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  1. When i first seen the post title i thought it said wife. LoL
  2. I agree with your premise. I wasn't complementing the video just showing the lengths some nations went to encourage military service. I remember back in the early 70s the british army visiting my junior school showing the weapons they used they even let us handle them. all decommissioned obviously Western nations as far as i know didi not go the the lengths shown in the video. But i also believe western nations used more Subliminable methods such as Films, boys toys, and even simulation war games to encourage military service. How many guys on this forum had toy soldiers a toy gun some type of uniform when they were young.
  3. Western boy scouts never had any thing like this
  4. I was going to use this when i was a member of the soviet VU.
  5. Free Trial Schedule This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x622. Free Trial Schedule Trial access on our top products Given the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to alert you to some potential changes that could affect certain support channels. First, we want to reassure you that we have a thorough continuity plan, which leverages our global network to ensure support will continue to be provided in the event that a location is impacted. Our plan takes into account location, product and customer segment. We have also tested to ensure business continuity while maintaining security compliance. The health, safety and wellbeing of our teams are our utmost priorities. If one or more of our support locations are affected, we may shift or reduce some services temporarily. Any changes will be posted. In This Together We’re giving you free trial access to popular DCS World modules. For those of you staying at home, you can explore our website and join us on social media for inspiration. The trials will run from the 18th of March to the 18th of April 2020. During the trial period, all participating modules benefit from up to 50% discount. Below is a schedule of free trials from ED and it’s 3rd Parties, On top of that, save up to 50% on most DCS World modules starting from 18 March 2020 till 18 April 2020 in E-shop and Steam*!
  6. The model looks and dresses just like an old girlfriend of mine. LoL I wish. Good Luck and good gaming at the meet up guys.
  7. Corona virus or not i am going to the tiger day event at bovington. Anybody got a spare hazmat suit. LoL
  8. IMO. Eagle dynamics missed an opportunity on a joint venture to bring SB to DCS world. Besides the obvious advantages for game play. and a much expanded milsim community I believe it would have added that missing element in the DCS world environment. (A less sterile environment) I have dabbled with combined arms and its fun but not a simulation its more akin to WOT then SB. And i think ED have pretty much abandoned it as a module.
  9. If DCS world can have subs I think SB Should have subs as well. LoL i
  10. Marko

    Tactical FPS

    If i had a dollar for every time my teams were killed playing GR back in the day i would be a rich man. In saying that if i had one for every time i lost a tank in SB i would be a millionaire. LoL A great game back in the day. The mods and community were something else, Some of the GR mods were better implemented then the game developers produced.
  11. Panzers in the snow. Thanks for posting. How The M-48A5 would have fared against T-64s is debatable. But it was more then a match for T-55-62 IMO.
  12. Did you get to fire the main gun. With a M1 fire control system fitted the 105 gun must be very accurate. I believe there still in service. The ultimate upgrade for the M-60 Replaces the 105 to a 120mm.Adds reactive armour, engine improvements For a cash starved nation trying to modernise its armour its a cheaper alternative then buying newer designs.
  13. Very cool. But i am saving for this. LoL
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