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    Well that is just the beauty of it. You dont need to use it if you dont want to. But for people who want to use and and practice with it it is a needed tool. I for example use SB at home (offline) to call in indirect fire. I am not a qualified forward observer but a "fire observer" (I dont know what to translate it to... I have basic skills in requesting and adjusting fires, but the company FO does the real transmission to the artillery dudes/battalion net). So for example the thing you mention with adjusting the grid bearing to magnetic is not needed on my level, someone else is doing it higher up. And as you mention about the explatory video, yes that asumes the player can calculate the WORM formula (which I asume is the same as swedish MAS formula) etc etc. And its shit like that I want to be doing. People who doenst know how or dont want to know doesnt even have to bother with it when they call for fire. And when it comes to how much it will be used that once again is the beauty of it, we who want to practice it correctly we can do it with a protractor and those who doesnt dont have to. I have adjusted fire with Nike on Kanium sessions, overall we all need to improve our use of indirect fire. But when I know there is a competent FO like Nike sittin doing FO work I dont hesitate to adjust fire the way it should be done as I know he knows how to. /KT
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    Your reluctancy against a protractor really supprises me Gibson. 1. Dont you have a protractor in the Australian army? (so you have never used one or what?) 2. In stead of a protractor you can use a compass (which I normally use at work as I dont have a M21D issued to me) but the effect is still the same and still vital for calling indirect fire = you get a bearing to report in. 2.1 When we call for fire we MUST send in what "O-riktning" (observation direction) we have to the target in mils. This is for when we need to adjust the fire onto the target. we report in "shift right 150m, up 50m" and that "left/right - upp/down" is calculated from our observation direction. This is because the shooting artillery unit is not directly behind us but can be left or right of our position so their left or right is totally different from my left and right. 2.2 You can see this observation direction being used in SB when you pick adjust fire mission, then that heading is the first thing you need to type in to be able to adjust the fire mission. and that means you need to KNOW the observation direction. And in SB to get that you either need to have FO team with their excellent binos or use the new heads up display thingy that gives you a heading. But if you want to practice realisticly you cant use the nice HUD feature. So a proctractor is very much needed tool to practice calling in artillery fire in SB, or just practice it for us who want to use indirect fire as correctly as possible. @Breakthrough7 This is a much excellent and much wanted mod! I am really looking forward to when you realease it, now I can stop using a real proctractor put on the screen all the time! /KT
  3. Depends on @Wiglif shows up or not. He is after all my designated platoon Sgt for lifetime.
  4. One thing that would make me very happy with infantry... When two enemy squads are firing at eachother in the terrain they lie down (of course, we all want to live) but that often means they break LOS due to terrain. so out of maybe 8 persons 2 are actually shooting at eachother with single rounds. the other ones just lay there taking a coffee break. I wish there was a LOS check so if they can't fire when lying down they kneel and try to shoot from there. And of course if the suppresion bar goes high enough so they are suppressed they will go down and take cover again.
  5. Updated score, only UK defensive missing: Some nice pics of the strv122 during defensive OPS: https://twitter.com/ukrmilitary/status/1004819000122134528
  6. Sweden participates for the first time this year and has had a good start. They are leading 3 out of 4 sub-tasks performed and so far has the highest score on the offensive course, there are still more countries to do their turn but it does look good for Sweden. We might not win, but i doubt we will be last ones...
  7. @hlfritz Here is a few missions that features the strv122. Just because scenarios aren't uploaded to SB.com doesn't mean they aren't done /KT When we talk about strv122 being "unpopular" I think its more about it being overused in the past. looking back a few years it was used allot of times untill Leo2E showed up and then Leo2A5DK. Strf 90 in attack, flank protectionv 0.93.sce Capture the dam (4.019).sce Motanfallet 4.0 (4.019).sce YSTAD.sce
  8. What happened with killing/sacrificing rodents for The_List? It seems to have faded away over the years...
  9. @RomeoNovember12 I need to get in touch with you but you can not recieve PM's. /Kingtiger
  10. Damn I didnt notice! the one we have at work IS 6400... I promise!
  11. So this request doesnt end up in arguments over who has control of FO etc etc I want to point out that Compas/ruller or equalent (like the M├Ątskiva M21B we have in Sweden) Can be used in offline 1 singleplayer mode as well for calling in artillery, pinpoint where enemy units are located with no map update on, or own position if all map updates are turned off. Example of M├Ątskiva M21B used for calculating positions.
  12. Wish list: What: A Compass and a ruler (Distance) in F5 Map view. Why: FOO and infantry can now in SB hit "K" key for Azimuth that gives both degrees and mils and with Binos with mils in it we can now calculate the distance to target. This give us the two of three important things when calling for indirect fire (last is altitude, but that we get from the map) and the two things that is needed to plot with good results enemy units on map when Enemy contacts are disabled. However once you have Azimut and distance you dont really come any further with that data once you go into map view. In real life I Can take my compass and ruler (if the ruler on the compass doesn't stretch far out enough) and plot on map where the enemy are using as stated, azimut and distance, (asuming I already know my own position). But in SB I do not have a compass or a ruler, which makes both azimut and distance a "qualified guess" at best. I a forested/Urban area this can somewhat be mitigated by reading the terrain, but for example in desert or more open areas this "qualified guess" are often way off. So a tool in the map view to transfare the data recived in 3D mode would be much appreciated. Effect: Practice in taking out direction and distance using compass and binos and transfer it to map to get more accurate contact reports AND calling in artillery fire more precisly. /KT
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    I really wish the CV90B and C models could get a 3D facelift. they just look awful comparing to the sexier newier CV90s like the 30 and 35...
  14. Yeah I was suprised as well, especially when I watched the TC looking my direction, I was "oh fuck", but I survived
  15. Its not about that, I rarely use a compass in real life as i work in a APC that fucks compasses up. its about having to control 1-2 vehicles with total of 2-4 infantry teams that change direction whenever they feel like as dictated by events and enemy threats (not to talk about remembering what team and vehicle is facing what direction), so every time you djump to a unit you have no fucking clue where they are looking. if I had ONE infantry team to follow I would not have a problem with the compass disabled.
  16. Kilo 2 I asume that the compass is working in this scenario?
  17. I know there is no point in arguing over something you have already decided, but I just want to point out that more people then "us who play huge battles online" is that Im sure many offline people that play larger battles with AI with them would benefit from the filter function as well. @Gibsonm I was only refering to the filter function, not ALL PRO functions to PE. I wrote "feature" and not "features" for a reason. /KT
  18. I am not finding that either in the AAR. Okay so I change my wish: "I would like to have the PRO versions AAR feature ported to PE" /KT
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