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  1. Any chaffs or flares in 4.3 to counter SAMs ?
  2. Okay I will take a bet on what you are talking about here: You are refering to the differens between the gunners GPS thermal view and the tank commanders thermal view in vehicles like M1A2, Leopard 2A5/Strv122 etc right? If yes its because the thermal camera on the tank commanders view is newer then the gunners thermal by like 20-30 years or so, its an addon on a older vehicle so to say. IF that is not what you are refering to you really need to add some more info in your post. /KT
  3. We have the Patgb360 already in the game known as AMX-360 /KT
  4. THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE! You guys see it? Infantry (besides actually using trenches as hedge pointed out) is actually STANDING and FIRING! One of the biggest flaws with infantry in SB when it comes to inf against inf is that they stand up, spot the enemy but can only firing prone so they go down to fire and loose contact. Stands up again to establish contact, go down to fire and loose contact, rince and repeat. So THIS that they are STANDING and FIRING is absolutely f*cking freaking awesome in my world! Of course I become curius now, will they fire kneeling, will they switch position to the best position to be able to fire vs protection? Man I love it. /KT
  5. I don't know what vehicle this is, but looks fun.
  6. C21-C23 for my boys, think sns is out still but will confirm. /KT
  7. Ive slept over it twice now and came to the conclusion I am most exited over the STRIX round, the Grkpbv90 is a nice delivery system but STRIX offers a new ability that will affect the battlespace, SMART/BONUS for mortars! /KT
  8. Can't decide if I am more exited about the Grkpbv90 or the STRIX round, both are awesome additions!
  9. B1 for me and Wiglif, the rest of the crew is unavailable. /KT
  10. F callsigns for me and snoggy, SnS and Wiglif are not available.
  11. Sign me and wiglif up for C1! SnS and Snoggy are not available. /KT
  12. Is that a T-72B3 I am spotting in the lower part of the mousepad?... =D Got mine yesterday, sure looks out like an interesting summer! /KT
  13. A1 M2A2 (ODS) A11 Kingtiger A12 Wiglif Or if Lumi want to share me and Wiggie can take one brad and him and his friend one brad.
  14. Kingtiger


    You got it here, there isnt much more you need to know about it: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Micro-UAV /KT
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