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  1. Jebus, don't ask me, I am the guy who just blows them up because I'm told to, someone much higher ranked person does the tactical decisions... All I can add is from the grass level I work at, when we get order to delay or stopp (dont know the exact translations between the definitions) we also get instructions what routes/roads must be "green roads" (obstacle free roads, can be prepared for demilition work but only affected on order). Besides those we suggest upper commander which bridge we want to blow up and why, and he takes the decision.
  2. Yeah conscript tankers in the making. The have 2-3 months to go and have started to work in company frame and have just concluded a ”tough” Fields exercise with a physical endurance competition in the end, and on passning that They are Now tankers and received the tank coy badge of P7 regiment... basicly...
  3. It was zipuli who was on the recieving end of that. I have just reminded hedge continually for a few years now
  4. Pizzaro, that ugly f*ck... A41 for me and A44 for Wiglif.
  5. Just hit "Shitft + Insert/delete/Home" (Depending on which rack you are using) and you start filling up the racks directly after you fired. It's a routine I have drilled in, so if I have fired 3 rds and there is a quick pause I hit Shift + whatever and load up to 8 again. There is no need to empty 8rds like a magazine before switching, you can fill upp single rounds with ease, so its stupid not to do that. and 160 APFSDS + 66 3P ammo takes you a long while to shoot up in the 9040B version (which is a reason why I dont like the C version with much less ammo). Also, the scenario has the real life setup (not steelbeasts default) so Rack 1 and Rack 3 is APFSDS and Rack 2 is 3P/HE. So if you bump into allot of armor you empty rack 1 (Insert) and then hit Rack 3 (Home) and keep shooting, then you have 16 APFSDS rounds to use up and 8 3P/HE rounds. (reason for Rack 1 and rack 3 is that on the real life "joystick" they are on each extreme end of the switch, so when you are up in speed you just need to hit the other extreme side and good ammo is selected).
  6. You are thinking about the 9035, not 9040 that is simple as fuck, just aim lase and shoot, on he just toggle the different options with one button. The Danish 9035 on the other hand....
  7. I will be streaming on twitch in A3 FYI. But as stated if you stay inside a platoon your voice won’t come on the net.
  8. I don’t know yet, not sure what we do at work those days if I can get time off
  9. @Grenny do you want to PC? I'm up for gunning for you again! If not I take a Cv9040
  10. Got some time in as gunner for @Grenny last night, with some good results
  11. I fucking hope so, or you have fucked up your jobb as CO...
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