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  1. LMAO..I will give it a try. Thanks.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'm hoping that means the T-90 or thermal sights on all playable T-72's.
  3. How does the T-72B1 stack up against the latest M1 and Leopard 2 varients?
  4. Ok, I'm new to the game and real-world events have prevented me from digging into it. From what I see it looks like the NATO forces have pretty much the latest versions of the Leopard 2, M1, and Challenger tanks while the opposing forces have the playable T-72M. My question is while I know the game has been out a long time and its primary focus has been playable NATO tanks shouldn't the opposing side have the latest versions of the T-72, T-80 or even T-90 to be able to use. Remember I'm new but was just wondering. I wouldn't mind helping NATO tank gunner on a multiplayer scenario by operating a tank of the opposing force. Thanks.
  5. Baer

    View keys borked?

    PM sent to you. Thanks
  6. Baer

    View keys borked?

    Hello. I am unable to access the outside view when I push F8. It stays in the gunner view even though in the bottom left of the screen it says I'm in the observer position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you. I think I'm going to take the plunge and get the stick. Looks like there are plenty of videos on using each time. I'm interested in the Leopard 2A4 too. Are you on Discord or is there a discord channel players use? Regards...
  8. Hello everyone. I think I might have found a good modern day tank sim in this game, but first have some questions I was hoping could be answered: 1.) It looks like the game costs $115 correct? I wish to purchase the USB stick option. None of my friends are really interested in the game (They are all die hard wwiionline players), so I'm assuming I just need one license correct? 2.) I'm kind of confused on what tanks one can operate. Is it just the Leopard 2 and Abrams? Is there a master list if there are more tank options? I was really looking forward to operating a late model Russian tank like the T-90. 3.) Are there mods to better the graphics? I think I read someplace that there are but you have to pay for them. My native screen resolution is 2560x1440. Will the game use that resolution? 4.) Lastly, is there a master server list one can go to? Like if I want to join a scenario with live players? I appreciate everyone's time and hope i haven't been a pain. Regards....
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