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  1. LoL. I know if you had done that to me i would have made you. A nice refreshing cup of coffee with my secret ingredient in it. LoL
  2. Well from what i can gather there's a new game engine in the works. It will be a huge undertaking. I would speculate there will be a focus on conducting night time operations and equipment Esim are well aware its an area that needs addressing.
  3. Watched a very good video years ago about the German BO-105 pilots on maneuvers Man, they were skillful at low level flying.
  4. It was the fidelity, game play and community that made me stick with SB all these years. The graphics were good enough over the years to create the illusion one was in a combat zone. The sounds have steady improved over the years especially the Arty. In saying all that. I do believe the current engine is coming to the end. Maybe i have got it wrong but i get the impression the SB team seem to be fighting the engine square peg round hole type scenario. What we have works well but if we want to attract new players maybe its time to look at options. which i assume is already been examined I fully realise its no mean feat. and the cost may well be prohibitive. But maybe its a case of who dares wins.
  5. True, one of the best tacticians /players i have seen in action using SB Had no higher level military training. In saying that he did learn alot from playing missions with guys who had A funny story from my UK armour days, One of the guys built a very challenging mission. On occasion we had visiting players form other VU A couple of whom were professional soldiers. The funny thing was when invited to C/O the mission the professionals from different militaries approached the mission. Identically. and the unit was unsuccessful in its objectives. The third time we attempted the mission using unconventional tactics we succeed.
  6. It was an ambition of mine that back in my VU/MP days to challenge a VU from a different armour related sim to a series of missions Using SB and there sim, and show them how it should be done .LoL It would have been interesting pitting SB VU,s/players some of whom are extremely proficient in real world tactics against a unknown quantity so to speak.
  7. Marko

    Chinese Type 99

    This is the SB forum everything is a debate, LoL
  8. Marko

    Chinese Type 99

    Personally i don't think the CR-2 makes for a good vismod for the Type 99. The Strv 122 would represent its capabilities more accurately in terms of mobility fire control, thermals, and hunter killer capacity for the tank commander.
  9. Marko

    Kudos to the Captain

    Thanks for the new skins Captain colossus. Really like the T-80U skin. And a big thank you to all the guys making missions and mods keep up the good work guys.
  10. Marko

    Gunner HEAT PC

    some minor improvements
  11. Marko

    Gunner HEAT PC

    Ok, just found out GHPC has a semple tank in it, now i have to get it. If you don't know what a semple tank is google it
  12. Marko

    Gunner HEAT PC

    A little off topic. But although i admire a fully modelled interior. (particularly the M-60 in SB) Realistically do players really need them, If your in the middle of a fire fight all you need are your optics and Key commands. Yes it does add to the illusion of being in a tank and has trianing value for military recruits But speaking for my self i would still enjoy SB if it only modeled sights and key commands instead of switchology.
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