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  1. I love it... From page 48 of the 4.159 Release Notes: "I didn't even know we had 'laser effects'".
  2. I have SB PE v3.0.28 installed on a Win7 partition. I also have a Win10 partition. I want to keep the Win7 install and install 4.0 and the updated dongle software under Win10. In principle, is there any known reason I cannot do so? I was hoping to buy the $40 license for the Win10 installation. Is there any known reason such an arrangement will keep me from using the dongle in Win7 and also under Win10? Thanks.
  3. EMiner wrote: Well under 8.0 they;'e in - local drive/program data/esim Games/Steel Beasts/maps...at least on my box they are. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For me (using Win7) it's the same folder; i.e. C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\Maps. After searching all over for an appdata folder, only to find out that this folder is a "junction" and not a real folder anyway, and following numerous other dead ends because I have nothing better to do, I finally came across your post. Thanks again.
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