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  1. A very desirable addition. But i would be happy with a playable T-90A or even the T72-B3.
  2. +1 I also am also wondering what direction micropose are taking. I am clearly stating the obvious but, The market has moved on since there hay day. trying to complete against DCS Esim etc in the area of fidelity anyway is going to be difficult and expensive. Games like war thunder and WOT have the light entertainment side of the market. So it leaves me wondering what there strategy is.
  3. Marko

    Monolithic Wall

    Could it be the US/Mexican boarder.
  4. I agree it is. But i still think the DF90 will be a good IFV killer, With greater mobility then a tank and possibly the centauro. I still have not but it to the test yet. so its only speculation on my behalf.
  5. Marko

    We love photos

    Ukrainian concept vehicles to counter the T-14/15.
  6. Marko

    We love photos

    Yes it looks like BVP M-80 possibly a expo model. And the the soldiers are action men. or possibly GI joes LoL
  7. Gunship 2020. +1 Micropose Gunship and a esim collaboration for a land combat module. (Hell yes.) LoL
  8. I remember Ssnake commenting in a old post about about the Health and safety issues raised in relation to APS. In the RW.
  9. If they fitted a 120mm smooth-bore cannon The CR-2 would be second to none. I know its been fitted on a test bed vehicle but as far as i know will not be implemented in the upgrade.
  10. Interesting post. Allegedly the T-14/15 should be able to defeat top attack ATGMs like spike in the real world anyway.
  11. I Disagree. The 90mm is capable of taking on older T-type tanks. ( if i remember correctly a French armored car armed with a 90mm. took out two T-55s in the Bosnian Serb conflict. Plus newer type IFV's are as well armored and weigh as much as second gen tanks like the leo-1 T-62 and can take a lot of punishment from lower caliber weapons such as the 30/35mm I have not put it to the test yet in game but i reckon the 90mm will make a good IFV killer and be able to engage targets at a greater range then vehicles armored with auto cannon
  12. Marko

    The ghost unit

    Sorry could not resist. LoL
  13. Sweet. Can this system be fitted to BMP-1/2. I suspect the Armour would be to light
  14. I wonder how the APS systems would handle a barrage by the TOS-1A. I will find out in approximately 72 hours. LoL
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