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  1. Vastly better than flat 'grass textures' with a scattering of clumps of vegetation and buildings 'dropped' onto the landscape without gardens or walls. Much more life-like and therefore as you say, much more immersive.
  2. IIRC, this pic having been taken in the AAR, the M113 had already been KO'ed and the BMPs had 'gone firm', having secured both objectives. I could wish for SABOW-level visual representation of AFV damage...
  3. Another pic from Objective Goliath in the KOTH scenario...
  4. A scene from my first serious play-through of the Krasny Oktybar Tanker Heroes mission by el-Chacho; mission report with more pics just started over on SimHQ
  5. Krasny Oktbyar Heroes and the Tank heroes version...
  6. Sounds good. Care to share 'em? And some pics/clips of the action?
  7. Thanks for those links guys, those are two I hadn't noticed. If tweaking for my preferred NATO-WARPAC encounters, I'd definitely be inclined to set Blue to Leo 1s, Chieftains or M60s, preferably without TIS, like the solo wargames I used to set up (1/300 miniatures but a much smaller ground scale)... In the meantime I've started working through the T-72 tutorials. I don't think there's a way of editing these to feature different T-72 variants.
  8. Having come back to SB while still enjoying playing the T-72 in Iron Warriors - T-72 Tank Command/Balkans on Fire (and looking forward to a bit of the same with the also-just-acquired patreon demo of GHPC), I'm wanting to concentrate for now on playing Opfor in SB, including both the playable and 'command-able' MBTs. I started with Russian Recon... ...and I planned to swap in Soviet vehicles in the Camp Hornfelt set for training purposes, but I can't get the drill working, to extract the map to a modern 'package' (fails when looking for the map's height file), so that's out for now. There seem to be few scenarios here for Soviet-era AFVs. Can anyone recommend some, or others that can be adapted without running into legacy map format problems? If all else fails I can and will eventually use the ME to make my own, but I'd like to do a lot of familiarisation first, as I haven't played SB since the original version. TIA.
  9. Well after some hum-ing and haw-ing after finding I couldn't get the classic licence in the UK, I've just opted for 12 months at a time and am looking forward to re-discovering SB, which I haven't played since the original SB.
  10. A few more pics from a mission made by the creator of the sim's Facebook page...
  11. Some screenies, showing some of the improvements made by the Gastello mod, compared to stock:
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