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  1. Was this the same SB suggestion that tank engagements below 500 meters never happen? Just dropping this here;
  2. Hope everything is alright. See you next weekend.
  3. MCU uses a Wargaming Cloud built on Azure. I haven't seen any use of VBS at MCU yet but the Wargaming Cloud allows students to access a digital library of games from either an internet browser or remote desktop app.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Company Mechanized Attack on Donovian Airfield. M2A2, M3A2, Centauro B1 @Apocalypse 31 said it "Wasn't Bad" so I uploaded it.
  5. C11 for myself and BillyWaugh. We would like to multicrew.
  6. If possible can someone take CO? I'm going to sit out the next couple of weeks but don't want to leave you hanging. @Figmo42 has volunteered
    Played it tonight with the TANKSIM crew. 10/10 mission. Was able to bring along some relatively new people and it was well within their skill range.
  7. Husky Actual wants A34. Getting him on the forums and he didn't know there was an event today. Showing him the ropes.
  8. Team Name: The Doohan Detachment Tank: M1A2 Camouflage Scheme: US Tank Commander: TBD Gunner: TBD Driver: TBD Reserve (optional): I'm looking for poor souls but I am interested.
  9. @Volcano Can we do this? Lots of interest in discord wanting to do another one sometime soon
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