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  1. I just figured out what happened with my laptop. It turns out the problem is Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10. Once activated, by default Auto Save is set to the folder Documents under the OneDrive folders rather than the usual user folder in C:\Users\[user name]\Documents. This means any game or software that wants to create a folder under Documents will automatically save the folder under OneDrive. Somehow this created a problem as SB Pro PE failed to create the folder "eSim Games" under either "Documents" folder. In fact I couldn't find this folder anywhere on my laptop. So the
  2. Thank you both guys for the comments. Now I understand why I had that (apparently false) impression. I probably missed that critical message in the manual shown by Jartsev. And now when I think of it I don't recall that I had fired the main gun in STAB mode. It is refreshing that I still learn new things years after my military service.
  3. I was a tank gunner on M60A3 TTS in Taiwan (Yep, we're still using these old tanks.) I can confirm this quote is correct. The problem with the current "v" button on-and-off feature is that it is impractical on a real M60A3 TTS. As pointed out by some other quotes, the TC and loader can only access the CUT-OFF button; in other words, this button can only turn OFF the stabilization. Only the gunner can turn it on back to work, and to do so he needs to pull the stabilization switch off first then switch back to ON position again since the power is cut by the cut-off button.
  4. If I recall it correctly (based on my service experience in Taiwan), M60A3 TTS should have a "semi-auto" lead when the gunner follows and lases a target. By "semi-auto" I mean the ballistic computer feeds the correction to the reticle projector inside the GPS such that the reticle moves backwards, but the turret does not automatically adjusts like M1A1. Instead, the gunner should manually put the reticle on the center of mass of the target again. That works in this way because M60A3 TTS only equips turret stabilization rather than mirror stabilization; that is, the view of the GPS simply follo
  5. Yes, I believe so. Windows 10 is up to date, and I also downloaded VC++ 2013 and 2015 Redistributable (x64) on the Microsoft website then uninstalled/reinstalled them. The issue still persists.
  6. Yes, I have. Actually I tried that on both 4.0 and 4.010 for several times.
  7. Thanks for the hints. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. The scan did not find any integrity violations. Then I tried the regsvr32 command as you suggested, but an error message showed up: I have no clue what this means.
  8. I just installed SBProPE 4.010 on a new Windows 10 (1607) laptop. Codemeter runtime 6.30d was installed after the installation of 4.010. Then when I clicked the EXE file, nothing happened. And the event log shows an error as follows: I have tried all methods mentioned in the pinned thread "SB 4.0: cant start the program [solved]", and it still doesn't run. Any idea about what I could do to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Laptop Specs: MSI GS63VR Windows 10 (1607; OS build 14393.693) Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Nvidia GTX
  9. Thank you very much for the advice. That pointed to the right direction, as it turned out that a MSI sound utility called Nahimic (enhancing audio output, such as surrounding sounds etc.) actually caused the issue. Once it's turned off SB can start without any problem. This utility is a nice addition but I don't mind it's turned off while running SB Pro PE. Therefore I consider that the problem is solved. Thank you very much again.
  10. I installed SB Pro PE 2.654 on a gaming laptop MSI GS60 Ghost Pro-606, running with Windows 10 (upgraded from 8.1). I plugged in the Code Meter dongle and updated the firmware to 1.18 with the runtime 6.20. There has been license 2.6 existing in this dongle. When I clicked the EXE file to start SB Pro PE, only a message showed up: I have checked that Visual C++ packages installed on this laptop, everything seems to be there. I have checked and re-installed DirectX 9.0c just in case something is missing. Still the error persists. Has any one encountered such an
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