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  1. @Grenny How is the Mech Inf setup besides the Plt command team? ATGMs? MGs etc?
  2. For a few seconds I thought "Fuck yeah 9erRed is back!" but then I saw the date.
  3. R21 for me and R24 for wiglif, Mirza and Cavgunner can team up in R1 then. Me and wiggy gonna go some recon this time.
  4. Before removing the F8 view in MP some other stuff needs to be implemented that I atleast use F8 for as compensator. Standing on turret/raising higher up in TC position to observe over edges when observering/cresting lean left/right to be able to see the right/left corner of the vehicle in dense terrain. Crewable loader position so above can be done on the non-TC side. toggable front corner indicators/bars that shows where the front corners are when you are driving in TC view, to often I bump and get stuck into trees when that a human driver would identify and that is also the reason why I often stand up in turret in TC when driving when experience tells me i should be further down the hole.
  5. Make sure your end your previus firemissions, if you do not open the indirect fire tab and picks "End mission" on every mission that is open they are just that, open... In progress. you cant shoot more with that battery untill you have finished firing, and that you have done when hit "end mission" in the indirect fire tab. When I get Awaiting permission it's because I forgot to finish off the prior fire missions in that tab. /KT
  6. My package hit customs monday 5th, paid same day and got it deliverd friday 9th. So yeah our swedish customs are not quick...
  7. Much obliged but sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, so FOO it is for me. Also look like a "good" mission to test FOO on as its not (looks like) gunz blazing, arty everywhere etc but probleby some good learning time for indirect firing. /KT
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