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  1. My package hit customs monday 5th, paid same day and got it deliverd friday 9th. So yeah our swedish customs are not quick...
  2. Much obliged but sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, so FOO it is for me. Also look like a "good" mission to test FOO on as its not (looks like) gunz blazing, arty everywhere etc but probleby some good learning time for indirect firing. /KT
  3. Cool, you learn something new everyday! And here I was trying to redo the textures manually in photoshop...
  4. Yes it works fine what you have done. But remember just adjusting the texture file resolution doesnt make the vehicle look prettier, someone needs to redo the skin/template with higher details. So unless you got plans on making your own 2048 skin there is really no point in just upping a skin from 1024 to 2048. /KT
  5. My package just hit customs, payed and now waiting 2-5 more days for delivery.
  6. 3 more PRTs @Mirzayev D303 6149 5858 HE (or ICM if available) 200 x 100m Attitude 400mils // At my command D304 6104 5877 HE (or ICM if available) 200 x 100m Attitude 2800mils // At my command D305 6061 5877 HE (or ICM if available) 200 x 100m Attitude 800mils // At my command Purpouse to destroy or disrupt enemy forces moving along the 3 different roads.
  7. @MirzayevI want to pre-register indirect fire D301 HE/SMK 50x200m Attitude 0mils // At my command D302 HE/SMK 50x200m Attitude 800mils// At my command Purpouse to screen my withdrawal from BP D3A
  8. Its solved, I didnt see the "new" scenario untill after I posted.
  9. nevermind, just saw that the updated scenario is in grennys original post now.
  10. Can't load the graphics as the scenario Grenny sen you isnt the same as was given out here, so I get "invalid plan" when try to load graphics.
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