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  1. On 9/14/2023 at 7:12 PM, ingrahammark7 said:





    No aircraft has turned 7g for 2 seconds. I showed everything in the game is physically impossible, and planes don't turn forever at infinite g like they do in video games.


    This is why the developers left upon realizing their entire flight model and understanding of reality was wrong and dcs has not released any updates for months.


    For steel beasts I did a similar thing but the violations of reality in tank games are more acceptable.



    Was this the same SB suggestion that tank engagements below 500 meters never happen? 

    Just dropping this here; 


  2. 1 hour ago, CharlieB said:

    The author seems to be linked to the USMC. Interested in how you’ve put you VBS suites together for open access. British army has VBS but not in a easy access form that you imply.


    MCU uses a Wargaming Cloud built on Azure. I haven't seen any use of VBS at MCU yet but the Wargaming Cloud allows students to access a digital library of games from either an internet browser or remote desktop app. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    I see that the author gave no credit to where those graphics came from. That's cool. 


    I'm also not really sure what this article is about. Soldiers can reserve time at their home-station Simulations Center and jump into VBS much more easily than they can get multiple copies of Steel Beasts (not supported by US Army) and multiple gaming computers and all the hardware that it would take to run a training event. 


    The US Army has built in simulations time as part of the gunnery training progression. It's in our doctrine to run simulations as part of the initial gunnery tables. 


    Again...not sure what the author is talking about. 

    Added links;




  4. 33 minutes ago, Nike-Ajax said:

    Hello Gentlemen


    So for a number of valid and completely acceptable reasons, then we are a bit light on manning for tomorrow. Its summer so nothing alarming or unexpected. We play in our spare time when we have time and feel like it.


    Just as it should be.


    That does mean though that the scenario I have posted is a bit too big for the manning.

    But we always have a plan B.


    In this case we will instead feature a Double-header. So two smaller scenarios instead of making convoluted attempts to execute one that is too big for our manning.


    More to follow soon ...

    If needed I can start on making a scenario just let me know. 

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