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  1. same thing in C:\program files (x86)\esim games\SB PRO PE\ and then open follow directory: actors docs images loc misc models music release shaders sound terrain textures
  2. thanks...but I ose win8 and i dont see follow directory “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts”. only "c:\Documents\esimgames\steel beast\ and then follow directory: AAR export logs mods my scenarios reports savedimages so???
  3. How this put on the steel beast directory??? thank you
  4. peku


    my cm-stick works normaly with xp, doesn`t work with vista..and believe me i trying everything to start this dam stick works proberly in vista..but bad lucky
  5. peku


    hi I have a problem....i use windows vista home premium, when i try to start SB it doesn`t start...there is a error in my cm stick...it seems that my cm stick doesn`t running proberly. Are somebody else this same problem...and what i must to do.
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