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  1. I'm reaaally slow sometimes.. I had forgotten (Despite knowing of it) to add TRPs in the support menue as you suggested... Nevermind...
  2. Right now a Priority Target Reference Point do not have any shorter time to target then a regular reference point or a call for fire on the map, all 3 have the same response time. /KT
  3. Found a bug on the CV9040. When giving a vehicle a "Supress here" command it will shoot up all of its 40mm stores first (including APFSDS, which I would like to almost report as a bug as well, but maybe the suppresion factor is more important then choosing correct ammo?). Once the 40mm ammo is out the vehicle switches to Machine gun, which makes sense, - but the vehicle shoot single round and not burst with 1 second or so between the rounds. That is not much of suppression, I would see it shooting bursts with the MG. /KT (Dont worry, the movie is unlisted on youtube).
  4. So in the release notes it didnt say to much about the CV9040, the tracks has recieved 3D tracks, some alternal termal texture etc... SO HECK IF I WAS HAPPY WHEN I OPENED IT UP! 1. New exterior 3D model that are sexy as hell. A real needed and welcome facelift since the CV9040 first entered the game many years ago - Thank you a ton @dejawolf for the update! 2. Small but wonderful detail is that the casings being ejected when firing is now modelled! First I was like "wtf was that coming through my TIS?" when firing in thermal mode, then went to F8 view to see casings falling down,
  5. For some reason the VAMTAC recce version is not playable, but the remaining VAMTAC versions are. but in controls the recce version has an own filter with commands? Is it by mistake or is it just not ready yet? Fo
  6. "Bug" but almost a feature as the AEV can't breach the anti-tank ditch currently. When using AEV to dig a vehicle emplacement across a tank ditch it creates a dirt path that is drivable across the ditch. The same second as you hit "start work" the flat surface builds a bridge and as time goes on the ground lowers to a proper vehicle emplacement. To replicate with attached scenario: set the AEV to dig a vehicle emplacement (one or two tier doesn't make any difference) and put the vehicle emplacement across the anti-tank ditch marker. Observe as the AEV creates
  7. Man I would love to have the STRIX round on the 120mm mortars someday... ❤️
  8. You forced me to it, can't leave the challenge unanswered. Was thinking or R1 first for a change, but then the german called me out, so cv90 it is
  9. Problem: In the Fire support menue you only see X amount of tubes of certain weapon type (Mortar or Arty). This limits the use of indirect fire when you need to have X tubes covering while X tubes regroups or are away reloading. Sometimes when you choose example 4 tubes you starts using a unit who have 6 tubes and only fire 4 of them while the unit having 4 tubes are not used. This all together makes it a bit hard to be effective with indirect fire on larger scale. Request: In the Fire support window, instead of choosing amount of guns you can choose callsign and then amount of t
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