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  1. Licenced production would be a good option for poland It also opens the possibility of export sales from european customers.
  2. To much being spent on aircraft carriers and F-35s I have to wonder why the UK invested so much on two new carriers and a submarine fleet. I release carriers have a prestige and project power. But at what cost. IMO, Carriers are really just very big very expensive high value targets. With a whole range of missiles designed to take them out at very long range the russian have a hypersonic missile with a range of 1000 miles That can be air launched from a SU-30. at ranges far beyond there detection by the carriers
  3. Marko

    Tank/ APC combo.

    I came to a similar conclusion. Such a AFV would only have limited operational range due to the limited space for ammo and supplies Etc . To purposely design such a vehicle it would require a very long hull I think the Russian /Israeli concept of using Tank hulls to build very heavily armoured hulls is a better concept
  4. What do you guys think, Is it a good idea for a heavy armour platform to carry its own infantry. As good as modern APC/IFV.s are they do not have the armour protection of a tank. I can see advantages and disadvantages to the concept.
  5. Marko

    Modern ADA

    Been doing some research on ADA lately. The rate of fire from these beasts is phenomenal with radar/computerised tracking systems. I would hate to be on the receiving end of a burst from one. So i have decided to start a topic listing some of the most advanced systems. I will start with the 2K22M1 (Tunguska-M)
  6. I did wonder if/why the MOD did not evaluate. The Desert warrior purchased by Kuwait after desert storm. stabilised M242 Bushmaster 25 mm chain gun Two TOW ATGM launchers Delco turret
  7. Ref no 6. Whats the alternative for the warrior. Would new builds or an off the self solution be cheaper.
  8. A few proposed versions of the CR-2 life extension program The new Ajax platform will come in a few different variants allegedly has very sophisticated sensors on the recon veriant The boxer APC/IFV. The much upgraded warrior IFV fitted with state of the art fire control and other sophisticated systems. Brimstone ATGM can be used by land and Air platforms. Lets just hope recent economic disturbances do not effect there introduction to the British army's land forces.
  9. Megaforce must be destroyed.
  10. If were going to have a megaforce we need an arch enemy for them say spectre or the ( mysterons who remembers them LoL)
  11. Really enjoy your videos guys, keep up the good work I always like them on youtube.
  12. And more importantly what about the ammo supply. The CR-2 biggest weakness was its120mm rifled barreled gun, The gun its self was good but the rifled ammo did not keep up with its contemporaries compared to the 120mm smoothbore ammo With multiple nations developing ammo for the gun. IMO the MOD wont risk it with a new 130mm unless there is a guarantee other major militaries will adopt it
  13. I have read many such cases of humanity in the face of inhumanity. From all side in WW2 One such story involved a German paratrooper being given a gurkhas blade by a dying gurkha who he showed mercy and aid too. In the battle for monte casino. the para survived the war and later gave the blade to his grandson.
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