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  1. A young (now ex) CR2_Commander when he was a CR1 driver in Macedonia with my troop before moving into Kosovo.
  2. It doesn't seem that long ago! I have hung up my tank coveralls. I'm part of 3 (Civ) Div now. Still have a hand inside defence at least.
  3. And once you have dug your first shell scrap on Ops, after the 1st rocket or mortar lands in your harbour area it's then dug waaay deeper then what the manual says it should be.
  4. Good to see the TES fleet have a run out.
  5. I would like to see TITAN with maybe an option for the type of bridge carried and TROJAN with Python.
  6. I am glad they are finally painting UOR stuff green now.
  7. We loved their fresh bread that much!
  8. Saw this one up Telford a few weeks ago. Should be down at DVD this week.
  9. During our holidays in Basra we drove into town on Ops to purely become RPG magnets to keep them away from the Warriors. The other advantage was everyone was intent on scalping a tank so the dismounts took a bit less incoming.
  10. Did they sort out a score for the QRH in the defence or is that their final score less the defence shoot?
  11. CR2_Commander

    Warrior 1.1

    Just for reference, all BATUS vehicles are now painted in just tan all over. OPFOR are now all dark green. You will see a mix of camo schemes across the fleet. Black and green are legacy vehicles, pure green are vehicles that have been through base overhaul, tan are UOR or BATUS. Hope this helps.
  12. I heard similar during trials when we were looking at FRES UV. Out of 3 contenders only the Boxer drove off.
  13. That's the badger! I was pretty merry everytime I went there.
  14. I really enjoyed Townsville. I managed to get up to Cairns for a weekend before joining the exercise. We also managed to blag 4 nights in Sydney after the Ex. Koogi beach is a hidden gem.
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