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  1. Put me and wiglif in Beast 2, let see how the German platoon commands!
  2. Here is the AAR @Grenny KANIUM_RECON_in_Force_08mar20_4028_030820DESKTOP-VKSL2003.rar
  3. From todays mission, One is 1-4 (wiglif) and one is 1-1 (mine). got to say the 9035 is a good looking vehicle. Wiglif killing a ATGM system. Me finishing of a tank that Tankenator started engaging.
  4. We are getting many players in mech, that is good. Move me and wiglif to F41/43 and apocalypse to D31 with dlad in D34
  5. Function "Set Damage if" - "Show to enemy" and a related "Repair if" That way we can simulate artillery radar, during fire mission the artillery piece get the damage "show to enemy" function taken from penalty zon) and when the fire stops you set a "Repair" on show to enemy.
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