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  1. Reading current accounts of recent events in Ukraine. The shear number of captured Russian equipment is staggering. I can not understand why retreating crews do not destroy there vehicles. Rather then see them captured. Even under pressure to move quickly you could simple drop a grenade in the turret And run like hell. I know in WW2 this was the case. Do individual armies have different rules or such an action. And can soldiers get in to trouble for destroying there own vehicles.
  2. What are the chances of shooting one out of the sky. assuming you can spot one with say autocannon with Airburst ammo Have any of the Beta testers tried it.
  3. question. will the APS currently modelled in game be a defence against the sprite
  4. Sod this i am applying for a Staff position
  5. stop with the negative waves moriarty Its a beautiful; IFV Lol
  6. Theirs still life in the old cat yet, lol
  7. The T72B3 looks amazing and playable that's was my number one wish Number two is a playable T64. LoL Three cheers for the Esim team.
  8. You are correct to a degree, But in A4/5 version the fire control is still good enough in the defence, and the thermal is probably superior to the B3 As for firepower there are some very effective 105 rounds available. The Israelis in particular have developed rounds capable out taking out a T-72B3
  9. Some marders would be beneficial as well. But i think they scraped them. The The Czech Republic, have donated some old T-72s the m variant from what i could make out and BMP1 IFVs. Poland would probably be the Ukrainians best best for Quick delivery of armour they have a decent amount of former Soviet equipment In War stocks, whether or not. they would be prepared to weaken there own reserves is debatable.
  10. Your opinion, Would the Leo-1a4/5 still be a viable weapons platform. in the current conflict. I believe it would, it still has a viable gun and fire control in the A5/a4 variant But one has to take crew training and maintenance in to consideration. All this takes Time For this reason i believe purchasing used T72s would be a better option for the Ukrainians What do you guys think. (Guys, just discussing the merits of using an old platform)
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