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  1. Consider joining a VU. Most of the guys really know there stuff and are happy to share there considerable knowledge. And newbies are always welcome.
  2. Guess what's going on the the SB wish list at some point. A CR-3 with a 120mm gun smoothbore, better mobility etc. I wonder if its possible for the Esim team just add a 120mm smoothbore on to the current model. Also make the model a little more powerful (IE) better mobility slightly faster With all the to the fire control changes ballistics and so forth doubt it would be a easy task though. Not suggesting you do, just wondering could it be done or would you need to make a new model from scratch
  3. Well made video Grenny. I used to enjoy mounting ATGM teams mostly milan teams in helicopters Flying them around the map attempting hit and run tactics I believe the British army used helo mounted teams in the cold war Era.
  4. The ability to control a tube launched AT missile like the AT-10/11 even the Bastion. The soviets poured a lot of resources in to there development . The AI is pretty lethal and accurate in game. But i wonder how a human player under the heat of battle would fair
  5. Marko

    Tactical FPS

    City fighting a tank crews worst might mare But i agree it looks fun.
  6. If the information in the video is correct. Looks like it will be smaller but more technology advanced. Shame about the warrior, But may be its had its day The boxer and Ajax will be its replacement. The CR-2 will be upgraded but there will be less of them.
  7. Looking good. The T-72 model is sporting former east German markings. We they do say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery LoL
  8. One thing you may try is to edit a existing mission. IE. change the vehicles in it add and subtract some as you see fit. Add arty or Gunships Also try exporting the mission to a new map. Its relatively easy to do. You may find some are password protected but most lend well to editing.
  9. found this video. Man this guy has skills that's some rig.
  10. Indeed they do. I still hold out hope for some joint venture between Esim and Eagle Dynamics. With the fidelity of SB and DCS. and create a true simulation of modern warfare Both do what they do very well but are lacking In areas, I.e. SB CAS and DCS a decent ground Sim.
  11. I came to the conclusion awhile ago no mater how good the AFV /Tank Without a active protection system its a sitting duck for suicide drones and ATGMs And the new range of Arty shells.
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