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  1. The BMP may have many flaws thin armour the main gun of the first veriant etc But it should also be noted it was the first true IFV at the time of its introduction most Nato forces were using equally as thin armoured M113s I remember reading an IDF report on the BMP -1 a few were captured by them. If memory serves me correctly the crux of there report stated it is reliable and has very good mobility. I would of course regard the marder IFV introduced shortly after the BMP as far superior in all areas But compare numbers produced and unit cost. IMO it was not a bad IFV it was designed to speed across the european battlefield offering NBC protection and some cover From small arms and arty. And at the time of its introduction would have made for a hard target to hit being low profile and fast and lets not forget it is amphibious capabilities.
  2. Glad to hear/read it
  3. Actually, the MOD is considering the cancellation/scrapping of tanks all together. In favour of alternative platforms for fire support. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a33864724/british-army-eliminating-tanks-proposal/#:~:text=The British Army is proposing,2010s%2C but soon regretted it.
  4. Hi Saint19. and welcome to the community. It mite be worth joining a MP session with one of the VU,s Being a newbie is no disadvantage there a decent bunch of guys. If you have already mastered the basic fire control elements thats all you really have to know to join a VU You will learn a lot from the guys( i am talking from experience) They will teach you more in a few session then weeks studying the manual.
  5. Marko

    Gunner HEAT PC

    Its nice to see some mutual respect between developers.
  6. +1 Looking forward to your next instalment. Have you decided what vismod your going to use on your next model The BMP-3 looks great.
  7. Marko

    Gunner HEAT PC

    I going to have to find this guy and tell him( YES) steel beasts does have a autoloader on its T-72 model and always has had on the playable version.
  8. Pushing my luck here. LoL But how about a type 4 IFV The BMP-3 would make a excellent vismod
  9. Marko

    Modern ADA

    Newly developed platform on the BMP-3 chassis/Hull
  10. Excellent work Daskal. Normally i use the T-72M4CZ as my go too vismod for the type 99. hopefully one day it will be playable
  11. Not all things Borg are bad. LoL
  12. To me it makes sense to use Hybrid/electric engines especially for recon vehicles. It will also extend there range significantly. They can even remote control platforms from significant distances away There even working on vehicles that have there own AI control systems Embrace the future Skybird3. sky net will rise. LoL
  13. Thanks for posting. The new feature is a very useful addition
  14. good find. One of the major lessons learned from op desert storm was numbers mean very little in modern warfare its the quality of the equipment And crew training/ competent leadership.
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