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  1. Okay bumping this again. You really need to adjust that infantry AI spotting. Right now its close to unplayable with infantry vs infantry, as soon as you get in contact you die as they spot you so much faster then you can spot them. I have played SB since 2002 era and right now you are basicly back to how we used infantry in SB1, let them go first and get shot up and reveal the enemy and let vehicles shoot the dismounts, so useless they are right now. /KT
  2. Okay since 4.3 Ive noticed that infantry on infantry fighting has become REAL hard with allot of casualties which I found was a good thing until i notice how I never saw the AI but the AI kept killing me. So I ran some tests and I would say that the AI spotting ability vs other infantry is a little bit over the top so to say. Let me introduce my case: Enemy infantry squad are located 600m out with observation away from the blue spotter, so they have their back against the single spotter inside the forest tiles. between them are open area, no obstacles for observation. While the spotter are laying still the enemy is not observing him. But just by crawling - which is supposed to be the most sneakeast way to do it, they spot him 600m behind them and turn around and engage him. If you try to crawl or walk they spot him even quicker. Next test location is with both sides being in a forest. Red still with their back towards the blue spotter and the spotter gets around 330m behind them crawling before being engaged. I have tried this with sniper in guille suit as well and the only difference was for the blue sniper in the forest-forest location, he got around 100m from the enemy before being discovered and engaged. I have tried different quality settings, but even elite on blue and untrained on red seems to have no effect of the spotting skills of the AI infantry. My case here is that with a infantry squad observing 12 o clock its hard to see a crawling person 600m away over an open field inside a forest edge, or see a crawling person inside a forest crawling 300m away. Normaly you only have like 1 guy covering the squads six o clock and the results I am seeing here is almost like the entire squad is observing six o clock with binos. How to replicate: Launch the scenario, order the spotter or sniper to crawl forward inside the forest and see how the AI infantry turns around and shoot them up. /KT AI_Inf_skill_test.sce
  3. There is just something beutiful with the AVEPS explosion ring...
  4. I really like the user interface of the drones, simple to understand and use, looking forward to use them soon!
  5. Okay so the most exciting part is the Kitolov-2 PGM, but when googling I see its a laser-guided munition, does that mean we will get laserpointers to the FO teams as well? It is good that russian forces gets precision ammunition as well now after we got BONUS/SMART rounds.
  6. That's until they are turned against you! 😮
  7. Oh that will hurt so bad...
  8. Any chaffs or flares in 4.3 to counter SAMs ?
  9. Okay I will take a bet on what you are talking about here: You are refering to the differens between the gunners GPS thermal view and the tank commanders thermal view in vehicles like M1A2, Leopard 2A5/Strv122 etc right? If yes its because the thermal camera on the tank commanders view is newer then the gunners thermal by like 20-30 years or so, its an addon on a older vehicle so to say. IF that is not what you are refering to you really need to add some more info in your post. /KT
  10. We have the Patgb360 already in the game known as AMX-360 /KT
  11. THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE! You guys see it? Infantry (besides actually using trenches as hedge pointed out) is actually STANDING and FIRING! One of the biggest flaws with infantry in SB when it comes to inf against inf is that they stand up, spot the enemy but can only firing prone so they go down to fire and loose contact. Stands up again to establish contact, go down to fire and loose contact, rince and repeat. So THIS that they are STANDING and FIRING is absolutely f*cking freaking awesome in my world! Of course I become curius now, will they fire kneeling, will they switch position to the best position to be able to fire vs protection? Man I love it. /KT
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