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  1. I read the article here. T-72: Main Battle Tank 1974-1993 (Osprey New Vanguard) by Zaloga, Steven Jā€¦
  2. Anybody else thinking. Terminator rise of the machines.
  3. They could opt for the new diesel engine. The poles must still have faith in heavy Armour. Logistically it would be a burden they will have three types of MBT in there fleet. the T-72. leo-2 and M1A2
  4. The jaguar was in the first version of SB if i remember correctly
  5. I am all in favor of attention to detail but acquiring information illegally is just dumb. Was ant there a couple of guys from the Arma team caught taking pics near a military base And held in custody for awhile. I don't see any of the Esim team doing it .LoL
  6. The Russian army used ZSU-23/24 to good effect in the battle for Grozny They were able to engage snipers and ATGM teams at very high elevations
  7. I was considering a purchase but the learning curve seems too steep Don't have the time. Might download Combined arms again and see if i can down a player controlled hind As far as i know, The hind cant mask so there tactic is to literally charge at full throttle.
  8. (Frontal amour) Turret and glacis plate
  9. Maybe its time for a transfer to army aviation. Even though my time in the silent service did not go well I sunk tons of stuff, shame most of it belonged to my side. LoL A fun to watch DCS hind mission.
  10. Having studied some reports myself one by Steven Zaloga, that Syrian T-72s were able to withstand 105 hits in the early stages of the conflict in Lebanon And gave the Israelis a wake up call. To be honest i am starting to Question IDF kill claims.
  11. I have three badges and one says rare will trade for cash. LoL
  12. LoL As we used to say when i was a local government employee. If a system works, change it.šŸ˜
  13. I agree that was my point. I have run, and been a member of two VU,s. Co _operation is the key to a good unit. the C/O for a mission is in charge and that's it. If you disagree with a order (TUFF )discus it after the mission in the AAR. What i have noticed the better VU,s rotate the role of C/O I often look at SB MP games on you tube most SB players are very disciplined and adopt the spirit of a real unit by following orders Sent down the line from the C/O and X/O. which in most MP is unusual you very rarely hear cover me. While somebody's trying to be a hero. LoL
  14. Will there be decimation for insubordination or cowards' All joking aside. You really can not instill discipline on a online unit, ultimately all soldiers. Need the threat of consequences if you don't follow orders.
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