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  1. Trying to do stuff on the cheap rarely ends up cheap. I can see why they went down that route, warrior has a very high availability and is pretty solid. The turret is quite small and jamming a 40mm with its feed system wasn't viable, hence a new turret. Off the shelf might have been cheaper for the upfront cost of the vehicles, what most people tend to forget about is the cost of the new training aids. Training package not only for the operators but also level 2 and 3 repair and building up of spares etc. Rolls Royce make a loss on their engines but make it up with their support packages. If you look at how the Americans sell their equipment, they dont include the support so always looks cheaper, which is why buying M1s isn't cheaper than upgrading CR2 to a similar/ better standard. People have a fixation on newer obviously means better but isn't always the case. Its usually down to someone in powers wet dream or good advertising/ bungs and promises of homogeneous manufacturing.
  2. 1. Nothing will come of the RTR play about apart from maybe the FIBUA kit for infantry and cameras as a TES 2. ARES is massive and doesn't bring anything to the game a Spartan can do except mine protection. 3. I've not seen anything in the pipeline carrying Brimstone except the RTR mock up. No point with LEP. 4. AJAX will be a very capable platform......if everything works. Even then you need Star Trek troops to operate it effectively. 5. Never seen that, but something networked for forward troops to utilise and guide onto target would be great, but carrying more missiles then that. 6. Needs binning. That programmes a bottomless pit that will bankrupt LMUK or we keep reducing the amount we will get. 7. Happy with that but only with additional modules. 8. Tech demo. Might see some of it in the future. 9. Will see. 10. Died when RBSL was formed (although would have had some commonality with AJAX in terms of systems) but most of the stuff you saw on it were "extras" if MoD wanted to pay for them.
  3. Agree about the 130mm ammo. BAE conducted a study on improved L30 ammunition and came up with several new variants. The figures I saw for the "premier" version were pretty impressive. How much it would have cost? Probably astronomical.
  4. Anything is possible. like always is comes down to the money. I assume moving to a 130mm with autoloader will add significant costs, not just in buying the equipment but across all defence lines of development. How much would it cost for a formal change request? How long will it take to get it written into the requirements? Support, training, personnel support (what will we do with all the redundant loaders if they are no longer required?) SOP for hides/maintenance, career profiles ect to name a few. I would love to see us ahead of the game but there is a lot of people that need to say yes and give them the money. Upgrading the engine and suspension as part of LEP is not cheap either. There's also a reason a strict time limit on the FOC is in the contract. Any delays are not acceptable. Anyone saying we should have bought Leopard 2 or Abrams would have been cheaper, its not. All of the studies and cost analysis was all done and rejected.
  5. Sad news indeed. RIP
  6. A different project is dealing with that, as well as 3rd gen hydrogas suspension
  7. In Kosovo we were given a full bomb load for CR1 and told to keep hold of the 7.62 ammo boxes. That was a storage challenge.
  8. A young (now ex) CR2_Commander when he was a CR1 driver in Macedonia with my troop before moving into Kosovo.
  9. It doesn't seem that long ago! I have hung up my tank coveralls. I'm part of 3 (Civ) Div now. Still have a hand inside defence at least.
  10. And once you have dug your first shell scrap on Ops, after the 1st rocket or mortar lands in your harbour area it's then dug waaay deeper then what the manual says it should be.
  11. Good to see the TES fleet have a run out.
  12. I would like to see TITAN with maybe an option for the type of bridge carried and TROJAN with Python.
  13. I am glad they are finally painting UOR stuff green now.
  14. We loved their fresh bread that much!
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