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  1. 1A MECHINF PLT (CV90/40-B) 11/A: Kingtiger 21/A: SnS 31/A: Wiglif (if that is the Plt Sgt vehicle?) Snoggy is AFK.
  2. Kanium Mech platoon will fill 1A as usual, KT, Wiglif, SnS and Snoggy. guess we will multicrew there.
  3. Alpha 1 MECH PLT (M2A2 ODS) A11: Kingtiger A12: SnS A13: @Snoggy ? A14: Wiglif
  4. 11B KT 21B SnS 41B Wiglif and with Snoggy in 31B, the band is back together!
  5. nice, I forgot to sign up... you know where to put me.
  6. 1st Trp/III Zug (3rd PLT) PZAufkl. 2/11 1/III/PZAufkl. 2/11 Luchs Kingtiger 2/III/PZAufkl. 2/11 Luchs SnS 3/III/PZAufkl. 2/11 Luchs 4/III/PZAufkl. 2/11 Luchs Wiglif and @Snoggy in 3rd vehicle if he can confirm attendance.
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