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    You got it here, there isnt much more you need to know about it: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Micro-UAV /KT
  2. H 1 (Pinzgauer 710M) H 11: Kingtiger H 12: H 13: Snoggy H 14: Wiglif
  3. 3/B (M113, M981FISTV, M901 ITV) 3/1 B (M113): Kingtiger 3/2 B (M113): 3/4B (M113): SnS 3/3B (M981FISTV) : 3/5 B (M901 ITV): Snoggy 3/6 B (M901 ITV): Wiglif
  4. 1A MECHINF PLT (CV90/40-B) 11/A: Kingtiger 21/A: SnS 31/A: Wiglif (if that is the Plt Sgt vehicle?) Snoggy is AFK.
  5. Kanium Mech platoon will fill 1A as usual, KT, Wiglif, SnS and Snoggy. guess we will multicrew there.
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