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  1. Marko

    is this legit

    Hi mark, The product SB Pro PE Time-Limited License - Add 1 Month has just been updated. In receiving this email you have been given access to the updated version that can be downloaded by visiting the order URL: For any questions relating to the updated product please contact the merchant who will be able to help. If you do not wish to receive further updates on this order please follow this link: Thanks, The SendOwl
  2. Now all DCS needs is a SB level fidelity playable air defence platform. maybe a ZSU-23/24 or a Gepard.
  3. Any body else notice a resemblance between the CHPC CEO and the ESIM CEO. LoL
  4. I read the article here. T-72: Main Battle Tank 1974-1993 (Osprey New Vanguard) by Zaloga, Steven J…
  5. Anybody else thinking. Terminator rise of the machines.
  6. They could opt for the new diesel engine. The poles must still have faith in heavy Armour. Logistically it would be a burden they will have three types of MBT in there fleet. the T-72. leo-2 and M1A2
  7. The jaguar was in the first version of SB if i remember correctly
  8. I am all in favor of attention to detail but acquiring information illegally is just dumb. Was ant there a couple of guys from the Arma team caught taking pics near a military base And held in custody for awhile. I don't see any of the Esim team doing it .LoL
  9. The Russian army used ZSU-23/24 to good effect in the battle for Grozny They were able to engage snipers and ATGM teams at very high elevations
  10. I was considering a purchase but the learning curve seems too steep Don't have the time. Might download Combined arms again and see if i can down a player controlled hind As far as i know, The hind cant mask so there tactic is to literally charge at full throttle.
  11. (Frontal amour) Turret and glacis plate
  12. Maybe its time for a transfer to army aviation. Even though my time in the silent service did not go well I sunk tons of stuff, shame most of it belonged to my side. LoL A fun to watch DCS hind mission.
  13. Having studied some reports myself one by Steven Zaloga, that Syrian T-72s were able to withstand 105 hits in the early stages of the conflict in Lebanon And gave the Israelis a wake up call. To be honest i am starting to Question IDF kill claims.
  14. I have three badges and one says rare will trade for cash. LoL
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