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  1. The T-15 Barbaris is the platform i am interested in. With a high level of protection and a 57mm cannon with a modern fire control System capable of accurately engaging target at 2000m plus will it out gun its western counterparts. SB may be a simulation, and its models amour based on estimates but it does. IMO, give a fairly accurate representation of modern armored warfare.
  2. It would be interesting if the Russian 57mm Autocannon being fitted and retro fitted to some Russian IFVs. Be included in the next Update/grade. i wonder if it would be able to penetrate some of the newer Western IFVs Frontal armor.?
  3. Marko

    We love photos

    Hoping this version makes it in to SB one day.
  4. Welcome.Marinevet1812_ Check out some of the SB VU,s SB excels in MP with your previous military experience. You would properly enjoy it
  5. The game seems to be coming on well. But i still think the tanks movements and overall speed is to agile. Tanks are not that fast with a couple of exceptions
  6. You should add all SB team members bets are are null and void. LoL
  7. Kudos, Apocalypse 31 Keep up the good work, And kudos to all the guys who bother to give there time. Be it modding or scrip writers And of course the SB team
  8. Good video I enjoyed it
  9. I still hold out hope. There will one day be some sort of collaboration between DCS and Esim.
  10. Been a long time since i fired up combined arms. Have they improved the fidelity at all. Adding new well modelled AFV,s is good but my previous experience with CA was poor fidelity more War thunder then sim.
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