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  1. Now all DCS needs is a SB level fidelity playable air defence platform. maybe a ZSU-23/24 or a Gepard.
  2. Any body else notice a resemblance between the CHPC CEO and the ESIM CEO. LoL
  3. I read the article here. T-72: Main Battle Tank 1974-1993 (Osprey New Vanguard) by Zaloga, Steven Jā€¦
  4. Anybody else thinking. Terminator rise of the machines.
  5. They could opt for the new diesel engine. The poles must still have faith in heavy Armour. Logistically it would be a burden they will have three types of MBT in there fleet. the T-72. leo-2 and M1A2
  6. The jaguar was in the first version of SB if i remember correctly
  7. I am all in favor of attention to detail but acquiring information illegally is just dumb. Was ant there a couple of guys from the Arma team caught taking pics near a military base And held in custody for awhile. I don't see any of the Esim team doing it .LoL
  8. The Russian army used ZSU-23/24 to good effect in the battle for Grozny They were able to engage snipers and ATGM teams at very high elevations
  9. I was considering a purchase but the learning curve seems too steep Don't have the time. Might download Combined arms again and see if i can down a player controlled hind As far as i know, The hind cant mask so there tactic is to literally charge at full throttle.
  10. (Frontal amour) Turret and glacis plate
  11. Maybe its time for a transfer to army aviation. Even though my time in the silent service did not go well I sunk tons of stuff, shame most of it belonged to my side. LoL A fun to watch DCS hind mission.
  12. Having studied some reports myself one by Steven Zaloga, that Syrian T-72s were able to withstand 105 hits in the early stages of the conflict in Lebanon And gave the Israelis a wake up call. To be honest i am starting to Question IDF kill claims.
  13. I have three badges and one says rare will trade for cash. LoL
  14. LoL As we used to say when i was a local government employee. If a system works, change it.šŸ˜
  15. I agree that was my point. I have run, and been a member of two VU,s. Co _operation is the key to a good unit. the C/O for a mission is in charge and that's it. If you disagree with a order (TUFF )discus it after the mission in the AAR. What i have noticed the better VU,s rotate the role of C/O I often look at SB MP games on you tube most SB players are very disciplined and adopt the spirit of a real unit by following orders Sent down the line from the C/O and X/O. which in most MP is unusual you very rarely hear cover me. While somebody's trying to be a hero. LoL
  16. Will there be decimation for insubordination or cowards' All joking aside. You really can not instill discipline on a online unit, ultimately all soldiers. Need the threat of consequences if you don't follow orders.
  17. I would join for 10k a year if we could be issued with muttley medals.
  18. If i were in that position i would just buy a few hundred licenses and give them out on military sim sites like the DCS forum and sim HQ etc Most people who try out SB enjoy it. Its getting people the purchase it in the first place. It seems people want to zoom around in jets rather then rumble along in 60 tons of armor They don't know what there missing. LoL
  19. Consider joining a VU. Most of the guys really know there stuff and are happy to share there considerable knowledge. And newbies are always welcome.
  20. Guess what's going on the the SB wish list at some point. A CR-3 with a 120mm gun smoothbore, better mobility etc. I wonder if its possible for the Esim team just add a 120mm smoothbore on to the current model. Also make the model a little more powerful (IE) better mobility slightly faster With all the to the fire control changes ballistics and so forth doubt it would be a easy task though. Not suggesting you do, just wondering could it be done or would you need to make a new model from scratch
  21. Well made video Grenny. I used to enjoy mounting ATGM teams mostly milan teams in helicopters Flying them around the map attempting hit and run tactics I believe the British army used helo mounted teams in the cold war Era.
  22. The ability to control a tube launched AT missile like the AT-10/11 even the Bastion. The soviets poured a lot of resources in to there development . The AI is pretty lethal and accurate in game. But i wonder how a human player under the heat of battle would fair
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