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  1. If they fitted a 120mm smooth-bore cannon The CR-2 would be second to none. I know its been fitted on a test bed vehicle but as far as i know will not be implemented in the upgrade.
  2. Interesting post. Allegedly the T-14/15 should be able to defeat top attack ATGMs like spike in the real world anyway.
  3. I Disagree. The 90mm is capable of taking on older T-type tanks. ( if i remember correctly a French armored car armed with a 90mm. took out two T-55s in the Bosnian Serb conflict. Plus newer type IFV's are as well armored and weigh as much as second gen tanks like the leo-1 T-62 and can take a lot of punishment from lower caliber weapons such as the 30/35mm I have not put it to the test yet in game but i reckon the 90mm will make a good IFV killer and be able to engage targets at a greater range then vehicles armored with auto cannon
  4. Marko

    The ghost unit

    Sorry could not resist. LoL
  5. Sweet. Can this system be fitted to BMP-1/2. I suspect the Armour would be to light
  6. I wonder how the APS systems would handle a barrage by the TOS-1A. I will find out in approximately 72 hours. LoL
  7. Video explaining the two main APS systems in use. Kingtiger the T-14 has one fixed launcher for top attack ATGM's As Gibsonm 12-Alfa and others have stated overwhelming the system seems to be the best option.
  8. That's the plan. But so many things to test so little free time to do it in.
  9. Seemingly the Russian system has multiple reloads. (but don't quote me on this) the system does not cover a full 360. the turret has to be pointing in the direction of the incoming projectile. Trophy does but does not carry as many reloads. Just how well this has been modeled i am looking forward to finding out the mere fact Esim have managed to model this is outstanding. IMO
  10. Hi I was wondering what tactic you guys will employ to engage a target you know will have APS fitted Is there any ATGM in game designed to fool or prematurely detonate the system. I was thinking spike with its its top attack capability mite do it, Or volley fire from a tank platoon Or just keep engaging it till it runs out of grenades I know tandem warheads were deigned to penetrate reactive Armour etc
  11. Fully intend to once i have downloaded 4.1 I will print out the section. and go through the changes (roll on the 29th)
  12. Great work guys The bug fixes are particularly impressive. Like most guys i went straight for the new vehicles added munitions etc. But bug fixes are just as important.
  13. New video up. Ssnakes showing a flare for the dramatic in this one.
  14. Ok you have twisted my arm i will give to update a try. LoL
  15. Marko

    Tactical FPS

    Interesting Good find.. I very much doubt any will reach the level of fidelity SB has. But its still good that Tank sims seem to be having a resurgence.
  16. I am currently working on a Klingon version. Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam
  17. I remember chatting to a high ranking British army officer who liked SB And seen its potential as a training tool. Tip for selling to the British MOD. Hire a couple of posh boys who went to Eton /Oxford chances are they will have gone to school with the guys in the MOD Make sure you over charge for the product stick a made in the UK sticker on dongles. Job done. LoL
  18. This one is going on my watch list. Dont see the wife or kids going though. LoL
  19. Ok lets debate. What do you like to see in a mission. Elements. like realism action fun. attention to detail etc.
  20. We SB players tend to be very passionate about this sim. Many of us have been here from the start. And yes sometimes we can be, Shall i say overly critical. I have drawn attention to this before. As much as many of us enjoy the realism and try to replicate as much as possible procedures and tactic used in the real world sometimes we need to realize its not everybody's cup of tea so to speak. Some guys just want to blow shit up.
  21. I have watched and subscribed to matsimus on youtube for sometime. The guy does not pretend to be a expert in military hardware he is just an enthusiastic enthusiast like my self. Matsimus i would ask you to reconsider no longer streaming or making videos showing SB content. As i said in my first post i did not think your video was that bad considering it was made on the fly so to speak. If i could be so bold as to suggest. why don,t you spend the time to edit your leo mission. And invite/join one of the many excellent SB VU. and stream the mission live.
  22. I am sure he will rectify any issues in his next stream. It was quite evident he had not put enough prep in to the stream. But i would wager the Esim home page has had an increase in traffic.
  23. I did-ant think the video was that bad. Admittedly his tactics for the assault on the town were poor. But he did state it was just a bit of fun. There seemed to be a lot of interest in the chat bar from newbies as well. always a good thing. Wish he had managed to install the patch but i thought it ran ok It looked sharp for most of the video
  24. Its legit and looking good.
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