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  1. Vastly better than flat 'grass textures' with a scattering of clumps of vegetation and buildings 'dropped' onto the landscape without gardens or walls. Much more life-like and therefore as you say, much more immersive.
  2. IIRC, this pic having been taken in the AAR, the M113 had already been KO'ed and the BMPs had 'gone firm', having secured both objectives. I could wish for SABOW-level visual representation of AFV damage...
  3. Another pic from Objective Goliath in the KOTH scenario...
  4. A scene from my first serious play-through of the Krasny Oktybar Tanker Heroes mission by el-Chacho; mission report with more pics just started over on SimHQ
  5. Krasny Oktbyar Heroes and the Tank heroes version...
  6. Sounds good. Care to share 'em? And some pics/clips of the action?
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