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  1. Hi. I'm also a member of DoW and support the request for a dedicated channel. Thanks.
  2. Thank you, Ssnake. So in order to get current, I need to buy the 2.6 license at $25 and then the 2.6x at $7? Both of which are available by digital download?
  3. ^Thank you. I should have mentioned, I've read the release notes. Yes, it looks like a lot. But rather than just reading an itemized list, I was looking for more of a commentary about how the additions and changes have improved the actual gameplay experience. That is not something you can get from reading the release notes, but rather from hearing feedback from fellow players...
  4. So here is my dilemma...I am currently running version 2.483. I purchased the sim on release and was an avid player for some time. I purchased the first upgrade, as well, but obviously stepped away for awhile. I still play periodically and upgrading to the most current license has always been on my list of things to do before I die. Now, all this talk of 3.0 has motivated me to jump back in hardcore. I'm tempted to upgrade to the 2.6 license, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to do that with the release of 3.0 in the hopefully not so far off future. So, I guess my question is, how much a
  5. Well, the thread title says it all...I purchased SBPro at release, played for a few weeks and then stopped due to too many other distractions. I'm ready to jump back in, but A LOT has transpired in terms of mods, skins, scenarios, etc. This community really hit the ground running! Is there a thread that has compiled a list of MUST HAVE mods and scenarios? If not, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated...oh, and I have downloaded the ver. 2.370 beta...are all mods and scenarios compatible with the beta version? Thanks in advance! Semper Fi
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