in each of the different provinces. Depending on circumstances additonal forces could help out in neighbouring provinces (eg Dutch forces holding Martello in Kandahar or Canadian LAV III's aiding the British in Helmand). http://www.casr.ca/bg-apv-nyala-dutch.htm Regards, Sander
  12. Hi, Of 468 Leopard 1 MBT (gun tanks, not including other variants) bought by the Netherlands the status in 2005 was as follows: Leopard 1V MBT, 453 examples Cascaded to Greece: 170 Donated to Greece: 2 (includes Leopard 1V converted to German A5 standard) Sold to Greece: 30 Sold to Marshall Museum: 1 Sold to Bofors: 1 Sold to navy for conversion to BARV: 2+4 Display Army Museum Delft: 1 Gateguard Oirschot: 1 Gateguard Seedorf: 1 Gateguard Military Academy: 1 Display Cavalry Museum Amersfoort: 4 Hard targets 't Harde: 3 Hard targets Vlieland: 12 Recovery training objects: 5 Sold to Chile: 209 Driver training: 4 Mechanic training object: 2 The additional 15 ones were examples at old mobilisation complexes and hulks at a dump. Source: W. Smit, 'De Leopard 1, gepantserde vuist van de Koninklijke Landmacht' ('The Leopard 1, mailed fist of the Royal Army') (Amsterdam 2008), page 107. Regards, Sander
  13. It is not limited to the AAR replay, the mineroller attachment is also visible during the scenario itself. The attached screenshot shows the Hind during the mission and it has the mineroller attached. Though there may be a threat of anti helicopter mines (http://defense-update.com/products/a/AHM.htm) a chin mounted mine plow might be preferable to deal with any delayed pressure plates. Regards, Sander
  14. Version: 2.546, original installation from 2.538 disk with patch applied Description: Hind helicopters in the introduction scenario for the Leopard 2A5 DK are equipped with mine rollers. See attached screenshot. Regards, Sander
  15. Sander

    Graphics issue

    Thanks for the tip on the AI setting, that solved the problem. Regards, Sander
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