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  1. Some new information on how 131 was captured.
  2. Big thanks to the team. Really looking forward to the finished product.
  3. Map size would be a issue with implementing such a feature in the pro version.
  4. A crying shame. How the hell did this happen. One would have thought. All safety and preventative fire measures would have been implemented. I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  5. I agree its very unlikely. But giving the subject some thought. I can actually see training value in having a opfor tank that's superior or even a match for the best western Tanks. It would require a rethink in how say as a example. your Conducting a hasty defense or attack. If your opfor could (in theory anyway) out range your AFV allegedly the T-14 can spot and engage targets out to 8 km And a new tube lunched ATGM with a even greater range ( new 3UBK21 Sprinter ATGM with an effective range up to 12 km developed specifically for it.)
  6. +1 For a Fantasy tank say maybe a T-14 or a M1 TTB with a fire control based on real world advance fire control systems.
  7. +1 This has been commented on before. Think its a good idea, But how it would be implemented is another question. So many different fire control and sighting systems. Not to mention thermal systems ballistic computers ETC.
  8. I was jesting captain. I have three daughters none of them showed any interest in a career in the military and that was fine with me.
  9. I bought Barbie army toys for my girls when they were young/ but it did not work. None of them enlisted, LoL
  10. Looks good. But i am old and i dont like change. LoL
  11. Finally a version of SB we Armour enthusiasts have dreamed of.
  12. Very interesting video about Syrian Armour modifications Effectiveness or lack of in some cases.
  13. Marko


    Decided to purchase tank crew. but waiting till mid April. I have a few days off work and will be able to enjoy it. The tiger model looks amazing Had the pleasure off sitting in a real tiger on a trip to bovington. I may have mentioned this five or six times on the forum . LoL Anybody played tank crew, if so how do you rate it.
  14. Marko

    Tactical FPS

    Thanks. For the link. Going to purchase the standalone version. A little pricey at 70 euro but i don't mind supporting smaller sim developers. By buying the game here, you’re making sure that 100% of your investment go to the IL-2 development team. Thank you! $ 79.99 $ 69.99 ADD TO CART Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka A new ground-breaking tank simulator by the team that brought you IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. Drive some of WWII’s greatest battle tanks in close quarters ground combat during the Battle of Kursk, namely in the Prokhorovka sector. In the largest mechanized battle of all time, you can command your tank crew in both single-player and multiplayer environments and battle the enemy in intense missions and grueling combat. Maneuver your tank to find the enemy’s weak-spot while trying to keep your own tank’s vulnerabilities from being exposed. One carefully placed round is all it takes to decimate your crew and destroy your tank! Tank Crew contains ten famous tanks and armored vehicles that you can drive, shoot and command in virtual combat alone or with friends. Tank Crew also comes with a map of the Prokhorovka sector of the Kursk Salient. IL-2 Sturmovik: Tank Crew is part of the IL-2 Great Battles series and can be played as a separate stand-alone product or be integrated with other Great Battles titles such as Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban and Battle of
  15. Marko

    Tactical FPS

    The videos of IL-2 Tank crew have me intrigued. what versions of IL-2 will i have to purchase and where will i find the download.
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