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  1. Mech please.
  2. We love screenshots

    Got some time in as gunner for @Grenny last night, with some good results
  3. Here We go again ...

    I fucking hope so, or you have fucked up your jobb as CO...
  4. Here We go again ...

    E1 please, engineers for the win!
  5. Next Kanium Sunday session?

    I am available 6th January again.
  6. Operacion La Seguridad

    write him up
  7. Operacion La Seguridad

  8. MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland

    Asume so, Right @Wiglif?
  9. We love photos

    With best regards from my platoon Alpha Quebec, 212th Combat engineer company Its from my platoon, but I think its 1st or 2nd Squads work, dont recognise the road bend.