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  1. Poland Armed Forces Modernization.

    Thanks for the reply. Impressive system,
  2. Poland Armed Forces Modernization.

    Still it will act as a very credible deter-ant for any potential aggressor. Anybody know how much land mass eighteen MLRS systems could cover
  3. Poland Armed Forces Modernization.

    Nice addition the polish armored forces. Any idea how many vehicles per battery
  4. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    +! Umm may be DCS ?
  5. Challenger 2 LEP.

    Theirs a new joint Armour project between the French and Germans. No doubt it will incorporate many new technologies
  6. Challenger 2 LEP.

    Never. LoL But lets not mention the boxer APC. All joking aside IMO. A tank that could be standard in NATO forces would be very effective in terms of cost per unit maintenance ammo supply etc But national pride and commercial interests would never allow it.
  7. Challenger 2 LEP.

    +1 what ever about the other features it the smoothbore that the CR-2 needs the most.
  8. Has Steel Beasts Died?

    Its the quite before the storm Like the other posts have stated, wait for information release for the next update I can understand Ssnakes reluctance to release any details currently Till he can confidently release said information.
  9. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    I thought the Indian military licence built the t-90. (Or may be its assemble it from kit not sure on that) But surly this would At-least give them the relevant information about newer and better types of Armour used by the Russians Or its even possible they could have purchased something like Chobham armour theirs not a lot you cant buy on the open military market if your considered a friendly Nation.
  10. Video Thread

    I quite like the VEC. Its amphibious plus the 20 mm/thermal sight make it a pretty decent Recon vehicle.
  11. Hi, I'm new here

    Welcome There is quite a few Current and Ex M1 crew members on the forum You will feel right at home here.
  12. About that deleted thread

    I have came to a similar conclusion when it comes to Armour protection for modern Tanks. I look for combat footage and pics of destroyed and damaged AFV,s There is a very good history channel documentary about a CR-2 crew who,s tank was disabled entering basra. And who endured a night of constant attacks. The CR-2 withstood multiple RPG and a couple of Milan hits a true testament too its Armour protection.
  13. Video Thread

  14. Not for me. I dont like 3D glasses. But some of you guys mite be interested.